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Love, Hate & Everything in Between

"Love, Hate & Everything in Between" (2000)

1. Intro
2. Hell Above You
3. Cracking Kissing
4. The Pain Inside
5. Timewarp
6. Dope
7. Inst.
8. Spleen
9. Reflection

1. Intro

2. Hell Above You

Capture mayhen
Suffer lady
Crossing over
Buying lovers
Dying i want you
Hell's above you

You hurt me, you know how i fell
Outside your world, nothing is real
It's time to realize you are here
Hopping your sacrifice
Don't get so severe

Happens again
Driving insane
Sacrifice lies
Pay: don't die
Dying i want you
Hell's above you

Creeping lies, sacrifice
You die, believe you're dead
Major label bought my life
Don'tdie live instead

Done once more
Devil's sacred
Pain on your side
Run: you can't hide
Dying i want you
Hell's above you

3. Cracking Kissing

Loneliness stick, so seen and unwanted
Will be an answer the fruit of the hatred?
Betrayal a trial, defendant misplaced
Guilty by choice, defenceless encaged

Changing in your heart
Love has gone apart
Since you've seen a cracking kissing

Sacred, untouched,
Glassy and clear
Obscured reaction of
Pain, cold and fear
Selfish position,
unfinished pattern
Sparking ignition
Where timedoesn't matter

You will never know
What i'm going through
Since you've seen a cracking kissing

Say you won't be back again
Don't say goodbye again
You'll live your own pain
No suffering is in vain

As long as you go
I am getting used
Since you've seen a cracking kissing

4. The Pain Inside

All i'd lived you've tried to mystify
Like a diamond lies start to shine
All i've felt you passed and left behind
I'm a man with only death in mind

And every time i cry
I feel i wasn't right
It pleases your heart and feeds your mind
I pray

Now i know you're not kind anymore
Your single escape's the back stage door
Run for your life i will seek for you
Never more you'll treat me like a fool

And every time you cry
I know i'm always right
It pleases my heart and feeds my mind
I pray

I've been threatened and
Dragged from my life
You threw me in the night to be played
I've found the truth through a
Way that hurts a lot
You will be purified by pain

Oh! It hurts!
Feel how it hurts!
You'll feel how it hurts!
Can you feel how it hurts?!

5. Timewarp

She takes a big breath of light
If she can't see the air
Answers are inside,
Ther's no table to compare

Guidance in the dark,
Obscuring feel surrounds her
Ready to start,
Colors keep changing
On and on

No! It's just like a painting
The walls are so unreal
She touches to perceive
An old felling appears
Yes memories reappears
Pictures on the wall
Waiting time to fall

Look to the other side,
Her past is left behind
Where did she go then?

She's been there before
But it's not familiar yet
Through the passing doors the lady,
She stares

Sink into the ground
Sounds of past still annoy her
Furtive neon nights
Past leaves present feeling all alone

Oh! In the past she believes in
The truth is out for real
She can't deny the fear
Internal battle's here
Insanity & lunacy disappear
Secrets on the walls
Nevermore will fall
Nevermore will fall

6. Dope

Self destruction, obscuring emotions
The darkness inside your mind
Slowly you're kneeling,
Your hands touching ceiling

Your head is touching the floor
Voices sedutive,
Substances reative,
The chemical helps to believe
Your breathing is liquid
Your lungs they are piercing
You're heading straight to the end

You're so high you're low
So young, too old

Numb is perception
Express no reaction
The pain is felt through the eyes
Dead body's fallen
Time is for resting
Now sin in the dark sky of mine

7. Inst.

8. Spleen

Fade to my darkness
Hell awaits the time i've spent
Locked into mindless
Lost i keep repeating this

And now i know how i must pay,
Pay the price
My lucky days are being misplaced,
Like a dice

Why this spleen doesn't let me cry
Cry the tears don't let me die
Dive into the lie, dramatic state
Walking in place, can't run away

Fell i'm downhearted
But i have all the excuses
Fade to my darkness
Spent my whole life being used

I know my debts
Have all been paid
Can't you say?
No reason says
I need to wait to run away

9. Reflection

Sometimes as light fades away
We ask ourselves will my life also fade?
Sometimes through the passing day
We simply forget and leave the kids away

Sometimes by some other's eyes
Me reflect on our actions
And clear our doubst away

Sometimes by being all alone
The habits we're feeding
Bores and stresses us

And we bounce away
As we walk away
never minding things we've done
Neither if the lights is on

Racing across this highway
With no thoughts in my head
All my life is behind me
I am lying on bed

The sun shines in the sky
Soon it'll be night again
And as time's rolling by
We go craving by pain

Sometimes if we catch the view
We set our minds
Over sometimes new

And we look away
As we walk away
Settled things an hour ago
We don't care if things will work

My body is lying beside me
Maybe i'll think i am dead
Left all my friends behind me
Don't know if i'm coming back

The moon shines in the sky
Soon it'll be day again
And as time's rolling by
Never craving again


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