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"Coldland" (1996)

1. Blacker Than Ever
2. Coldland
3. Full Of Hate
4. Cold Freezing Dark
5. Call Of Doom (part II)
6. Horny Goats
7. Count Dracula
8. Frozen
9. All Dead
10. Valley Of Whirling Winds

1. Blacker Than Ever

Welcome to our unholy tribe
We are here to bring
War and pain into the land

And we are
Blacker than ever

In the name of suffering
We take place to the world
Until the battle we terrorize
With Black Metal

We are
Blacker than ever

2. Coldland

Riding on a darkened wind
To the land of the Unpure
Where evil reign with the black sword
And Christ will never be heard

Mountain of torture
I crawl by its foot
I want to feel the pain...

Rivers of blood where christians drowned
Words of blasphemy in the air like a wind

Land of cold, only light is the moon
Landscape of torment, that痴 where I値l stay
Land of cold, where absurdity is victory
That痴 where I値l find my pain

3. Full Of Hate

My blood is boiling
Yet my eyes glows cold
I practice evil
On living souls

I知 raging with fury
Pain floats in my veins
Poisoned by anger
I知 full of hate

You know me as a misanthrope
I spit at human life
You will only hear me laugh
When I stab you with my knife

I知 spreading torment through your world
I live to tell a lie
I like to see you suffer in pain
But I壇 love to see you die

Condemn the race to die
You池e lonely and scared
I知 full of hate

I follow every step you take
I知 on you like a tail
You池e the one I知 out to kill
And you know I will not fail

Evil control my hands
I know you think I知 sick
But I doubt that I will cry
When your head is on a stick

I知 raging with fury
Cause pain floats in these veins
I知 poisoned by anger
Full of hate

4. Cold Freezing Dark

The drums of war has begun their thundering
A piercing sound steals your brain to other dimensions

It’s cold outside, it’s cold inside
Mankind is freezing, destruction is here

Pain enter the throne
We, his warriors at his feet
No happiness left
Only the disgusting sound

And we... The Evil!!!

No return for your souls, trapped inside the force
Nothing can stop it now, Cold Freezing Dark

5. Call Of Doom (part II)

All city walls are splattered with blood
It’s floating like a thick red stream
A smell of carcass in my nose
A stench is left, a smell of death and war

Killing masses

Kids are drowning, blood up to my knees
Their screams are drowned in a cold rot-smelling breeze
The northern sky turns from blood-red to black
The war men are done, now they go back

Killing the masses


6. Horny Goats

Hunger for sex, goats erect
Man and goat into the lust
The snow lies cold under the full moon
Penis pumping in their asses

Sex is a fact, in the snow
Screams from the goats, they want more


7. Count Dracula

The home of the count
In the castle of black
The dark shadow appears

Prince of Darkness
Count Dracula

Prowling at night
Driven by the curse
A victim in sight
The need of blood

Prince of Night
Count Dracula

Share your blood
Become his bride
Hear the sweet music they make;
Children of the night

Count Dracula

8. Frozen

Darkness falls over cold white snow
Naked trees in the wind
Frozen men from a storm so cold
Freeze to death in northern lands snow

Their faces are tormented by the cold wind
Hungry stomachs roars in pain
Cold snow - swallowed by throats
The pain decreases, soon they値l be gone

Dead-frozen bodies keeps unruined in ice
Burial in snow - gave eternal cold
Untouched by heat, they値l remain
Dead and buried in northern land old...

9. All Dead

No life in my body
No movement in my limbs
No air in my lungs
No more breathing from my mouth

Not a single heartbeat
Not a signal from my brain
No pulse in my wrists
No running blood in my veins

Not a sound from my throat
Not a thought in my head
No motion in my eyelids
No spit in my mouth

No urine in my bladder
No erection in my penis
No feelings
Just the smell of rotting flesh

10. Valley Of Whirling Winds

In the valley of whirling winds
Dead, frozen - Face of the black night
Darken horse feeds attack
Searching eye, bleeding souls

Magic mountains so high and dark
Trespasses will be burned
Battle screams, stand or fall
Enter the gloomy night

Sword meets sword
Struggle, forever struggle
Trapped in the spell of haunting
Never to rest

Ghosts of ancient souls
Guardians of the night
Bodies are buried
Under the oak

Colours disappears
Flames in the trees
Hate rules the field
Screams from the dying

Kill your enemies
Death to all the weak
Cold bites the skin
Pain attack the human

Years passing by
Battle until the end

So, end is here
Death is victory
Only swords left,
Blood and guts

Guardians are pleased
The souls are lost........


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