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"Duality" (2002)

1. Unpredictable
2. False Faith
3. Duality: Out of Sight
4. Mojra
5. Intoxicated
6. Duality: Mystery of Love
7. Catching the Void
8. Duality - Trust
9. Defeat (The Hardest Truth)
10. One Word
11. Duality: Real In Unreality
12. Cold Sinner

1. Unpredictable

I feel
I feel I can't stop myself
I will try
To use all of the poison I have
All my doubt
All my doubts has dispelled
I can't stop
Emotions won with mind

That's all enough for me tonight
I can't say anything this time
I can't get what is inside my mind
Nothing is right, nothing is wrong
Everything is so difficult
I can't get what is inside my mind

I can't get what's in my mind

Tell me why
Tell me why I can't give up
It's too hard
Hard to refrain from the anger
I don't know
What we are fighting for
I want to find
The better part of me

2. False Faith

Desire my only hope I'll never lose
You took me to a mirror to show me my sick faith

All my fears you are feeding
I will keep inside of me
I'll see how deep inside you are in me
Constraining me

My only hope
I'll never lose
Desire 'n fear

Your visions are still calling me
I don't want to hear my fear
From terrorizing silence and terrible dreams
You build and destroy a new beginning

I see my fear inside your lies
You're the greatest form of existence
I want to believe you're helping me
I don't see that you're giving me the false faith

3. Duality: Out of Sight

I hear the voice it calls me twice
Every time I tried to hide
Decision is too much
I'm living two lives

All of my life I try to hide
From problems that I have inside
Duality still divide me
All of my life I try to stop
The endless fear I have inside

I am among the people
I am escaping from their sight
But I am looking for their help
Lost in the problems, bored with every day life

I don't see that I close
The way to myself
Shame is too strong
Fear to expose

4. Mojra

You don't need me I know all
It's better if I'll be alone
I don't know from where it comes to me
Is it from my memory

Compassion in your eyes
Confession from my mouth

Maybe it's herald of change
I have strange feelings sometimes
It's brake my mind
I want to forget that I think like this

5. Intoxicated

Who is that man he is looking at me
Can I trust him or should I be afraid
Where is he taking me
Do I like that place
Maybe I will never come back

World is changing before my eyes
My senses stimulate me more
Impressions stronger than imagination
Crushes me by rush

I feel it around me and change my senses
My every breath is too loud
Every thought is so real
I hear it louder then anything else

He returns from the other side of me
Stronger, I thought I can't belive
Calls me and fuel my curiosity
Did I forget fear he brings to me

6. Duality: Mystery of Love

I didn't notice I lost all of my fear
When I feel your warmth around me
Nothing takes me down to pain
Only one touch and I know you are here
Candlelight's shining flame
The beautiful silence I hear
It's cleaning me

This time I will find the way
To forget all of my pain
I find the silence that was always here
It's something that you know
It's something we want forget
It's hidden under the shadow of my mind

Slowly wind returns again
Rises and calms
Calling times I want forget
Nobody else is in my darkness
It deprives me of the rest of the light

7. Catching the Void

Something is calling inside of me
Words I never wont to speak
It takes me to the emptyness
To show me my other face

To have everything
And nothing else to lose

I can not feel what I've done
I've lost all my sensitivity
I let you win with my will
Now I have only you

I remembered what I've seen
And I've chosen what I want to see
Now everything is in my hands
And I don't know how to live

8. Duality - Trust

It can't be lie
I believe it all my life
It lives with me
It helps me when I feel weak

Have I found
The answer that I was looking for
Have I found
The answer that I wanted to hear

Have I lost my principles
Can I trust to myself
Is it change something in my life
Am I stronger or weaker now

Is time
Still changing my mind
Or maybe life
Complicate to much inside

9. Defeat (The Hardest Truth)

I saw that a thousand times and thousand times I forgot
I can't remember what I've learned
I know that I want to hear the hardest truth
The hardest truth

Like in my all defeats
I don't want to hear the truth
Nothing has changed
I still believe and lose my time

I feed myself with lies, visions of great life
It is coming back to me always when I lose
I know but I want to hear the hardest truth
The hardest truth

All I want to call things that will never exist
All I want to call dreams that will never exist

Take me away
Take from this prison that I built inside me
I dont want to live in dream

10. One Word

I feel my skin tears from my body
With all my senses I want to be with you
I found the reason of my change
It seems the answer is in me

One gesture or one word
And everything changes
Clouds covering my mind
Whims twisting my face

As far I am I am screaming louder
Pain still tears me more and more
Only one thought give me temporary calmness
I will come back here

It is so strange that I have forgotten
Loneliness was killing me
I found the reason of my change
It seems the answer is in me

11. Duality: Real In Unreality

I want to keep inside of me
The last touch of unreality
Before I wake and taste the truth
For one moment I'll believe

Everything is just a dream
Let me dream of a life I'll never live

I want to close inside of you
All feelings of unreality
Did I trust the unknown
When I must stop dreaming

I hear the pieces of thoughts
But I can't bind them all
From where I take strength to live
When I feel so tired and I want to sleep

12. Cold Sinner


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