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":Nil:Solaris:" (2000 Demo)

1. ...Ruined (Now Untitled)
2. Redeemed in Profanity (By the Lost of Utopia)
3. Buried by Time & Dust (Mayhem Cover)

1. ...Ruined (Now Untitled)

Withering surrounding, of a dusty grey, the wind whistling the sound of sinister violins
Proclaiming death & desolation, yet to come
Slowly rotting from my inner hatred,
As one with the corpses...

For everything here seem so obsolete
Unanimated to my perception

Forsaken shadows, aggressed by the filth of emotions,
And thinned by the corrosion of time
Redeemed in profanity and deception
For earthly love is a fucking delusion

Thus we are has an antique Tower,
Left alone, abandoned and then ruined by cruelty
A gateway, to another plane of Inexistence
To reopen by Us, shapeless inhuman oddities

Wielders of the Black Flame!

Mighty loathsome legions, pursuing a destiny,
Forged by a strong hatred for what we know
Pledging to inflict pain, and suffering to the Propagator of Light

And I, will, carve your Epitaph…

2. Redeemed in Profanity (By the Lost of Utopia)

Alone & shivering on the deserted shores of Inexistence
After an eclipse from a moonless sky
A temporary fissure in the infinity of Cosmos
Has stormed me away from our nebular reality

Unhallowed in these deep Sylvan woods
I have became a dreadful name whispered aloud
Worshipped and feared by the dark-hearted Elders
Chronicles of transgression within personal grief

Every centuries wilth suffer my passage
For my wisdom has lit so many clouds in its rage
The wind obey my gaze and the stars are falling…
Reshaping Ultima Thule, for I hold the key to undefined madness
Cold rage against all that is poisoning my bold dreams
Moon bliss empowering my twisted deviance
Scarlet blurred thoughts and vision,
For my passion is only quenched by carnage & bloodshed, aroused!

Once tortured by a sickening avidity for compassion
This cruel hunger I once suffered from, seeking hope
It has left an ever-bleeding scar, carved by the claws of righteousness
(And I desecrate human conceptions…)

The Universe has unfold its secrets & mysteries
For me to be its rightful keeper
I have created stars that never shine bright
Within the endless beauty of the night

Ruling with steel my doomed dominion
From behind the dark curtain of destiny
All ye, enslaved in rapture & united by a loathing grace
Relinquish the grave hollow out of your name

Forlorn by the gleaming realm of blinding whiteness
This frozen epoch of sorrow in which dwelt purity incarnate
Of my creation, where I drown in deep slumber by the lost of Utopia
Impatiently awaiting the starless night of my revival

3. Buried by Time & Dust (Mayhem Cover)

Visions of that no mornings
Light ever will come
I'm too old now
The dark is so near
Will I ever reach the land beyond
This is where we go when we have to die

I've been old since the birth of time
Time buried me in earth
Centuries ago I tasted blood
Buried by time and dust
Many years have passed since the funeral
Missing the blood of human throats
So many years, ages ago
I must await, feel my body's stench

Wandering out of space
Wandering out of time
A world out of light, death at the end
Only silence can be heard
Silence of peoples tears
No one knows my grave
Buried by time and dust


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