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The Ancient Ones

"The Ancient Ones" (2005 Demo)

1. Pagan Land
2. Ancient Ones
3. Orgies in Blood
4. En Tarvitse Vapahtajaa
5. Rite of Darkness and Evil
6. Demon Vortex

1. Pagan Land


I wake from my funeral sleep
As the cold winds of north blow freezing
Darkness purifies my soul
As I walk through the pagan land
Shadows of the horned demons
Reflect from the light of goatmoon
From dark forest raises chanting voices
There my brothers greet me with infernal hails


Your god shall be denied, trampled and spat upon
Your womans will be raped by horn of chaos
Your churches will be burned by the hands of the unholy ones
As we march under sign of Satan and take back this pagan land


2. Ancient Ones


Like cold rain that erode all things
The voice that whispers in my dreams
The things that lay below the earth and sea
They are the evil spirits
They are the burning pain
They ride over the mountains of sunset
And on the mountain of dawn they cry

From a time before time
The land beyond the stars
Arrived the ancient ones
Their words are unwrit
Their shapes are all shapes
They are the ancient ones

...And they are everywhere...

The desolate places where their rites are performed
The lands here and the lands between the lands
In spaces no man has ever walked
The country from whence no traveler returns


3. Orgies in Blood

4. En Tarvitse Vapahtajaa

5. Rite of Darkness and Evil


Towards the misty glade
On night of fullmoon I walk
Center the black cold stone
Which is unholy ritual altar
This is the night of Thy glory
Tonight You shall receive sacrifice

Now the time has come
To deliver the blood to Lord Satan
Dagger is raised and it cuts open
Throat of living human

Shapes of demons gather above
From a moonlight sky
Blood spills to altar an frozen ground
Rite of Darkness echoes through the night

Oh Master Satan
The Infernal Majesty
Ave Master Satan
The witching serpent

Oh Master Satan
Open the gates to Hell...

The wind starts to grow
And lightning fills the sky
This is the arrival of our unholy Master

Glory to the majesty infernal
Below the snowy ground
From the bowels of earth
Satan arises

Black gates open wide
And inside eternal fire burns
Tonight in the flames I fall
Lord Satan I serve You forever

Master take my soul to Hell


6. Demon Vortex


In black cauldron christian flesh boils
Infernal whip strikes thrice a six
Gathered around our masters throne
We have inverted crucifix

Possessed human worm
Cries mercy on my feet
I rip Her unborn child
With my fangs from Her bleeding womb
Portrait of my soul
Is night and fires of Hell
Creatures of blasphemy
Invited by our spells

I inhale the stench of christians fear
As demon vortex drag your pitiful souls to Hell

We deprive the angels virginity
And sweet blood falls from Heaven
Damnation is brought upon the world
Proudly we the sons of Satan
Proclaim our victory

The air filled with torturous cries
Celestial kingdom burns in flames
Gathered around the Devils throne
We have reached Hell



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