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"Live In Dekompresja" (2004 Live album)

1. Letter
2. Freedom Keeper
3. World Of Ironic
4. Waiting For The Sun

1. Letter

Listen to me, friend of mine
I'm fallin' on my knees
I've got this fear inside
Your help is what I need
There are some monsters
They're fighting in my head
Fear is comming closer
I wish thet I was dead

Give me Your hand
You'll understand
What I've got inside
In The dark corner of my mind

My dearest friend I'm sorry I bother you
My foughts are dark, I'm fallin' again into you
This fear I wrote last time is groving everyday
I try so hard, but it doesn't go away
My world is crying, the pain is in my head
So you see my friend nothing for me is fair
I can't enjoy, no matter how happy I am
I wisper some thimgs at night, I keep repeting your name
Just like soldier on his way to sudden deth
I'm going deeper, deeper & again I need your help

Give me your hand

I have to say goodbye, although I just don't want
A demmon is takeing me & I have to go there alone
I just don't want you, ti worry about me
I'll always remember you, no metter where you'll be
I hope one day we meet in some better world
& then I'll tell you what I did when I was alone
Last time, my friend I'm sending the letter to you
But I'll come back, some day, come back to you.

Give me your hand

2. Freedom Keeper

Wake up in the morning
Think of yesterday
See those little faces
Beging yuo to stay
Father don't you live
We have missed you so
You have came yesterday
& now you have to go
You left your home behind
Your children & your wife
& go back on the road
To go ehere darkness grows
You slowly pack your bags
Feel the wind on face
Raise your hand up high
You must be on your way

You will always go where the darkness grows
You will bring the light of freedom
'Cause you are the freedom keeper
It's your destiny, you will never be
More or less then you are now
'Cause you're just the freedom keeper

You're chasing shadows
Destroying evil
Exterminationing demons
Meeting with a death
You will always fighting
Got no time for yourself
Cursing the gods
For the accident of your birth

You will always go where the derkness grows

One thing you know
You 've got no other way
Others got a choice
Your's already made
Till the and of time
Yuo are gonna be
The one you are now
Thet's your dastiny

You will always go where darkness grows

After seven weeks
You come back at night
Children are asleep
You see your sleeping wife
Once again you thing
Why it must be you
But you know, know for sure
There is nothing you can do.

3. World Of Ironic

The last scream of scare
Died in silence
God doesn't care
Doesn't care of liers

In the world of ironic
Where nobody lives
People without souls
Sooth of the pain
Your sorrow increasing
Your sorrow reminds trash
Everything's chainging
& soon we will die

In the world of ironic
Nobody belive
But it is quite ok
'Couse everyone lies
Your sorrow increasing
Everything will chinge now
The chinges are frightening
& soon we will die

God knows where the trust is
I know where is the truth
Have you ever felt this way
Your way leads through the roof
You will understand it someday
Disapoitmets will make you strong
The pain will give you satisfaction
Don't give up & choose right way
So what is your reaction?

4. Waiting For The Sun


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