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Indefinite Soul-Extension

"Indefinite Soul-Extension" (2003)

1. Unspeakable Grief
2. Commit to the Fire
3. Leave-Taking
4. Phase of Revulsion
5. Morndraper
6. Cinders Veil
7. Spit Forth from Failure
8. Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)

1. Unspeakable Grief

throwing back a symbol
of dark transparency
and shadows rendered pale
strangulated microcosm
cracked mirror of the soul
spirit changed beyond recognition
tarnished and frail

wakefulness or an allusive dream?
seeking shelter in a maze
bearing witness to the unforeseen
vanishing without a trace

returning to the end
of all that will not mend
a thousand griefs transcend
recover and extend

2. Commit to the Fire

deathlike rebirth
another passage being razed
symptomatical third-degree burns
inmost nature set ablaze

commit to the fire - submit to desire

degeneration of an everlasting
struggle within
aftermath of vast proportions
ending all therein
enigmatic regeneration
structural mutations
by cycles of uncertanity
pulling the wires
and taking its breath away
burnt between two fires

last resort
without a parallell
tranformation of fear
accidental occurance
or just frality?
won't last another day
expiring at dusk
leaving an existence void behind

not ever rising
never going down
insistent delusion

not ever darksome
never full of light
persistent illusion

not ever falling
never holding out
existent delusion

not ever intact
never left undone
resistant illusion

breathing its last
embers of dispiritment
an amaranth in the ashes
yet a turn has come to pass

3. Leave-Taking

strong resemblance
destructive final turn
days gone by
consigned to oblivion
now once again in bloom

the no longer existing
has been brought back to life
primordial confusion
struck just to be lost anew

lasting contortions
abiding discord
in the depths of reanimation
seeking release

in quest of constancy
nature of a delicate structure
a broken reed
dark affinity - misgiving
a dire lash of wind
pointing out the close at hand
the calm before the storm

falling through
fearful calling to mind
at first site
biding time
lying in wait for the eclipse
of what can't be set right

the mist is slowly lifting
exposing newborn sprouts
remains of failure
standing out

4. Phase of Revulsion

freed from impurity
washed away
is the fall of innernight
the veil once drawn over
this festering void
no longer needed
in order to preserve

shadows close
gasping for breath
there's a new era dawning
beginning today

the sands of yesterday
beyond repair
empty of guidence
past time
to lay in the grave
empty of lead
never again
reduced to nothing
empty of aidance
recollections dressed in black

the future is taking heed

phase of revulsion (x4)

dark are the lights
burning out

ceasing to be
end of the weight
putting off reality
turned into ash
is the sun
source of belief
setting in
rising at length

5. Morndraper

rescue work at heart
out of the darkness
and into the light
making whole inside
no longer riding for a fall

about to come to nothing
bled and laid aside for aye
all buried in oblivian
ever to arise?

essence cut in pieces
replaced and improved
making whole inside
no longer riding for a fall

6. Cinders Veil

ethereal stronghold
metempsychosis nocturne
labyrinthian transition
the spirit shifting shape
resurrectional final event

subconcious denial
in contradiction with the soul
at birth dying
inmical days to be seen no more

closing in upon
another coming into life
undergoing change
the now passing left behind
presentness all gone
a second entry making strife
here and out of range
the intermediate stage defined

"if no-one turned around when we entered, answered when we spoke, or minded what we did, and if every person we met "cut us dead", and acted as if we were non-existing things, a kind of rage and impotent despair would ere long well up in us, tortures would be a relief; for these would make us feel, however bad might be our plight, we had not sunk to such depth as to be unworthy of attention at all" (William James 1890)

easily broken
this tower of drastic turns
re-established mortar
cardinal collapse
resurrectional final event

7. Spit Forth from Failure

torn out pages
inked with greif
from a blackend chapter
of disbelief
a new beginning
taking rise
spit forth from failure
descendant of demise

of what used to be
now riding on a dying wind
vanquished and forsaken
in the twilight set aside
stillborn dreams
no longer
in the process
of beheading hope
turning frality inside out
the vital force resumed

8. Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)

in the depths of duration
far away from a close
the extension of yet another
ending shows
loss of time by the hour
seasons scattered to the winds
from the dying of tomorrow
wearing thin

never to return
whait is said to be
will not come to pass
tides no longer turn
what is yet to be
will not last

changes of little moment
for the better or the worse?
into what is of no more,
in reverse
on the verge of existence
one more rise falling through
where the bloom of ever-enduring
now once grew


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