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Anti-God Behavior

"Anti-God Behavior" (2002)

1. Lifespan Illfated
2. Mockery of Life (All Hail Suicide)
3. Composer of Blood-Opera
4. Ruin of Virtue
5. Mighty Death Experience
6. Anti-God Behavior
7. Rapture in Revolt
8. Dreamworld Inferno

1. Lifespan Illfated

He is the shepherd and you are the rabble
he tells you the parody of life as truth
he sucks the phallus of the

He will and shall die
by Me!

Take a blood shower and have no name
be a mercenary for the army of daemons
be a part of the division which desecrates
crush the wonderland of the weak

Guide the shepherd
to his eternal sleep!

Introduce him to gasoline in the shape of a rain
feed the rain with fire
Confess your sins while you can
and I will purify thee with the fury of fire

Priest in flames!!!
Indulge your eyes with that sight
sight of absolute disgrace
When the flames start to fade
extinguish them with piss
enlighten the priest
with death and suffering

He was the nominated one
and he won the prize:
release from life
the award ceremony shall continue..

To exterminate the plague of this world!

Pay attention to the death-march
which shakes the ground
you can already smell the (burnt) flesh
and see the persecutor

2. Mockery of Life (All Hail Suicide)

Pierce your palms
and step to the cross
Spread your arms
and lead them to the death-way

Soil the lifeline, kill the near-life experiences,
become closer to god than human =
Mock the values of life,

Aim the iron brush to your throat
and bend down to the man-sized bayonet
a blood pond under thee

Solve the dilemma of life
hang around 'till you die
Choke the life out of you,
that shall be the last thing you'll ever do

Cut the strings of life and
see yourself in human blood bathtub
Clean yourself in it and
fall a sleep...

When the striking pin snaps
and you feel the pressure,
are you able to see the "life"
which streams out of your head?
Will you now see the shadow fading?

Face of death, with eyes so red.
The moment you die, then you don't deny.
Mock the values of life,

3. Composer of Blood-Opera

You can hear the cries
and melodies of Auschwitz
You can see the blood
and Herr Doctor Sympathy

Posh view opens
when the firing pin ticks and tocks
General destruction
strike force of death

Directing, mandatory road
covered with corpses
Look down and see
the yellow hexagons

Caricatures of men
mind-fucked sheep
You are one with
the stones I walk upon

He owns your life
he will decide
Will you live or
will you die

People of (puny) moses
without life
Your god left you to Him
to obey and to die!

4. Ruin of Virtue

You can not change the Devil
the Devil will change you
the pollution of the holy
has just begun

Incarnation of virtue
beautiful god's child
immoral thoughts in mind
to destroy this beautiful sight

I'm ever-flowing stream of darkened minds
I crush and tramp the dawn of goodness
I'm the reflection of desecration
I mock and ruin your values of life

Now raise the sword of madness
Let it pierce you
Look in the eyes of truth
and they'll shape the distortion within you

Insanity becomes sanity
(when you experience the awakening)
Your blood flows as black
as the eyes you're looking through

Lay back and enjoy the ride
let the Devil inside you
take control of your life
Close your eyes and see me
I'm within thee

5. Mighty Death Experience

Open the window
and let the lethal breath purify thee
dive into the depths of him

Watch the light bending before him
watch the fog avoiding him

Blood-shape, without a face
brutal, without conscience
pitiless, full of hate
amused, 'cause you are dead

Mighty death experience!

Watch the walls cry blood
watch the sky, black and cloudless

Mighty death experience!

Pointing his finger
and choosing he does
you are just one piece of his art
art of dying, lust to create
he is the artist
and you are the portrait

Watch the statue of flesh and blood
watch the image in the mirror

6. Anti-God Behavior

Labyrinth of mind becomes a straight road
of knowledge and action which comes forth

Inspired by the Devil my hands are
strangling the martyr, whore of the "holy" one
Inspired by the god your hands are
struggling against the inevitable

Inquisition for the Evil one!
Laugh at the puny son!

6 nuns are sodomized!
6 nuns are killed!
6 nuns are witnessing,
the grand display of infidels

Your bitch mother cries for jesus
when I infect her (pure, sweet virgin) body!
Bend down bitch and scream
in pain for me!

Don't blame me for joining
his (pathetic) "salvation" army
You picked up your side...

Now, 'cause you're about to die,
reflect on your life...
Did you gain more than
the pity of others?

Inquisition for the Evil one!
Laugh at the puny son!

Now, when you're on the ground,
do you feel pride,
when the dogs are raping your carcass?

7. Rapture in Revolt

I stand possessed before you
cultivating vice with everything I say
I'm here to awaken malicious beings
and to shepherd the sheep astray

Let loose the instinctless mice
and a cat's eye glows in the night
The battle seems somewhat futile
when the actual opponent is you yourself

Thralls of misery
sing your lamentations
no effect whatsoever do they have anyway
I refuse to be a marionette of this exhausted god
therefore, my salvation lies in revolt

The lifeblood of the defiant
is poison to the feeble
Liquid undivinity...
An ocean of filth
in which we sail and sink
but never do we drown

As long as I am around
your tomorrow is uncertain
I shall never withdraw from this war
for there's rapture in revolt

8. Dreamworld Inferno

Takes his collar away
says his before sleep prayer
laying down like a sheep on a tray
into deep unreality he shall fade

Revelation, not an illusion
black-and-white configuration
intensive breath surrounds his mind
feeble body withers and dies

Jesus-junkie in pain
victim of this amusing game
into downward spiral he goes
within the psychotic eyes are shown

Fairy-tale of mind insane
Necrophilic bloody rain
full-length horror show
he is on the leading role

Closes his eyes for the last time
enters the dreamworld dimensions
One bastard less in here
and many more filled with fear


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