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Sounds of Shattered Soul

"Sounds of Shattered Soul" (1999)

1. Our Chance
2. Time Will Tell
3. Manipulation
4. Face my Fears
5. Cold
6. Pain
7. Hiding
8. Factory of Lies

1. Our Chance

Last night I Dream
that I wasn't dreaming anymore
all my dreams were a reality
there was nothing left to kill
Nothing to despice
nothing to achieve

I had control of my life
I did what I felt
And so didi everyone
Without being afraid that others might hurt them.

People were fair, the goverment too
of course, they were the same
Corruption didn't exist

There was no democracy
there was no anarchy
neither a monarchy
we all were the one
The world we have always dream of
without envy of each other
without anger, without hate

peace, love and understanding
The hippies were right,
That's what we've been looking for
And we've finally found it

And if only a part of this song
was to come true
then my dream would be reality
and we would all be happy

2. Time Will Tell

People searching in a dark for a place to hide
Running from each other
Roaming in the night
Where anger may start

People looking for solutions
But finding no answers
See their dreams shatter and die
and they can't understand why

Hope hidden behind the horror
There is still a chance
Just believe in the dream you have seen
and wait because...time will tell

3. Manipulation

Sheer terror
fear death

Your shattered dreams
your self destruction
lunacy has struck you
a need for domination

You're sitting like a judge
sentencing everyone
you make a god of yourself
is that all you have to offer?

Hymns of slavement
Ideological mutilation
Fragments are organized
Absolute truths they become


Most people brainwashed into
Raped off all their pride
Ignoring all their dreams, working at
your command
their brains, just toys for you to play
and you think that's how it has to be?

They lost their battle before it started
Their spirits sunk into the sea
in blindness and submission
the circle is closed

But not for me
leave me alone
Your world is making me sick
with me manipulation has failed

I can't believe or trust in you

4. Face my Fears

Confussion invades me right
I've opened my eyes and
That I'm not in paradise
I'm inside a cage formed by my
Wich I may never escape

My breath is getting shorter
I'm becoming very scared
Feeling claustrophobic
See all doors locked

Vegetating and not living

That's how I've been
Life's killing me
Really really slow

I've had fear of my feelings
Fear of the truth
Fear of the world
Fear of myself

It's time to stand up and fight
It is not too late to change
No more repression of the free
and brave

Live without being afraid
Enjoy every piece of time
Never leave things behind
Face my fears

5. Cold

I roam in the night
Watching a world of shattered dreams
Trying to understand
Why love turns to hate
and hate turns to love
Knowledge is ignorance
the silence so loud
the death of innocence
happens everyday
the birth of corruption
In each and everyone of us
and what happens when a home is not a home?
a father is not a father and a friend is not a friend?
Crimson shades of pain (Ahhh)

Emotions reach their freezing point

Cold.... Cold.... Cold....Cold

I have nowhere
to hide in this
iceberg of mine
persistent lies
and senseless
pride I have
pretended for far
too long My soul

6. Pain

PAIN I ffel right now
BETRAYAL You struck me in the back
HURT Deep inside
PAIN Can take no more

This time you've gone to far
You let me down
and betrayed all the trust
that I had in you

No more, no more, no more, no more

I won't take this pain no more
I´ll go on and live
Who needs you anyway?
I do, I do, I do

Shit, fuck, why

Tell me why I can't
Get this pain off my back
I want you to tell me why
No matter how hard I try
to leave the pain behind
It always catches up and
stays right with me

This pain is killing me

PAIN I ffel right now
BETRAYAL You struck me in the back
HURT Deep inside
PAIN Can take no more

7. Hiding

Running through the darkness
I left him far behind
I couldn't listen to his cries
I open my eyes with tears
carry the tear until it becomes fear
and I keep the fear inside the tear
I walk alone
noone knows my feelings
my own mind is of temperament
dilemmas are all my own
I myself are my only friend
Left alone, on noone can I depend
My feelings I hide
Trying to realize
All my life's a lie
living in a mask

I'm past your shit
I'm through with your bullshit
Will take no more fucking lies
I don't walk around
Rying to be what I'm not

Will I ever find myself?
the distance is growing
my hope has gone away
my inner soul is a wasteland
my feelings I hide
Trying to realize
all my life´s a lie
Living in a mask
I dig a hole
make my life of nothing
why was I so stupid?
Why couldn't I just see
that the one I left behind
was none else but me

8. Factory of Lies

World of shadows
world of dreams
the world in wich we live in

Shadows of what use to be
Dreams of what will be
Most people live in the future or the past
and not in the present

The present is weak and it just keeps getting
The shadows of the past overpower the
The dreams of the future control our minds
Why can't I live my life?

Shadows are not real
Neither are dreams
Why am I too blind to see
That really I do not live?

Reality becomes a shadow
as time goes on
dreams become reality
and they never end

I don't want to die
Living in the past
Thinking of the future
I want to live my life

Life, life, life, life
lies, lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies, lies
Factory of lies


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