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"Cimmerian" (1999)

1. Trendmade Bitch
2. Now and Forever
3. Down at Zero
4. Blood by Tragedy
5. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
6. Warsong
7. Solution .45
8. Final State

1. Trendmade Bitch

What makes you think you're so fucking special?
You trademark-wearing parasite superbitch
When your so called standards are merely fake, yeah!
You identity-seeking bloodsucking witch

With twisted perspectives for guidance you search
Can't you see something's wrong with this picture?
Problem is you’re too drunk with the urge
Your need of being somebody fictitious

Trendmade bitch - rip-off whore
You make me wanna fucking puke
Trendmade niche - fashion war
You motherfucking copying crook

Just by looking at you I know your type
You're a "want me to spread my legs" bitch
I've seen you before 'cause you keep coming back
Just why won't you keep off my pitch?

Trendbrainwashed bitch!

2. Now and Forever

Black at heart
Full of fucking affliction
The purest of all evil's in me
Sacred ash
Nothing but an addiction
Just how I set my enmity free

White dressed face
Razor blade's my religion
Tipping tombstones over's my kind of fun
Won't say grace
I'm a sucker for woodlands
I love to turn my cross upside down

Behind trees I hide
In snow-white forest pride
I'm one with all that interlinks us to the other side

Grim as Hell
Shedding blood in the moonlight
On both my arms the blade leaves its scars
Can't you tell
It is almost at midnight
The time of day our portal unbars

Night in candle flames
Things won't be the same again, never ever
Night in candle flames
What is yet to be is now and forever

3. Down at Zero

Cannot shuffle off this self-destruction
Eating my long-sufferance away
Crawling in the ashes of submission
Knee-deep in substantial decay

Life's like ice that holds, but still won't carry
Destined, swallowing the bitter pill
Sadly it's always the same old story
No use sowing what you cannot till

I've tried so hard to get by on my own to find a way
But every time I end up clutching at straws
What can I say?
I guess I just have to submit to my fate as things go
There is no point in indulging in hope when you're
Down at zero

Off the beaten track the entries narrow
Making it much harder not to fail
May be that, but life only lies fallow
Weighing anchor, ready to set sail

4. Blood by Tragedy

Bastard-fuck, you feeble low-life
What the hell are you trying to pull?
Master of the prodigal disaster
In for a penny, in for a pound
Can't you see it's bringing you down
Stabbing you like a dagger in the back
Misanthropical apathy
Oh yeah, it's gonna get you boy

Why do I feel so alone
When I know you're always by my side
Please say that you're my friend
At least let me keep my pride

Self-inflicted "24 H" living hell
Seven night suicide come-down
"Pals for life," concluded contract with the Devil
But will you endure the performance to the bitter end?
Gone too far, not being able to return
Gravestate injuries rotting you whole
100% consumption of requirements
Smothered in blood by tragedy

Lifeless I am running
Without any real goals
For rainy days of dying
A dried-out source set course

Terminal-vein art life-eating injection
Mental murder in the first degree
Self-destruction now has access to your mind
Your world's a disease no man can ever cure
Another grave unflowered, another grave disowned
Bloodsuckers dancing upon where you belong
Roots never meant to be cut are grown back together
Crimson is their colour - blood by tragedy

5. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

They were all a part of my great masterplan
Characters inside my head unable to take a stand
I did them a good turn, for all I care
Although I may have left their loved ones in despair

It's all the same to me now
It doesn't really matter what will come
I might as well just close my eyes
And face what I have done

Don't know where it started, don't know where it ends
The more I try to see things clearly, the less it all
Makes sense
They've put me off my stride but still I struggle
For all involved is the grief that's shared a grief
Made double

Clenched fists and immense convulsion
Once the curtain falls
Then silence spreads across the room
Set to take its course
Day of retribution, at last the clouds disperse
Remember what they say
Who evil does, he evil fares!

6. Warsong

Act of warfare; the ultimate strategy
Belligerent dark projection
Sowing the seeds of insanity
Genocide - disclosure
Deflower this world at any cost
the candle's burning at both ends
What is forever has already been lost

Cannot keep this world from dying
There is no point in even trying...

Put them out - for all time
Yet it's not too late
Masterminds or simply madmen?
Inventors that discreate!

...So (just) let the bombshells rain
Yeah, let them fuckers rain

7. Solution .45

Came so close I just had to feel it
Before it slipped through my hands
A future built under re-construction
Only to run out in sand

With eternity being nothing but a mere shadow of its
Former self, fallen into the arms of failure
I can no longer alter my once given dreams
The one's told knowing just as I

Virtue of insanity - suicide humanity

Zyklon B or an A-bomb spree
What difference does it make?
When the future ain't what it used to be
We're failing for Gods sake!

Forever felt so close, yet so far away
There are no future strings left to pull
And as I lie here thinking under the magnificent oak of time
I can finally see the unseen before my closed eyes

The world is full of wonders
however greatest of them all is man
across thee grey whipped sea
Caused by a wintery southwind storm
She navigates the perilous journey in the breakers rage
And Mother Earth, foremost of gods

The persistent and unflagging
Endlessly searching the fields of euphoria
Turning the earth with the help from horses
What is future is epilogue

8. Final State

Slipping away, out of the sight
Well, be that as it may
A tragical turn, setting it right
Just leaves it all to burn
Will not last, won't let alone
How could this come to pass
Time and again, what has been sown, now ends

Cannot change the way things are
Even if I wanted to
I don't know which way to turn
As well as what to do
After all is said and done
What will be, guess time will tell
Don't know if I can fall any further
Perhaps it's just as well
Now that I've sunk this deep

Once it's gone, out of the way
The race against time is on
Send it all forth, carry the day
Just let things take their course
Put under pledge, can't make known
The thin end of the wedge
As sure as fate, these seeds have been sown too late

I never thought that I would be the one down on my
Knees for you
But sometimes things don't turn out quite the way you
Want them to


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