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"Usud" (2004)

1. Obmana
2. Silence
3. Kult Krvi
4. Frozen Hell
5. Towards The High Heaven
6. Zmijska Metamorfoza
7. The Buried Axe
8. Upon The Castle Walls

1. Obmana

Zvjerstvo obreda
Ništavnost bijednog gurua
Vjerno ga prati, uvijek mu plati
Za otkup svojeg oprosta

Ne treba ti tamjana
Ne treba ti mirisa
Duša ti zaudara na prokletstvo ðavola

2. Silence

White demons, black angels, true force unleashed
One below, one above

Earth turns black
As the creatures come
Blow the horns, grab the swords
I see them gathered in the hords

I see through one, he mutters death
Nor dead or alive he watched the fall
All died...butchered, slaughtered.

3. Kult Krvi

Uhvaćeni, prikovani
Utopljeni, pokopani
Sve prolazi, umire...
Za vječnost uvijek bori se

Doza tmine-oganj zla
Žig naših poroka

4. Frozen Hell

These creatures of winter
So dark and cold
Dwell beneath these oceans
Under the great ice that covers them all

Here no light dares to come

The darkness embraces
And takes them within
This frozen hell
To meet the master of winds and eternal snow
He awaits...

This evil does not sleep
It feels nor pain or pleasure
Pure essence of hate
Only hate and its power

Encaged in darkness
He awaits his minions
To set him free
For they are bound to him... inorexably.

!!!Together they'll conquer whats left of this world!!!

Reign of chaos, the coldest winds and the black ice...

5. Towards The High Heaven

The clowds are burning
And the sky turns black
This deamon comes
With nothing but hate
And vengeance for his feeble race

He brings destruction
Enshrined by his grace
Devouring lost souls
And caging them
Within his black heart

Soon he will come
More powerfull than ever
Bringing destruction
Towards the high heaven

6. Zmijska Metamorfoza

Klupko zla na dnu dna
Pocinje vražja metamorfoza
Sjeme i čahura
Začeta je savršena vradžbina
Siktanje rogata demona
Mutirajući plod para
Drob djevice

7. The Buried Axe

Towards the mountain, again on path not known
Moving slowly against the creeping wind
That howles through their bones
This path has no mercy to show

Haunted by their worst fears
They go deeper
Guided by their greed
They seek a thing long lost

It lies hidden from them
And must never be found

The buried axe...awaits.

8. Upon The Castle Walls

Upon the castle walls
The warriors await
The dawn to come
And take...
For they are coming!

As the sun rises, this battle begins
Slaugtering each other, they do not see
What's coming for them
The screams of suffering
So loud and clear
Awaked the demon!

His name long forgotten
His strenghth always known
His blade has sharpened
Always seeking
The burning sun soon hidden in the night
Will not rise again after this brutal fight...


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