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Symphony II - Absence of Life

"Symphony II - Absence of Life" (2001)

1. This Dark Day
2. In The Mist
3. Absence Of Life
4. And Death Took Her Smile Away

1. This Dark Day

Tore my hope away, left nothing within - hollow, scarred forever.
And their eyes never cease to look,
the laughter goes on, inside my mind.
Every dream they tear apart.
My own belief against the masses.
Praise their own empty lives,
they are shallow gods.
Force me to believe their lies,
infesting me with self-hate.
Self-hate is opening my veins, killing my mind. Neverending self-destruction, neverending this hurt. Want me to die, want me to weep,
so many of them against my mind -
torturing my dreams.
I rather weep eternally,
than join your mindless optimism,
i rather die now,
than ever be a part of your sick world.
i try to forget all this pain, deny all the hurt,
deny my own pity life.
The gentle dance - to caress, infest,
a gate in my mind towards another life,
this one already forgotten.
Never have to look at them again.
Breeding as the beasts that they are.
Procreate - promutate -
why won't you just become extinct.
The raging hate kept me here for another dark day, hating myself, hating them,
who denied my life and love.
The anger towards this world burns
and grows within,
together with my facination
and my desire for Death.

2. In The Mist

3. Absence Of Life

Reach for the cold -
eyes stare dead - unspoken dreams.
Absence of will - no joy in life - let me go.
Guide me away - another path - another life.
In need of - Understanding - for times to come.
All of my ways - all of my dreams - so meaningless.
More affection - in my heart - than in the world.
Absence of will - absence of love - hate this world.

4. And Death Took Her Smile Away

Shea'd smile - lovely dance.
Shea'd cry - of sheer joy.
But no more - death took her smile away.
Mountains guard the core of her being,
A soul of immense pure beauty.
Keep me safe - far from the hurt.
Hold me tight, keep me warm.
Never leave me.
Shea'd cry - of sheer joy.
Now I cry - life ebbs away.
Death, you took my friend away.
Be so kind to take me, too.


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