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City of Kings

"City of Kings" (2007)

1. Enemy
2. City of Kings
3. The Last Word
4. Bad Day
5. Moment of Clarity
6. The Lorax
7. Field Report
8. For the Record
9. Hope
10. Legacy

1. Enemy

Solitude clarifies everything
Pain instills fear instills knowledge of self
Enlightened to death

Blinded by all of it, taking it all in
frightened by none of it: crime, pestilence, strife
I've got life, cognizance, a breath of existence

Can you feel it drawing closer now? You're my enemy

Solitude amplifies everything
All of the things you keep to yourself
nobody's watching

2. City of Kings

Found out a long time ago
there's a victim born every other day
As you get wise and grow old
you recognize the easy prey
... it only hurt the first time

Imitate all you like, can't be faked, plagerized

Found out a long time ago
the things you do they follow you
Can't separate your shadow
got to see this one through
... it ain't hurt since the first time

ahh.. life in the city of kings

3. The Last Word

The last word is spoken with fewer teeth
The common sipleton's philosophy
Unchanged yet adapted to the brand new 'fuck you' standard
for your convenience

Convey your anger to me
Just say: _____ bothers me (and should die)

Physical therapy is your head and my knee
Don't fix what's not broken, leave me in peace
The last word is spoken by the motherfucker that you're chokin'
aint that convenient?

4. Bad Day

I had a bad day, worse than usual
it left a bad taste in my mouth
I've done some bad things, cruel and unusual
punishment goes both ways

now, I'm in this shit for myself

I had a bad day, worse than usual
let a deal die in my hands
like a birthday turned to a funeral
death of a salesman, death of a man

5. Moment of Clarity

I started round '91
usual thing, just for fun
now when I wake up each morning
first thing on my mind

it's been so long, quitting's not an option
it's been so long, the two of us

reach for it without a thought
give you everything I've got
just so I can feel normal
I need ou around

6. The Lorax

I am the lorax I speak for the trees
I try to speak softly, to whisper the breeze
But nobody listened, they did as they pleased
no one will care until no one can breathe

Fry the planet, flood the cities,
unleash the locust, rampant deseases

Ungrateful, you've had your time
All that I've given you've wasted
You hateful deceptive kind
that which you've made you will taste it

this is one mess that can't be undone

7. Field Report

Come in ground control, this is major Tom
Everybody's dead and I'm king of the hill
at least for the moment

We're going to war
We're grown men and we deal with things in ways much more mature
The bullies in the playground are most often insecure

This is ground control, come in major Tom
you're doing well and we're proud of you son
fuck the polls, this ain't vietnam, we're in control

8. For the Record

Truth is overrated
Give me lies and let me sleep
Purified, sedated, disconnected entity
Things get complicated
No one wants a wild card in their hands
Go on, take it, believe what you don't understand

For the record, I'm not there all the time

Suicide is dangerous, you could end up a vegetable
Wake up and face this, it's only natural
Who am I to say this? knee deep in all of it
and so shameless, don't lock that door

9. Hope

When there's nothing left to hide
When you're the last one in the room
...hope is your best friend

It's starting to feel like I've been here before when I hear:
'Hey, what are you doing with your time?'
Caught on the sidelines when you had your chance to shine
You gave away, no use looking behind
Get of your ass and climb that mountain
..that mountain again

excuses only work with your friends

10. Legacy

Where'd they go?
bands that I listened to
whaddaya know
the almighty dollar

but I bought the tapes
played them everyday
went to shows, knew the words
before the had airplay
now they've gone away

now we're counting all the faces
realizing our places, underground

stadium shows
I'd rather watch it from home
in their videos, applying their make up, wake up

Dear faces, now we're counting on your places
Wasted time will leave us faceless, lost in a crow


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