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At The Sign Of Battlehorns

"At The Sign Of Battlehorns" (2007)

1. A Sign to Conquer
2. Battlehorns
3. Pagan Tears
4. Trona 'l Criste
5. Culto Solare
6. Endless Horizons of Dead christian Bodies
7. Pont del Diau
8. Sol, Vej Sol

1. A Sign to Conquer

Defending the banner of the black stone
Born,grown and died with fierceness to serve Him.
Immolated for the purity of a black galaxy
Winds’ fingers seem to permeate the flesh.
Permeate the flesh and instill anchor hold.

As the torrent falls above stones
Comrades will fall above enemies
And wait.....
For a Sign to conquer
The key to the aureate innermost essence.

Cover me of inner splendour!

As wind blow mountains fend
As water expands the earth restrains
As I become void I’ll transmute
In everything.
The All.
Here in the end of eternal circle.

2. Battlehorns

Tonight is the night of the fame
Prepared to scorn the infamy
Impetuous eyes are lusting for the moment
When blood will tincts the sky.
Tearing the night with supremacy
Under the grace of the moonlight.

As dying flame the last worthless
Breath will expire.
Expired full of anguish.

Captors since the embrace of the moonlight
Inheritors of the Dionysiac Spirit


Last time to breath,
Grandeur of the moment dilates eyes,
Compulsively ready to conquer the moonlight.

Gods of vengeance blares from the beyond,
Those voices are gathered in the sounds of Battlehorns.
Arm of fury and being possesed by evil gods.
Sorcery and total grimness
Once enraptured by the sound of Battlehorns.

Gods of vengeance comes from the beyond,
Those voices are ours and lives through
The Sound of Battlehorns!

3. Pagan Tears

Pagan lands were destroyed in the night
With violence and falsity they imposed ther god.

In the darkness we chose the death
And now our ancient spirits call Vengeance.

Black Pagan Tears...
Pagan Tears.
Black Pagan Tears....
Pagan Tears.

4. Trona 'l Criste

I mesmerize and I create
The face of evil inside my eyes.
Unholy face of hell
Unholy face of evil

From this ablaze mirage thousand
Paths are forthcoming imperiously.
Unholy face of hell
Unholy face of evil


I mesmerize and I create
The face of evil inside my eyes.
Unholy face of hell
Unholy face of evil

I’m the night
I’m the flame
I’m in His eyes ravished.
Suspended by feral lights
Astray in the mistful air
Protected by evil one
Feel the call and return to the ancient moon.

Prepare to return to the ancient
With this I invoke you in the moonlight.

Show the Way!

Drochè per vagnè la Bataja
Ant la gola un inn da crijè
L’arvangia mnira dle ponte dij Giasè

Noi uccideremo il vostro cristo
Noi uccideremo i vostri figli
Noi uccideremo il vostro dio
Noi diventeremo nuovi dei.

5. Culto Solare

El glorios passa ormai
Perdù a l’e’ lòn che veui arvive.

Pagan life…extinct!
A superior culture…lost!

Antiche stirpi pagane si muovono nell’ombra
Il Culto Solare risorgerà.

El nòst sentè seguiroma Di e Neuit
Per serchè el post andova alvè el Reu del Sol.

Wind of my hate,now inside… Out!

6. Endless Horizons of Dead christian Bodies

Imagine myriads of inanimate
dead bastard christians
Imagine them fucking Dead!

Imagin theyr blood
Imagine red coloured torrents
Wash away the vile blood
And leave only
The deadly-pale color of theyr skin,

Imagine endless horizons of dead christian bodies.

Lòn che vuddu a l’è Fiammengh
Lòn che vuddu a l’è.

Can you immagine It?
It’s what I want.

7. Pont del Diau

When the moon is full and you’re possessed by the wind,
Where the deep dark waters embrace your eyes and your soul,
Where between two mountains you’re hanging in ecstasy,
When only one second before you were on this earth.

Pont del Diau.

A-i son dij leu, là amont -
solengh ëd fiòca àuta,
barsaj nèir anchërnà
da speje avusse,
fiare 'd giassa brusanta.
A-j fa la lus, a l'alba:
con ròche nuitere a batiss
na ca për la s-ciandor.
Per sòn i ven-o da leugn
ciamanda ver se drere -
ch'a-i sio për mi
lame 'd giassa tajenta
a travërseme 'l cheur,
a dreube stra a la lus.

Onora i Mont
Onora ‘l Fium
Onora ‘l Pont
Onora ‘l Diau

Bewitch and possess my soul
Bewitched and possesed.

With the night, through the flame
I’ve observed His face
And after have fallen in His eyes
He showed me the way
To walk through the secret inner fire.

Whend the moon will vanish behind columns of mist,
When the deep dark waters will leave your mind and your soul,
When thousand years will tell that you’re still on this earth.

Pont del Diau.

8. Sol, Vej Sol


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