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Human Error

"Human Error" (1987)

1. Unseen Terror
2. Oblivion Descents
3. Divisions
4. Death Sentence
5. Nermal
6. Ignorant Scene
7. Uninformed
8. Expulsions of Wrath
9. Garfield for President
10. Burned Beyond Recognition
11. Winds of Pestilence
12. Hysteria
13. In a Shallow Grave
14. Odie's Revenge
15. Deliverance
16. The End Product
17. To Live & Learn
18. Charred Remains
19. Beyond Eternity
20. Garfield Strikes Again

1. Unseen Terror

Mass malfunction, huge consumption
Toxic waste, polluting death
Realisation that civilisation
Could be destroyed in one foul breath

Death's constructions, chemical destruction
Widespread panic, unseen force
Futile excuses, human misuses
Wildfire slaughter takes its course

Decaying exposure, severe decomposure
Unseen but there, death in the air

Fatal human error, released unseen terror
Atmospheric genocide, annihilation, millions die

There is no method that is foolproof
Mistakes with chemicals could unleash the truth

This could happen when we least expect
But who'll bear the guilt for a million deaths?

Mass malfunction, huge consumption
Toxic waste, polluting death
Realisation that civilisation
Could be destroyed in one foul breath

2. Oblivion Descents

Napalm falling, screams of torment, thousands die,
a deafening nighmare out of nowhere comes to life.
Blinding lite, intense heat and howling winds.
Legal murder, crimes committed just to win.

Barren wasteland, deadly silent,nothing left,
scorched remains of fallen buildings,
scenes of death.
Those that lived through this madness
still remember,
the fateful day when Hiroshima
was burnt to embers.

War is timeless,
thoughts of hatred,

3. Divisions

So selfish is the human race
that barries are caused - in life.
prejudice breeds frequently,
blind ingorance and thoughts of hate - but why?

People should stop and think
about the feelings of others,
there is no second class
we are all the same.

Hate because of someones colour,
can't you see some sense? - blindness,
todays worlds dividing lines
should be broken to make a better world - today.

Some will never learn
how to show concern,
sheer narrowmindless.
Just keep it to yourself.

Never judge too soon.

4. Death Sentence

An ordinary day on a unsuspecting street,
just another normal routine time of the week.
People commuting from building to building,
no one suspects the bomb that is hiding.

Death sentence to innocents.

Without warning it happens so quick,
falling like flies in a bloodpath of pain,
no explanation why terrorist have struck,
undessripherable perversions of the insane.

Death sentence of the innocent.

What motivates a man to do this ?,
evil dwells in many minds.
it'll always be a mystery - mans unpredictability.

It'll happen again,
no one knows when,
more innocents will die,
with no explanation.

Corruption of the human race,
don't fall into the trap,
it'll always be a mysery - mans unpredictability.

Anguish is caused
in moments like these
killing each other
seemd senseless to me.

There's no justice
at times like these
it'll happen again
no one knows when.

5. Nermal

Cute and sweet but Garfield hates him
'Cos Nermal gets the most attention.

Don't you go near Grafields food again.

6. Ignorant Scene

Block your minds to what we say
so one sided you'll never change
sarcastic about our ways and views
but intelligence will soon win through.

Ingnorant scene, we're living in and ignorant scene,
do you see what we mean ?
ignorant scene.

Just uncaring people who
laugh and joke about what we do
we don't want to be like you
so try and listen our point of view

Too much goes on in this world
we should stick together not fight each other
we hope and pray the time will come
when you think like us and join as one.

Ignorant scene, we're living in an ignorant scene,
do you see what we mean ?
Ignorant scene.

Abolish all your ignorant thoughts now !

7. Uninformed

Behind closed doors secrets told,
deals are struck and bargains broke,
as darkness strikes a victim dies,
cover up a bunch of lies,
unanswered questions, hidden truth,
broken promises, no real proof.
Freedom of speech doesn't have a say,
uninformed the price we pay.

Authority makes decisions and keeps us in the dark,
transactions never told - it's not for us to know.

Mass unemployment a problem of today,
inflation on the increase but do we have a say ?
Wealth divides majotiry, money hides the truth,
for a price a deal is struck abusive to our youth.

8. Expulsions of Wrath

Victims slaughtered, maimed in blood
sacrificed for power and all it does
trails of mutilation line their path
decades of madness, expulsion on wrath.

Decades of slaughter,
reign in torture.

Positions of intrest, message made clear
kill or be killed, fear or be feared.
A rise toward master of all families
but tables can turn without no mercy.

Decades of slaughter,
reign in torture.

Victims slaughtered, maimed in blood
sacrificed for power and all it does
A rise toward master of all families
but tables can turn without no mercy.

9. Garfield for President

Garfield for president [x4]

Garfield for president - he's your cat,
Garfield for president - that's a fact,
Garfield for president - There's no one else,
Go tell'em Garfield !!!!!

10. Burned Beyond Recognition

Smouldering remains of chacoaled flesh,
burnt from existence, burnt to death,
burned beyond recognition - senseless human

Smell of brimstone fills the air,
a stalemate war - no lives are spared.

Burned beyond recognition - senseless human termination.

11. Winds of Pestilence

12. Hysteria

Panic stricken public told a bunch of lies
A city in chaos fearing for their lives
Tales of arms relations made worse than what they are
Informative discoveries - stories took too far


I can't believe what I hear
Money talks, that's made clear
Chosen people signing forms
State secrets they are sworn
Cover up malicious killings
Dirty deeds done by the willing
A woman killed in cold blood
No one would tell even if they could


13. In a Shallow Grave

Gone through life hating others
They thought different, you couldn't be bothered
You didn't care about yourself
You just misused and abused your health

Now you're dead and you can't be saved
You'll rot forever in a shallow grave

14. Odie's Revenge

Monday morning, sun is dawning
His eyes are open, Garfield's yawning
As our cat just ends his dream
Here comes Odie on the scene

Odie comes to take revenge
The fight between them never ends
Succeeds in making Garfield mad
Odie - Garfield thinks you suck!

15. Deliverance

Seeing people waste away, paying for death
Heroin the only thing that they have left

It escapes me why people try
To fool themselves while others die

It's up to the individual to think and make a choice
Is it really worth the sorrow that soon will follow?

Think again
Don't fool yourself
Don't pay to die
In emotional hell

A cry for help, blame yourself
Already knowing you'd ruin your health

But even worse are those that sell
Don't pay to die in emotional hell

16. The End Product

First in line to be a "man"
Want to kill if you can
You like to do what you do
To kill those who don't think like you

Don't understand what you're fighting for
Soon you'll feel the pain of war
Can't you see they're human beings?
No remorse, no feelings

Careless to the crimes you've done
Fighting 'til the battle's won
Macho pride shows what you are
A warmonger fighting hard

17. To Live & Learn

So many problems in this world
We can't avoid those cries unheard
Can't you see what others saw?
Our only enemy is war

Will we learn?
Can't we learn?

Our chances seem to be fading fast
I wonder how long we will last
Why are we so fucking blind
It isn't hard to use our minds

Will we learn?
Can't we learn?

Reduce our useless pile of weapons
Then we'll live and learn our lesson

18. Charred Remains

Slowly burning, spewing smoke, smell of death
Crackling bones, flames searing through the flesh
Soon collapsing fragments are all that is left
Vision clears to reveal a skinless mess

Within seconds of annihilation
A funeral pyre of radiation

Smoke is gone, embers pop as if alive
Fire has claimed another victim in its flames
Carbon covered smouldered corpse diminishes
Embers die to leave the gutted charred remains

Within seconds of annihilation
A funeral pyre of radiation

19. Beyond Eternity

Thoughts of despair
Encased in my mind
Life seems pointless
Unhappiness I find
I scream against a wall
What's happening to me
A state of depression
That lasts beyond eternity

On the verge of suicide
Can I be saved?
My own worst enemy
An emotional slave
Tears of confusion
Feelings of hurt
A raging inferno
That soon will burst

20. Garfield Strikes Again

One Sunday evening, when Jon was asleep
Our friend went a-prowling for something to eat
When he found nothing, he wasn't too pleased
He went on a rampage to put mind at ease

Into Jon's bedroom he silently crept
Shredded the curtains then jumped on the bed
His owner went crazy at what he had done
But Garfield said, smiling, "Man that was fun!"

Never trust a smiling cat
He'll strike again behind your back


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