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"Utopia" (1999)

1. Vespers Gold
2. Constellation And Mysticism
3. Metamorphosis
4. Shades Of A Forbidden Passion
5. Palace Of Dancing Souls
6. The Fall Of Arthrone
7. Ethereal Dimensions
8. The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost
9. In Velvet Coffins We Sleep
10. The Revival

1. Vespers Gold

Zircon's blaze might be a lure for the fad crown
In the pale interior of this empty Ark
Since the Orcoid orb's fast wounded me
Wuth the greatest passage of a flamming spark

On the North Sea, the King's Hall
Dance the Jester with his serpent

Perfidious, forsaking, rotting the royal blood
As the likeness of a poetic fact
Of a household used to this deceit of vespers gold

On the ornamented throne, the previous fell
Engulfed by the perfume of the sweetest kiss
It's that Bergamot travels the wind of Arcane
With the ugly imp naked in the nebula

The hidden family in the King's own
Vanishing with deep sleep dusk

Perfidious, forsaking, rotting the royal blood
As the likeness of a poetic fact
Of a household used to this deceit of vespers gold

"Thus the glorious vessel climbed
On the incontournable way of the palace
In the chaos of the grotesque clown
Diagram of the noble malicious art
The ship strugglin into horror
The ruler learned with the crystal
To conquer the black ice of punishment
The stars grasp for their proper"

The ornamented throne on the galley...Dream the black...
My landscape pleases me well in this legend
Wretched existence on an Atlantis burried by the lack
My Eden filled of my only fantasy
Following the tragic wind that made you a fool
My empire befell on my beloved creation, sordid star

Standing alone on this leand see of the Silvertree
The acclamation of Fire to dream the last leaf
Before the masquerade relive the Carnival
The Juggler presanting the feast of Arthrone's King

Zircon's blaze might be a lure for the fad crown
In the pale interior of this empty Ark
A grand ceremony for the bastard prince
Who mourn his lost sphere of Archeen

On the North Sea, the King's Hall
Dance the Jester with his serpent

Perfidious, forsaking, rotting the royal blood
As the likeness of a poetic fact
Of a household used to this deceit of vespers gold

2. Constellation And Mysticism

In the infinity of the Universe
Constellations are observed by a proud man
His whole life dedicated to astronomy and the occult
The invisible art of the unknown

In this tower of the mountain highest peaks
Alone with the stars and the forest so dark
He found the secret of divinity
The source of creation and eternity

Impossible as it may seems
The ultimate truth is now
Part of human knowledge
All in the mind of one man
Must the burden be relieved by telling humanity
Perhaps the beginning of a new era
Of truth and light where higher beings
Are cast down to control anymore
On this plane of existence

Would it engulf them in perpetual madness ?
Trapped between two reality
Wich were not meant to meet
Colliding with greater powers

He needs no more proves
The theory is sure reality
He started to laugh... and laugh...
Oblivious to insanity creeping toward him

Suddenly fighting for his very soul
He realizes, too late, his mistake
"Thou shall not cross the line..."
"Thou shall respect the divine..."

Now grasping the value of what he held
The man knew, then, that the knowledge, should not die with him
Fury in his eyes, he reached into the unseen
For the powers he once swore not to use

Facing his nemesis for one last time with magyk at his side
He drew forth the energy of the stars, not to shine again
A final burst, majestic end, no more knowledge to fear
Leaving as witness only a black sky devoid of stars...

3. Metamorphosis

To raise from the earth
Dark forces of old
Undeads feel the appeal

In a morbid dance
They research the entity
Wich gives them the primary state

In this chaotic quest
They search a relic
In a world where times are upset

Vestiges of future
Rise in a past Era
Of despair and sorrow

Damned creatures wandering
To their will

4. Shades Of A Forbidden Passion

Where the shadows carress the mind
None is apt to revive the reason
Stroking, manipulating, craving to find
Attractive and irrestible is the temptation

My pure soul she tasted
And the savour inebriated her with desire
The only one to soothe her ire
This uncut jewel she could shapes without haste

She charmed me with her voice, soft as the night
A crystalline sound carried along by the wind by a man who starved
Queen of beauty and sensual delight
Nymph with an unnatural body, all of marble carved

The paleness of her skin
Blends oh so well with the clouds so white
But her soul, filled with an infinity of sins
Is like the darkest coal burried in the dephts of an abyssmal site

We gave ourselves to the pleasures of the flesh
In the ruins of an ancient cathedral
Where in distant times, bounds and ruptures were derived
Amidst shades of the pas and old memories of passion forgot
Under a timeless veil...

Where the shadows capture the minde
None is apt to revive the reason
Drinking, draining, yet loving in kind
Attractive and mortal is the temptation

5. Palace Of Dancing Souls

6. The Fall Of Arthrone

N Ap ertiaNoK al ruep, SerdneT tnaved L
Towers escaping by millions on floating platforms
Glowing from lunar reflection
Among these astral bodies, resides a faerie
Weaving on a star, empress of space and time
It's a feeble attempt, to overcome the throne
Since the dispersion of the Orb

Mid-season of the coloured rains on Arthrone's kingdom
Cowardness of the loathsome guards of this empire
A ball of fantasy disappearing in shadows
Behold, the fall of Arthrone
A goblin smiling by a flash of rune
The being of nothingness part with his domain

Vast extent of already forgotten beats
Observing his face with its impregnated ugliness
Crying under the whinning moon
Dances the scarlet viper of our writings
On the stones, soon to be angels

End-season, ashes and ruins for the rose
Myrmidon, this only bird in the wind
Source of lightning, reflection of the warrior
Behold, the fall of Arthrone
The quiet dawn of a tired sunset
Solemn scorn, all that is given to us

O, L engcr sed stnaSiup es treum
DnauK L enuL aruelp r siamaj
L serteKna es tnorderp ne selioT
Lerorua esucicnehs snad nu reheuoK ed licloS

O, L engcr sed stnaSiup tse trom
Siuped L noitrepsid ed LebrO
Ctse L serte iuK Stiufne ne snoiLim ed seLeKrap setnativel

7. Ethereal Dimensions

Pass the life unconscious
The entire light is never seen
By the one who close his eyes
On the sad reality of conception
So years of false truth
Guide existence on a reveir of deceits

Ethereal dimensions
Strange worlds of the Vortex
Black holes are the mysterious passages
For mystic places between the stars

(Other forms of life grow silently
Strings of existence make the sound of a sweet melody)
Essence of light creates the source
Creatures feel the ethereal energy
The twilight time of solitude and tranquility

Neutrality, law of the balance
Who commands the Equilibrium
For the unwinding of time
Debalanced by the weight of wickedness
Convert the beings who became corruptible

Construct on the columns of a unique kingdom
Going on a never-ending road
Going in a vicious circle

Spiritual abolishment of the forces of nature
Loyalty, disorder, ethereal dimensions

Walking the edges of middleness
On these plans where the soul is dreamless
Wondering where the Thinkers hide
On the fringe of total madness
Pawns of this futile gods-mode game of chess

8. The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost

Through the sky, the blood of gof pour out on the Kobold streets
Through the eyes, the villagers feel the malediction's terror
Evil curse, the birds crushing on the church walls
Gruesome witch, a raven tears out the High Priest eyes

A witch has been put to chain, to be judged
Before sentence is pronounced
By a curse, the judge will die

Wizard spell, His twisted mind
Witch hunt, the Divine avenge himself
Chosen by the funeral-pyre, call the anguish of the ceremony
Her deeds of justiciary, through the century

Burnt at the stake, for the sake of stupidity
Ill-treatment for them, faithful to their malefice master
In her last hour, her body cold to pain
No confessions marks her defat
What place will she inhabit amidst the firmament's infinity
She who has been purified by the flames.

9. In Velvet Coffins We Sleep

From the ancient race of the immortals
We enjoy the moon, us its eternal vassals
Pondering our lost humanity
Forever fated to wander the obscurity

Hunters....hunted...harmony found in silence
Breath the fresh air os the sleeping pinetrees
Levitate our thoughts to the high branches
Buried under the snow
Pure and white as an untouched young women

An erotic masquerade of soft promises
Elegants and charming are we to their eyes
With unnerving ease those weak beings we fool
To satisfy the needs of our blood-hungry souls

Ah! The bless that is to come
For we pass as a gentle breeze born of strife
A benediction is the journey into unlife
Thus, we deliver it with a final parting kiss

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Let us dance under your glorious black wings
Oh sweet night we hear your cries
This symphony of tranquility inspiring grand bewitching waltz

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Les us be thou companions of suffering
Oh sweet night we hear your summon
This beautiful music brought forth by the wolves hymn

Sumptuous feast of pale virgins
Nudes under the gleam of the Silverorb
In a foggy glade of a dim mounful forest
Rejoicing under the pipes of satyres

"Beyond pleasure in this night of erotism
Filled with delightful melodies and bloody carresses"

To the perfects, we present immortality
Enjoint with the powers of the night
For the dark gift possess a fondness for beauty
Only for those inspiring orgasm on sight

Oh sweet night we cherish you
Take us toward far off horizons
Oh sweet night we heard your call
Where dawn is no more, forever lost in time
The promised Land of darkness
Whispered of only in old rituals

10. The Revival

Forever trapped, Who will be the mold ?
A new rule, a new age, for this Land of cold

Sorrow and pain, give me the rage
Sorrow and pain, to break out of my cage

A young man descendant of Lond
Is my bringer of hope
"The shell so desired at last..."

After so many milleniums, my name again will be
Listen well children of the frost, to my unholy stoy...

In my icy stronghold I sat
Gazing at dark trophies of mortal defeats
Encased in pure crystal snow
Striving for the eternal return of the Ice Age
The tale of how I fell would be too long to tell
But one day came a spirit from beyond
With a quest divine, an entity called Lond...

With priests of the North, wizards ans swordsmen all bold
Lond led these mortals where frosen death abode
On a dismal night of tragedy they stood before my gate
Stepping into the hearth of foulness toward their fate

They came with Fire and Faith
To bring me down
The one reason to their hate
Me the Suzerain of Cold...

Their legions decimated, standing tall the Holy Land
Sorcery and steel unmade me, a final spell was cast
Trapped in a dimension, between the cosmos and the past
Alone with my loneliness, Behold my angry song

[Servant Spirit:]
"An Epic tale, a prophecy
The circle now is done
Our King at last shall be set free
When converge moon and stars
Beware oh you mortals
For vengeance and penance shall be ours..."

Beware oh you mortals
For vengeance and penance shall be mine...


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