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A Walk Through Oceans

"A Walk Through Oceans" (2002 EP)

1. Still
2. The Unknown
3. Deep Is The Stigma
4. A Walk Through Oceans

1. Still

It is the night that calms us,
slowing the blood inside
turning flesh to stone.

Outside the sky is falling.
Flooding the rivers with snow.
Some chilling tales have told.

An apathetic mind,
Has lost the will to control
Another love dies
For she had too much to give

Kind words will not be spoken
Cries will never be heard
And endless pain was foretold

Passing through the shadows
Driven into the soul

And as winter brings its
days to an end,
we are still within our sleep.
As freezing winds begin to calm,
shelter is where we remain.
And for the loveless
who turn their back on life,
it is for those we celebrate.
And although existence is a dream,
will we live when we awake

Passing through the shadows
Driven into the soul
Until our years are old.

2. The Unknown

That face, has never been seen
through the eyes of the sane.
And falling tears are all that remain
And gone are the hopes
and lives of the past.
Only holding on, to the fears
That they have saved.

The last chapter has closed
And again the time runs slow.
Their last chapter has closed.

Now carrying onwards,
Through the hard driving rain.
Only to see those features again.
Forever hidden from sight.

Now we are leaving the rest behind.
Never to return.
No relics to remember them by.

So now we've arrived here,
through the hard driving rain.
Only to find there's nothing to see.
Not an echo or sign.

Now time is slipping away,
I'll never see you again.
Now time is slipping away.

3. Deep Is The Stigma

Failing to connect again
Paranoia's mist weaves itself around
From these barren pastures
The icy reaches deprive

The view to all
Of a cold radiance

Entrapment of the soul
Feeling that nobody is...

Reverberating in my mind
A mystery voice condemns the promise
Those words of spite
Ensnaring its denial

Now left with a foreboding spaciousness
As I inwardly expected
The barrier of fear remains
A stranglehold mist abject

Tension mounts as the autumn draws near
Confront the domain which has kept me here
Feeling the shameful weight
that encumbered me very essence
Like the leper cast asunder
A false guilt has me buried under
From its frozen clutches, may I be free
From these poison rots, sever me!

4. A Walk Through Oceans

On the shore I'm waiting for your voice.

Silence is all that surrounds tonight
I cannot hear you at all.
Even the waves do not make a sound
Throughout this fatal storm.

Staring at the sea I cry you name

Nothing can move me away from here,
I cannot hear you at all.
All that I have is already lost,
Already melted away.

Calling in the tide / Falling at your feet,
Bleeding on the shore / To be closer to your dreams.
Drowning in your tears / Crawling in you sleep,
Faceless telling stares / Reflected in my mind.

A thousand seasons passed before you came.

The sun came too late and now I am blind.
I cannot guide you home.
From this sphere which I'm jailed,
I hear your mortal soul

Like a faithless bride your love is lost

So until my skin flows away,
Down to the setting sun
I'll wait for the stars to cover me.
I am left empty.

Your words to me are cold
You walk to me through oceans
Your words to me are cold.

As I notice you approaching me, heading to the shore,
I could die here now than drift out with the tide.


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