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"Utgard" (2006)

1. Forest
2. The Wolf
3. Sunwheel
4. Ghost of Midnight
5. Pest
6. Sinner's Blood
7. Lifeless
8. Ascent
9. Black Lodge

1. Forest

Shimmer of cold light of the moon
Made icicles point us like sharp knives
From this moment on, no words are needed
Two souls, but through this path only one will go

Breath this chilling air
Let the lungs inhale, the spirit of murder

Red crystals pour to snow
To kill a human, to end a life

This forest is a shrine
Your flesh bound to earth
At the treshold of death
Sparks start to gather

Dark gateway opens
You were the key
Into the dephts of evil

One had to die
To channel the power
Into a greater being

Shimmer of cold light of the moon
Made blade of my knife shine

2. The Wolf

Fearful legend told us
He was born from womb of night
Crawled out of hell
Dressed with sin and evil

He wears the mark
Of the devil
And is cloaked
With wolf's skin

Lock the doors
For fullmoon is risen
With his diabolic howl
He lures your children

In the woods he stalks
Lurking in shadows
Serving another victim
To his hellish frenzy

Heart rending at the night of wolf
On the leaves fallen marks death
Planted his seed in every man
To kill,
With shape of beast when moon is high

3. Sunwheel

Eternal winter, impenetrable
Grey brother has swallowed the warmth of sun
With the northwind reaches a distant croak
And all lays barren and cold

All that our forefathers fight for,
Was forgotten and lost
Cursed brood of traitors,
Brought infidel values and blood

Few were the men of northern glory
Who rode across the snowy hills
To sacred place of their gods
For rite to unleash the winter of ages

The gods spin the wheel of sun
Cast the blizzards and deadly cold

Forever are we,
Under the northern sky
At these valleys and the hills
In forests dark and thousand lakes
Even when we are died our ghosts shall march

For their fatherland,
The voice of northman still echoes
Hail, Hail, Hail...

4. Ghost of Midnight

The sombre castle stands upon the hill
Cold walls that kill the last rays of sun
Winter night laid it´s frosty grip
To veil the valleys and forest dark

Ghost of midnight
Cast the morbid shadows
In the nakedness of the moon
Thy minions howl

Evil gave life
To tormented spirits of old graves
The fog scratches the windowpanes
The Devil works undisturbed

Ghost of midnight
Tyrant of northern darkness
It haunts to steal your souls
With hate to drink your blood

Phantom of night, life eternal
Coiled in wings of darkness
Grim and evil, the lord of nightmares

Before the pale gleam of dawn
Ghastly visitor has left it´s mark
Belltower tolls mournful tune
Once again hearse drags the deceased

Ghost of midnight
Cast the morbid shadows
It haunts to steal your souls
With hate to drink your blood

5. Pest

Wet cunt of autumn weeps
And soil bleeds the blackest blood
All the trees are dead and withered
Like a promise of a new life in young girl's womb

Once solid ground where seeds bloomed,
Turned to mud
Punctured holes, like fetid wounds
Made of rats

Failed to see the light
Behind the smoke of burning corpses
Day after day rising lamentations
For another children buried

One by one black abscesses appeared
Terrible pains twist the bodies
Soon their maturated limbs
Will overpopulate the graves

The feeble flock gathered at church
With their white robes, crosses at hand
Cries of mercy for their sins
Prays to God for save them
But this plague won't left no one spared

In few days, all is ruined
No sign of life
Scattered around lies swollen piles
Vaporizing putrid stench

At next village's gate
Was tall and pale man sawn
Dressed all in black
And air around him was rotten and cold

6. Sinner's Blood

Stare of a eyes so black
Cold, inhuman and bottomless
It draws you nearer
To hand and lose a soul

Arousal of flame, the embers, ash
Every heart holds the key to damnation
The sinner's blood

The great shadow is closing in
From realm of hell he calls
The name written in book of death
A soul for Satan to claim

The embers, ash
The sinner's black blood

7. Lifeless

Darkness builds around
All is silent
This cold soil
Will be the grave

Dreams of child
Turned to dust
Under the old skin
Yearn for sleep

Ages ago, shadows have eaten the soul
In this field of frost, there's only death

Dead emotions
No human inside
Malicious grin
On scarred lips

Vanish to ground
Where once came
This cold womb, solitude
Is the nameless grave
Cold, without light
For lifeless

In this field of frost, only death

8. Ascent

It feels like years
On this star-shed path
For human light
Now accept our offering

Moon's web
Breaks the crust of winter
Crying dark north
At the face of dream

Eyes of intent bear down they bear down on
The ice that gleams that frosts the blood by
This night my god now it boils and the shine
We hold inviting our life into you and yes
We are the blasphemy you never knew...

Stones cleared
With the word of ages
Knowers ascend
By this sidereal bath


9. Black Lodge

Wind is restless
Rain whips my face
I stagger blindly
Into the wood's shadow

Mad stars spat on
Every sound contains a mocking tone
Light is shattered
And left my body

Seeking salvation of somekind
From solitude and death
A wreck, collapsed by despair

There it stands in the glade
The black lodge
And I enter,
Nothing but an empty vessel
Beg to be filled
With new light... with new darkness...

Fire walk with me

Behind my mask, turmoil has stopped
There's a new meaning, in life and death
My purposeful steps, lead me out
Carrying the black flame, planted in my heart

Wind is calm
Rain finally stopped


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