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Annihilation Of Mankind

"Annihilation Of Mankind" (2003 Demo)

1. Voices From Hell (Intro)
2. The Bood From The Ancient Battles
3. Infernal Legions Of Darkness
4. Black Prophecies
5. Unholy War
6. Dawn Of The Elite
7. Ancestral Darkness

1. Voices From Hell (Intro)

2. The Bood From The Ancient Battles

This morning you can smell the battle's coming
The battlefield is covered by darkness
And the armies are ready for the mighty clash

This was a time where the warriors were fighting
For honour and pride
Face the death and change your destiny forever

After the battle the corpses are laying down
The ground is red with the rivers of blood
And you can hear the cries of the souls
On their way to eternity

We are here today for the war
As the warriors of the ancient time
And we will give our blood for our Master
The ground is still red and it's our force
The blood from the ancient battles

3. Infernal Legions Of Darkness

I am the master of all the armies of darkness
I command my infernal warriors to unleashed
Their mighty power over the waste lands
Fall on the earth and set destruction of all life

I open wide the gates of Hell
And let the doom become the new order of life

The ground is in fire as the infernal legions are marching on
The sky becomes red as the angels die
This is the reign of the legions of darkness

They can't be stopped and they will go on
Until the last weak soul is dead

Feel the unholy whisper of their dark mind coming on you
Bow down before me or you will soon see if your beliefs are true

4. Black Prophecies

"Blessed are the destroyer of false hope
For they are the true messiahs
Cursed are the god-adorers
For they shall be shorn sheep"
The satanic bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey

It has be written in the old time
When the ancient keepers of eternity
Were fighting for their kingdom

From the dark and cold night
Where dead souls lies forever
The answers came and were read to the living

The time is near when those prophecies will be real
We are the sons of all those who keep the secret
We have prepared everything and we are waiting for the sign

For this time we are ready to welcome on earth
The dark prince of Hell with all his legions
This will be the dawn of a new age of truth and real men

Come forth master, your throne is wating you
Come forth master SATAN

5. Unholy War

Tonight the churches are burning
The cries of those who burn
Reach the sky
So loud than "God" can hear

"God" now you can watch your weak souls
Burning in the name of my master SATAN

This is the price the christians have to pay
For all their crimes their lies and hypocrisy

"God" my religion is not yours
I don't believe in you
And your church of illusions
Won't live anymore

"God" is a creation of the weak
Because they need something to believe in
We will show them the real way
And set them free forever

6. Dawn Of The Elite

"In this arid wilderness of steel and stone
I raise up my voice that you may hear
To the east and to the west I beckon
To the north abd to the south I shaw a sign proclaiming :
Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong"
The satanic bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey

You always follow the rules
Never think about the future
You've make your world a grave
Now it's time for us to come

Raise our weapons
And settle the true rules

You think you're the choosen one
But you are really nothing
We don't need a god to follow our way
I am my own master and that's why
We will win this battle

We are here to reveal the kingdom of darkness
Our armies are ready to come from Hell
And ablaze the sky forever

Death to the weak, power to the strong, dawn of the elite !

7. Ancestral Darkness


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