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"Provocation 2001" (2001 EP)

1. Lifespan Ill-fated
2. Mighty Death Experience
3. Rapture in Revolt

1. Lifespan Ill-fated

He is the shepherd and you are the rabble
he tells you the parody of life as truth
he sucks the phallus of the

He will and shall die
by Me!

Take a blood shower and have no name
be a mercenary for the army of daemons
be a part of the division which desecrates
crush the wonderland of the weak

Guide the shepherd
to his eternal sleep!

Introduce him to gasoline in the shape of a rain
feed the rain with fire
Confess your sins while you can
and I will purify thee with the fury of fire

Priest in flames!!!
Indulge your eyes with that sight
sight of absolute disgrace
When the flames start to fade
extinguish them with piss
enlighten the priest
with death and suffering

He was the nominated one
and he won the prize:
release from life
the award ceremony shall continue..

To exterminate the plague of this world!

Pay attention to the death-march
which shakes the ground
you can already smell the (burnt) flesh
and see the persecutor

2. Mighty Death Experience

Open the window
and let the lethal breath purify thee
dive into the depths of him

Watch the light bending before him
watch the fog avoiding him

Blood-shape, without a face
brutal, without conscience
pitiless, full of hate
amused, 'cause you are dead

Mighty death experience!

Watch the walls cry blood
watch the sky, black and cloudless

Mighty death experience!

Pointing his finger
and choosing he does
you are just one piece of his art
art of dying, lust to create
he is the artist
and you are the portrait

Watch the statue of flesh and blood
watch the image in the mirror

3. Rapture in Revolt


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