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"Heil To The Vanquished And The Dream Onyx" (2004 Demo)

1. A Clash Of Valkyrie Chords
2. Beyond The Grave
3. The Blood Upon An Auspicious Blade
4. An Old Whiskey At Dusk
5. A Samain Ether
6. Rotting Sleeping Beauty
7. Eden In Ruin

1. A Clash Of Valkyrie Chords

Freezing winds only numb the wounds
Carved in the chambers of clandestinity
Just as the taste of death as of the tomb
Thitherto hide her femininity
She climbed the haunting, winding staircase
Earshot of the quarrelling pharisees
Who'd signed her execution's warrant
In throes of would-be jealous fantasies...

An archer's quarrel brings the procolamation
Of war toward the eastside castle turret
As gibbous moonlight bore an incantation to
Odin who'd scorned the signed contract to clarret
Our armies amass ten-thousand strong
Marching on toward the battlefield
Like savages, a vigorous anthemed throng
Slaying all with the broadswords that they wield..

(Flight of the Valkyries)

The Valkyrie are flying
Attack the shambolic corps
Their feeble kind lie
Splayed and conquered
Dying about the
Cold, hard woodland floor...

All heil the dark ones
Valhalla's hellish paramours
They set to ransack and plunder:
A thund'rous clash of valkyrie chords...

2. Beyond The Grave

Fleece of white, resembling snow
The moon in the darkest sky
Drifting helplessly astray
Unaware of the malice
I've bestowed upon you
Hypnotised by the mystical song
Like the breeze to its destiny
Naive you struggle with life, divine
But gaze not into my eyes
The mirrow lies...

I am he who walks the path
Of stagnant life undead
Drawing the blood of life
From thy veins
I'll take my fill...

Blood: The blood is the life
Pain: I shun your cries
Death: I live in death
Life: Blood, Pain, Death

Love severed lives on in death
And mine has survived the grave
My soul is too great to condemn you
Love is pain!

(Exsanguinating my Virgin Bride)

I renounced god, the angels and ravens
Whose blood I indulge for life
With her blood running cold
Her affection, that of passion
To live on in death
Bonded eternally.

3. The Blood Upon An Auspicious Blade

Journey to a primeval war
To linger on a vague return
The effigy, a serenade
Of perverted, mendacious gore
Psychedelic images in your mind
Forever churn
Sing the song for victory
Pervej pesmu rasaranja
Slay them all and homeward we will soar
When finally victory is on the nigh...

The clanging of steel
It rapes thine and mine ears
Behold the molested corpses
Writhing at thy feet

Slowly desensitising
A narcissistic corps
Who learn to keep, through Biofeedback
To hold the vomit down

Staining the surrounding skin
Suffusing seraphic swine
For the Viscount and with this sword
I begin exsanguinating in spite
And like a savage this
Molevolent passion eviscerates
My sobriety
Yet I yearn in vain for the
Evolution of a placid society
Despairing scarlet lamentations
Glisten in hastened plague
Lifeblood the grim trophy
Upon an auspicious blade

And down he fell
As a swift stroke
Of the sword
Severed clean
The leg as a stump
Was spewing forth blood
In vain that he might
Die in peace
Embrace the dying friend
For soon the comrade
Will be dead
Despondent tears make it
Hard to breathe as your
Heart skips a beat
Watching him
Take his last breath

With a vendetta in my eyes
Some unearthly possession
Deep inside me begins to fight
This battle I am fighting
To avenge by breathren kin
And wash away this loathesome blood
So that their end can now begin

Freezing antagonistic winds
Burn my bare hide
While pain soared
And though I pshawed
I was to show them their demise
Their demise

And as contempt for my enemies
Infamy ran through my veins
Filling desire's bath with the
Blood from an auspicious blade
And though these savages live
And die their own sadistic ways
This vicious war will dwell in
Even a darker rage!

4. An Old Whiskey At Dusk

Wearing a masque
Throwing precious caution
To the windy madness
For drunken, I was
A lover's vigilante and worse
Swearing condemnations aghast
Spat my diatribes in sadness
And sent a waxing tempest curse

For horrors had befallen me
Howling lamentations at the moon
The crescent mistress that she was
An aura had surrounded me
Scowling absolutions in my swoon
An incandescent listless albatross

The warming ochre liquid
Whets my parched lips and lusts
For swilling rich sweet reverie
Sipped upon an old whiskey at dusk

Bearing the dark
Knowing discordance
Through the cindry blandness
For sunken, she was
A smothered vigil, scantily dispersed
Tearing denominations apart
A pen to diarise the past tense
A rent a matching tempest scourge

For honour had absconded me
Trowling condemnations that would soon
Be less than hisses crawling below
Before her spells abound in me
Drowning absolutions in my swoon
In tresses her kisses were poinonous and hollow

The warming ochre liquid
Whets my parched lips and lusts
For swilling rich sweet reverie
Sipped upon an old whiskey at dusk

5. A Samain Ether

6. Rotting Sleeping Beauty

I found my gilded forest archangel
But wounded upon the marbled floor
And with Her gasping last breath
Bore the love that She swore

I climb the haunting winding staircase
With intent to plunge deep into the
Fathomless abyss whence upon the precipice
But alas a vengeful thought lures me
Away to savour thy lovelorn kiss

Dark taints of lustrom
An amorous covet wrought
Through thick tales of warfare
Through which my loyal serpents sought
To mutiny thereafter
For eternity in sweet Tyranny's arms
Thus I tailored away to blacker pastures
And philosophical psalms

And She led them astray
Through orgiastic foreplay
Each in vanity to display
Their likenesses per se
'Twas it not for Her beauty
A slicken goddess that they sought
For if he couldn't have her
Then god would surely forfeit her soul

Kissing her smouldering burnt black lips
For the last
Time has no relevance in my
Languished mourning tonight

I hear my angel singing briskly
She gleams as mind's opera screams
Like starving voyers unto my cumming
She appears as if in my dreams

I am the face of pain
That lingers in the dark
Upon the gloomy misanthropic tears
That thou once shed
Underneath casket glass
When skies were benighted
And I returned the masses to earth
I owe these horrid fates I've sewn
To a quenchless sanguine thirst
From which my race spawned in
Illustrious bridal gowns
For a taste of immortality
I licked her lips
With passions as yet unknown
Toward a myriad of forbidden lusts
And midnight over-throes
To languished agonies of thee
And sodden woe

Then from the shadows
Arose such a hideous crone
The sight of which left me
Green-faced and sickly prone
To convulsive plague whereby
The dozens died in droves
And christ waived his flag of truce
Begging mercy be bestowed

What triumphs may come?
Tyranny in his arms?
Fighting back the tears of fear
For the dagger at her throat
Biding my time enshrined
I let come what may
Then 'twixt suspenseful disarray
I watched her fall from grace
Like severed orchids
Trodden to sodden earth
Terror and tragedy
Emerse the cognitive
Horse-drawn hearse

The heavens lie in ruin
At the mercy of devastation
A picturesque portrait of hell
As midnight chimes damnation
And effigies stand enthroned
Of sweet graceful Tyranny
A sombre monument she stands
So proud in its irony
But eternity lengthens without
Thy sweet embrace
Or the beauty on thy face
Mortals drown in misery
Or despairing mournful tears
For fallen regal icons
That they once held so dear

I smell her scent
Upon the gentle
Whispering breeze
Alas my soul
Wilt though not
Come back for me?

7. Eden In Ruin

Come, distortured heartless beasts
That roam the sepulchre
My starving razor severs the leache
To let loose my pack upon the
Flock of god...

For centuries we've searched the earth
Within full moons and forrest hiding
Toward rebirth

And again we re-open Pandora's box
And flank the bastard christ
With mutiny and revolt
That wickedness and sin-flushed evil
May reign in hell once more
Then rising above oppression
We tore away to
Silhouette the suns of dawn

However 'midst a whirl of
Politics and warfare
My illustrious bride was taken
Midst the sanctuary of
Shadowy midnight's forrest moor
The demon lord was mistaken
And he cursed aloud
Breaking the silence
A code our legions swear to
I ventured aloof
Searching for proof
And found her twisted broken shoe!

Following the beaten track
He rode the high wintry night
For king and kindred sin
And exacerbate their plight
High on their tales
He drew a long sword
And with a flash of burnished
Reinstated the casualties of war...

The clanging of steel
It rapes mine ears
Behold the dying courtsmen
Writhing at my feet
Their outstretched hands
Cling to a lifeless despair
A rancid stench of defiled
Flesh infuses the air...

The winds begin to rent their
wintry spite
The skies are darkened
Behind a pall of ageless
Storm clouds
Weaker fauna scurry away to
Take shelter
And the battlefields are veiled
In a thund'rous icy shroud...

Desperation plagues me
Translucent memories of
Grander pastimes
Wherein Tyranny would grace me
With ardent passions and
Sinful signs
Eden lies in ruin
In silence and desolation
Abandoned by god and
His strategic position

Sodom cried for night's retreat
Death arose sanctity
Latent regrets unthought
Drowning silk sheets to crimson death
For the morrow's insights forget
She walked in the shadow of the rose
Played out her will
For every delight...

I am the dusk
Bringing my spite
To all thy needs
And all thou shalt see

Cast into temptation
Scorn an angel not content
Further drawn to an
Ever tempering dawn
Magnificence in Her grace
Nobility faced
Yet pains condemn Her
Passions constrained
Tyranny bring thy dusk embracing night
Fall into temptation with grace


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