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"Demo" (1990 Demo)

1. Alone
2. Instrumental
3. From the Shadows
4. Colossal Vision

1. Alone

The day was clear
Unknown feeling
You wake up and time stops
You leave your body
New dimension under sun
Leave earth far behind
Only in dreams you see it
Spectrum through you
Bombastic experience
What you see you can't believe
Echo from universe
View disappeared
Now you're alone
This is twilight
See ultimate things
I'm the masters apprentice
Time of earth has ended
In everywhere are you

2. Instrumental

3. From the Shadows

All years that I wasted
Searching for something new
Then I discovered the cult

Feels so strange
Whispers fill my brain
Neutral voices within
No feelings

From the shadows the new one rises
Creating unheard disharmonius voices
Screaming in all hearable forms

I sing one of my strange songs
That I used to love

"Five dollars with me
And plastic barbie girl"

Somewhere south of here
Where the mind leaves body
I reach the ultimate consciousness
Universe and me are one
Strange forces unite in me
No return to the past
And when I think it
(A flow of) sadness fills me

4. Colossal Vision

I'm inside of giant arche hydra
Lord of dreams passed me here
this warm slime - realm of fear
There's only one solution, use explosives,
Detonate the way out
I failed, rabid stream of worms covers me
Horrible lifeforms, I can't stand it
Oxygen is running out, I can't breath
My thoughts are slowly fading away
I sail trough colossal visions
Visions of other dimensions
Beautiful trip through eternity
I travelled through everything
Forbidden side of the universe
Earthly limitations disappeared
Strange hymn, echoing softly
Rhyme from transspace
Malformation past, present, future
I have unchained this desecrated trinity
This is my release to all lifeforms
A gift of the supreme being


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