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Magni Nominis Umbra

"Magni Nominis Umbra" (1999)

1. Vim Patior (Prologue)
2. Mysterium
3. Magni Nominis Umbra
4. Devilish Ancient Fanatism
5. Odium
6. Oeuvre Posthume
7. Amoi Fago Demonaz
8. Bellum Omnium in Omnes
9. Vim Patior (Epilogue)
10. Untitled

1. Vim Patior (Prologue)

When light on the cemetery ways
Lies down like dying shadows
Marble statues of crying angels
Want to throw off the coat of melancholy
I stroke their despaired faces
I understand their great eternal pain
I wipe away their cold sapphire tears
I close their tired eyes for eternity

I'm an embrion imprisoned in the womb of mother
Spirit envslaved in the depth of my own thoughts
I want to know the essence of my world
For other planets are reflection of my vision

I have discovered a source of fire
Yet my words put it out with coolness of ice
But who am I? I cannot understand my tears
I cannot reach my stars - vim patior!

I wander dressed in the coat of Baphomet
Past the hills of enchanted dreams
I embrance the circle of pentagram
I sumon breath of the cosmic spirit
I fall asleep engrossed in my magic
Exclusive art of night

With a spell I greet every tree
Every trunk I touch with my poetry
When the clock strikes my time
Pushed by winds I'll leave this world behind

2. Mysterium

Give me two minutes of my life
So I can fully experience the charm of an autumnal spirit
Give me a whole hour
To comprehend the secrets of magic woods

...And lead my shadow through the fields of black roses
Leave my body sleeping
Leave my wrath alone

Asking which gifts I'd wish?
I desire a cage with a beautiful bird
The personification of my feeling
So I can treat it as a foe
And caress as a mistress
Give me at least one minute
And I will turn my thoughts into real spells

...And when darkness comes
Let my ship sail through vast waters
And pushed by winds of wrath glide into oblivion
...When nocturnal spirit cry above the castle of mine

"Demand seven times
Before he counts all the grains in hourglass"
Is what cards of a lonely witch told me

I wanted to touch her face but she disappeared
They said she'd died on the fields of black roses
What I found there as an old violin not her flesh
I took it in my hands and then I felt its heart
Yes I left its sound sleeping
I left its wrath alone
"...When nocturnal spirits cried above the castle of mine"

For I am the one to possess the key to the secret
Books covered in skin of holy disciples
A throne in the vain of cosmos
And the seven times to save a piece of my welkin
(The absolute mystery of eternity)

3. Magni Nominis Umbra

What lives inside of me is a part of night empire
Vast fields lighted by blind light
Leaving the tower of my castle
Surround by a violent and magic fog

Throw an army of destroyers
Against those pages of my vision
Which are only dust in the book of soul
Try calling treacherous birds
And left them feast upon my thoughts

Then you'll set free an element mysterious
You'll know the power of my dark side
My demon will bow to your torture
Try awaking my angel
You'll discover the other cards of my path
What lives inside of me is a shadow of the great name

4. Devilish Ancient Fanatism

I'm again calling this gloomy times
Standing in front sphere of magic vision
I'm again whispering my obscure spells
Summoning the great visions of sin

I see in the sphere a dark knight
With torch in hand on a beautiful horse
"Mistry dolmens covered my moss
Hid the secret of holly cloister
I'll join my hand in mystic symbols
I'll know the mystery of their deaf heart
You ghost - say a world and wake up the stones
Or candle of my life will be burnt up"

"Devilish ancient Fanatism!"

Mag- "Oh, great priest I haven't guarded the mystery
The warrior of Darznorz must be far now
Give me a few men I find and leave him dead
Oh great priest forgive me!"

Omestes Myeinsterium

Mistry dolmens covered by moss
Have opnened their gates to hidden castle

"Stones have split their tears over me
My fate has led me to a bottomless dungeon
What do mysterious sings men
Where do three (blind) witches dwell
Wylyria embrance me with a warm spell
(Your glance like eyes of raven)"

"I have also sacrificed to Sheikrat
Now all the gods have turned against me
And you my lord Yehowah - you say nothing"
...Three witches have betrayed me"

Unfortunately he was caught one day
He came before the great tribunal
He was sentenced for contact with witches
He laughed on stake suffocating with flames

5. Odium

I cry of hate every night
And shadow lies on my heart
And every tear scalds my palms
Which tremble, scream and beg for the touch

"Dreams of the ancient lands
Distant fogs of the past
Vision of beautiful princess
From the depth of Atlantydas darkness
The temple of Asmodeus
In the dark vaults of the castle
Of the order of eleven hollys...
The swords of power
Bewitched by mighty wizard
They have faded away"

These nights I know why my eyes burn
Why I must cry with hate
For all those who carried the mysteries
These nights I build great empires
These night I destroy small kongdoms

I cry with tears of black swans
Slayed by birds of the day

"Master of my spirit
Give me the force of the tyrant"

6. Oeuvre Posthume

I'm looking...
This is a another day I'm gazing into eyes of death
At least she knows the aim of the existence
She is the beginning she is the end
So real superior to my thoughts and feelings
They appear to be so dark and mysterious...
I can look at the skies
But I'll never touch my stars
I succumb, I fight I build and destroy
I raise my soul and fall
From the sky to the stars...

I know the stars which I haven't got the glare
Because the cosmic glare is the glare for them
(A gift from god)
I know the stars which I haven't god the glare
Why then it's so painful looking at them?
Although deprived of light they don't understand the dark

I am a ship drifting in the desert spaces
...And I'm looking

7. Amoi Fago Demonaz

This is what the booklet says:

"This is a very specific and personal prayer
A lyric which I would unvocer some of the keys to my world in too literal way.
The "other lyrics" let you make your own, free interpretation.
Personification of the demon that roam in the forest of my oblivion
Magic and mystery - last as long as their faces are hidden"

8. Bellum Omnium in Omnes

This is what the booklet says:

"When I was writing this lyric my heart was blinded by great wrath and hate towards religion.
I don't want to have anything to do with organisations which would interference with my own world.
Rebellion is unavoidable.
Fight enables us to find the sense of the existence, define your identity on our way to the universe.
"Bellum..." says about my own struggle.
It's a difficult lyric and could be easily misunderstood.
I haven't inserted it because I#m not a prophet.
My truths aren't yours...for each man will follow his own path..."

9. Vim Patior (Epilogue)

10. Untitled


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