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An Empty Shell

"An Empty Shell" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. In an Empty Shell
3. Falling
4. Diachronic
5. Her Face
6. Catharsis
7. A Living Dead

1. Intro

2. In an Empty Shell

Listen to your own voice
The words you are uttering are not yours
It's only echo of long gone days and long gone people
Notice how resounding is the sound of the past

The old order is falling to pieces in front of your eyes
You have been marked to be a hangman

There is not such a thing as your own will
It is pathetic that you have not seen this for such a long time

Words - feel them going through your veins
Feel them feeding each and every cell
Of your body
Let your soul dine on these words
Can you feel the strength growing
Inside of you, see the walls crumbling
The last gate does not frighten you any more

You find the world simple
Black and white, so heavenly you feel
There are no foes being able to oppose
Your victory is only a matter of time

Here belongs to them and you
Now belongs to you and them

3. Falling

No one can see this place
Although it is so close
An open book within the reach
Full of memories and blank pages
Battles that were once fought
Wars that have not been declared yet

There is a man who reached the bottom of the well

The well with slippery walls
And rocks falling on his life
Doors that offer an easy way out
Pain can be easily taken away

Just beg!

Just go and don't look at what you're treading on

The sound is life flowing down the gutter

But you should not be afraid because it's not yours
And what is more you will soon
Be both deaf and blind

4. Diachronic

5. Her Face

Look at her beautiful face
She must be still very young
Although the mud on her skin
Prevents us from determining her age

Such extraordinary eyes she has
Eyes that I have not seen in my life before

Under the dirt she must be gorgeous
Is that a smile on her face?
I could swear she smiled, did you see that?
Did you see those gray lips move?

No words can express what it means
To be given such a gift
A message from a distant region
Where no man with the burden of life can go

The morning cannot be accompanied by sorrow
Enter the beauty of this particular face
Those red stains should not discourage you at all
Itís all a part of this work of art. -masterpiece!

So look at her face once again
Because there is nothing more...

6. Catharsis

7. A Living Dead

You know every inch of your plaster sky
Can you feel the walls crawling under your skin
Sewn together with this place and the stitches are thick
Demons visiting you night by night

A whore thatís what you are
Itís you who let the demons enter

Your life? There isn't such a thing
There are only fragments of existence, food for the past

Nourishment for thoughts that come at night
When the lights are out

The prayers you mutter are not going to help you
Because there is no one to listen
Actually, you forgot what you asked for a long time ago
Your ears and eyes, gates that can be easily forced
Anyone can have access to your pathetic soul
A place where fight is no longer important
But when a permanent slaughter takes place
Can you hear the scoffing laughter
Every time you fall?


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