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"Unpure" (1995)

1. To The Ancients
2. Ashes With The Wind
3. Otherside Of The Sea
4. Call Of Doom (part I)
5. Across With War
6. Arrival Of Chaos
7. Journey Inside
8. A Forest Event
9. Lords Of War
10. Surrounded By Darkness
11. Outro

1. To The Ancients

It's cold and dark, like a winter night
All the trees have turned to ice
An impenetrable fog from the forest of revenge
Place of constantly darkness, where many have died

Voices so sinfull exclaim their trespasses
The moon is calling - Time to go

The graves are invisible 'cause of the thicky fog
The blood is so cold, it's like a dream
A farewell way to short, have to see the Ancients
Learn its tradition and bring it to this time

2. Ashes With The Wind

Alone on the ground
In the circle of a pentagram
Surrounded by evil lust
In the darkness our mighty lord

Caught in flames of an evil spell
My fate is the past

With no fear of pain
I'm wating for my death
I'll be gone to meet the truth

My inner self
has left my body
See myself, a lifeless shell

A urn of ashes
Is now what's left
My eternal lust
Strays out with the wind

3. Otherside Of The Sea

Standinf on a cliff in the rain
watching the otherside of the sea
There are thousands of souls
lying down and suffering...

Their painfull screams will always echo
From the otherside of the sea

The stench of terror in the air
Their eyes are burning of fear

... Their Misery is pleasure...

4. Call Of Doom (part I)

Evil rise from the graves
All unpure gather me
Forced as one we will survive
Rape of trust, all good will die

Sacrifice all that's nice
Evill seed, spread take heed
Deathcries, spirits rise
The evil pain, will remain

Blood of weakness flows
Holy bible burns
Lightning sun fade and die
We will rule in dark and cold

Darkness night
never dies
The evil moon...

Howling Wolves cries

5. Across With War

Sail across the seas
To meet our enemies
War with swords and shields
What a bloodshed it will be

Rape all their women
Eat all their food
Steal all their fortunes
Burn all their villages

Our strong and mighty powers
Leads us to victory
Our strong and mighty powers
Leads us home again

Wild war with steel
From our deepest hearts
We shall never give up
Until we're dead

Our black hate and lust
Makes us strong
War is our life
War is our death

6. Arrival Of Chaos

A cold diabolic night
As the winter rules the land
A nightmare begins - It haunts...
An empire towards the light

Released from the dungeons
Allied with the gruesome night

A dance beyond the moon
The arrival of chaos
Throns will depart from the crown
Rouse the unpure

All memories have been burned
Time has stopped its existence
A northern wind through the trees
Through the forest - the return

Life has been swallowed
Blood night of the drunken
The night of the dance
The arrival of chaos

7. Journey Inside

Wonder of depression
Deep in sorrows face
What am I doing here?
This place stinks
I don't belong here

Strange music controls me
Try to find the exit
Stare into sodoms eye
Where all pain come from?

Trapped in darkest hate
hate is growing
Licking the knife
Touching the cold blood
Tears and blood are my drinks

Hapiness I cannot feel
And I will no longer hear my voice

Inside these walls
Am I blind? It's so dark
Will I ever get ou?
Do I want to?

The body is so heavy
Cannot walk, always falling

Confused into sleep
Something touches me, I'm freezing
Do I cry, or just spilling tears?
Shaking but not scared
My soul is falling asleep...
... Deep...

The awakening
The dawn is entering, I'm walking up
My work is not finished
Later I will go down under


8. A Forest Event

A creature - horned
Towards the sky
Dark shadow
Caress the moon

Sun is fading
The eclipse
The forest path
Covered by the mist

Hear its call
Evil has risen once again

From the mist
Hellfire rises
The forest fog
Hides the gate

Ghostly creatures
Diabolical hate
In a stram
From the spring of hell

of the dead
Desciples of the Antichrist

Into the void
The night is laid
In horribe silence

Sun is fading
The eclipse
In the darkness
The covering mist

Forest path
Leads our way
Into hell
We're here to stay

9. Lords Of War

Set place above the circle
Night summon its warriors
Follow the burning sign
The lords of war

War has entered the sky
Blood will be next
The brothers leads the war
The lords of war

Flesh and bone torture the ground
Light so bright dies within the night
Blood so black of the Brother Lords
Killing the pure, the unpure to stay

Darkened face - Kiss above
Mask of hell - To rule the world
Head of night - Brings the battle

Flesh and bone into the war
Infernal darkness among the warriors

The lords of war
A flame through the landscape
The brothers leads the war
In the name of darkness

The lords of war
Brotherhood of destruction
Hands of the night
Masters of the world

The lords of war

10. Surrounded By Darkness

My scream rises in the dark night
fades out and dies through a clear sky
Moonshine has now spotted the place
In a grave on a leafcovered moisty ground

My body lies stabbed and naked in the dirt
The surrounding darkness scares me
A mystical creature moves behind the trees
But my torned body is too weak to scream

I breath the last moan before I die
The mystical creature disappears
I never saw him, did he make me?
To this lifeless piece of humanity?

Clouds moves over a blazing sky
The creature dances through the woods
Once again you turn your face to the trees
You see his cold eyes staring at you

11. Outro


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