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In a Flesh Aquarium

"In a Flesh Aquarium" (2006)

1. Chromatic Chimera
2. Feasting Fools
3. Desert Urbania
4. Summoning Scenes
5. Silence_011010701
6. Megalomaniac Trees
7. The Shiver - Another Dissonant Chord
8. The Shiver - Meet Me at the Carrousel
9. The Shiver - A Clown's Mindtrap
10. Psychic Jugglers

1. Chromatic Chimera

Microscopic dust...
To exist as I of many eyes
Tentacles in our heads wrestling with
anonymous segments.

Rowing deep into the murk with psychosis
sitting on my lap
Finding a rythm entrangled in nothingness
On witnessing the present system
A monstrous collage in movement
Free to stray, swim in a tomb if you want.

All directions, every angles
Nuances, infinite possibilities
Confusion of a saturated mind
The flood is so stimulating, but just where do we stop?
Currents numerous...hard to focus...yessss...yESsSSSS !!!
We want answers! Not confused babblings!

Losing control is a treat, still...
We could be drained...
We could be drained...of...

Chimeras, precious chimeras
Ejected from the assembly
Unto a circular technological slave pen
Bound to be part of this geometrical harem
Speak the frequencies of liberation
The universal language of positive similarity
When one crosses the threshold of the collective territory.

An antidote for the imperial poison.

2. Feasting Fools

Drinking words from a bone catheter
Without consistence
Tasting dominance as an appetizer
Ambitious platters spiced with numbers
My thoughts wander as I stare at the talking fish...
Giving sound advices on how to silence my dish.

Billions of livings painting for the greedy
In this summit of foam
Invited by naughty titans in their inhuman museum
To share not-so mysteries and their would-be decorum.

Feasting fools on a monstrous path
Feasting fools in a soiled bubble bath
Table is set for tragedy
A misshapen mole in the face of decency.

Cybernetic fairies in loss of power
Crushed by the work-till-death project
Sick as wingless birds skewered on a numeric stake.

Look...the synthetic clown is smiling
...and the children are starving
Ludicrous pawn of despotic tramplers
Industrial monsters, jaws ripping the very fabric
of this physical existence.

Elegant jackets, dragon-skin style; mandrake cigars fathering tiny storms of snobbism, fresh cemetery juice and electro-nerves floatting rubba' things.
High educated horned giants worshipping shallow luxuries
Boiling with a vain intensity just staring at the cyclic visual feast.
Descending to visualization vault XYZ after an exquisite dinner
Holographic sceneries despicting the All
So many lives...
Frames no more, captured by digital
Invisible bonds...but still...such nice colors...
Irregular digitalis begging for guidance in his strayed life
A juggling feat for the eaters
A struggling beat for the wired.
Just standing now in the middle of a past
Marble still in the dead zone
The cemetary walking over me
...and I wonder.
Are they stones or are they names
Am I stoned or just ashamed
Just a human with respect in his pockets
Ready to share some with the face of the worthy
Let the Grim be aware,
I won't be reaped without guarantees
I like my eggs boiled and that's it.

3. Desert Urbania

So much for the wicked bonds strangling inspiration retreat into the Temple
Desert Urbania and drown...
Deep within the mosaic
of an inward fraction
Float forth subtle emissaries from outer-materia
Emerging, but THEY are one, blooming on Mount Chimera
Globular insinuation, mystic mood in a nameless location.
Enu edayon �ikerppa
Sink and desert Urbania
"He offered me a shapeless way so unusual
A breach in the maze to feel the unexplainable".
Mere words!
They're not suitable swords
To elate the pagans and their hordes
treasure, I still dream beyond this mortal frame)
We must focus on
guiding pupils willing to soar
The school of thoughts, mirage haven for
the sightless to explore.
Enu edayon �ikerppa
Sink and desert Urbania
"Dancing on the limbs of a venerable and graceful oak Escorted by fading Elvish shadows, to me He spoke

"Truth is a shattered sun blinding
the senses of nations proclaiming they gaze at the right fragments...
In this perspective...
I prefer okapis to humans".

Admire the Invisible,
The misunderstood majesty of the imaginative ghost Seize the momentanous
splendour, disciple
Short-lived, Fleetingly sublime.

Admire the Invisible,
The misunderstood majesty of the imaginative ghost Acknowledge
with serenity the inescapable gaping jaws
Obsession of the voracious clock...

Standing on the edges of reality, one could magnify even a sea
Believe and develop your innermost We conjure you, be our host...

Controlled madness
Lucid mummy
Ghoulish caress
Acid coffee
Would it seem senseless?
If we scream like banshees ?

Orchestrated wonders
"Lose your way" and plunder
A charred Bone-Wheel
is spinning
Unique !! Everything is yours to taste...
Wave it still... Long Live The King!
Want to peel your skin? There is no haste...
Trancelike motion
Absorb our potion...

4. Summoning Scenes

Let us paint your inner vision
Drop the curtains and absorb this sonic invasion.

Sensorial Theatre of the non-seen,
This illusionary moment, our cosmic gift...
Should lead the craft beyond one's usual scene
As astral cyborgs on a psionic drift.

Divine grace shine in these incredulous stares
Observing avidly the strange enigmatic symbols of a deep-water sky
Mesmerized by the torn stellar membrane,
As wE, Corsairs
Deny and mistify,
Defy to unify
(Nydes Elense ; So� Nokelende)
Deny and mistify, Imply to glorify.

Wandering through the entrails of the Maelstrom
Avatars, dissolve your blindfolds.

Let us paint your inner vision
Drop the curtains and absorb this festive invasion.

An atmospheric symbiosis of virtual legend
Intertwined with senses in a quest to transcend
The boundaries of a tired broken mind
Gaze higher, farther, deeper...there your psyche will be spellbind.

Divine grace shine in these incredulous stares
While winged celestial fragments float by
Mesmerized by the beauty that scarify,
As wE, Corsairs
Deny and mistify,
Defy to unify,
Deny and mystify, Imply to glorify.

Wandering through the entrails of the Maelstrom
Avatars, dissolve your blindfolds.

Bards let their audience's curiosity depart unsatisfied, as a dream!
Hyaaaa !! Oh sweet lovable shrieks !!!

Leg go of your sanity, ascend the crescendo of an unchained spirit.

Endless, majestic, impressively oversized and in a state of perpetual circular motion...
The shriveled parchment walls who summoned your soul to this hallowed hall shine erratically with an eerie glow of phosphorescent origin unknown.
(Passage to a lateral history not yet penned by its own melancholic will, one can closely see the life-force of nature's past children morphing with the spectral shadows emanating from your disembodied presence. Ancient names are calling from beyond as serene waves of vapourous words cascade around the uninvited. Traces of a lost world ... )

Time for another ambiance travelers.

Deny and mistify, Defy to unify
Deny and mistify, Imply to glorify
...and remember, each representation is unique, as yourself and your visions...This psionic theater bids you farewell...'till next time..

5. Silence_011010701

***Even though this is an instrumental track, behind the CD, on the back side of the back insert there is the song title with a few paragraphs in Hungarian about it***

6. Megalomaniac Trees

Running in a cage like freak beasts on a stage
to acquire the honor of dishonor.
Humble idea for Machiavellian seeds
to grow their old megalomaniac trees.

See no evil, hear no evil ; Ellet tse erton esived.

In sick organic shadows,
where nano-things are the crutch of life,
The test-tube men eliminate themselves
inside this asymmetric archaic circle.

See no evil, hear no evil ; Ellet tse erton esived.

Tragedy of selfishness become as they are,
their old bark left bare and infected.
Root's thirst so immense,
it could transorm the sea to salt.
Enu ratis... will ends the events
I know you will be...lenger arelurb
You will see, Trom te eiffiret
Tnemeleus at xiork Arengiomet ed nok reunnohsed
Enu ratis... will ends the events
I know you will be an ancient shadow.

See no evil, hear no evil ; Ellet tse erton esived.

The tragedy is just beyond our roots The world stops...

We wander here, where only the mad knows the truth
And knowledge testify in their names
We barter our bark like stupid pawns sacrificing for their king
Like some miracle boy's transformations
We transmuted our sap into living bribes.

7. The Shiver - Another Dissonant Chord

�k azok, akik mindent l�ttak,
�s �k t�voznak utolj�ra.
Teh�t �lj le, t�lts magadnak egy italt,
figyelj, halgass�

Mert ma, most, a falak besz�lnek�

[They�ve seen it all and will be the last to leave.
Sit down, pour yourself a drink, and hear�
Today the walls can talk�]

Kiv�ve ez a szer�ny, de a f�jdalomnak v�get nem �r� szimf�ni�ja,
ami egyben bocs�natot k�r, hogy nem voltam jelen melletted
a legutols� alkalom adt�n

[Accept this modest, yet never-ending symphony of pain,
In apologies for my absence at the side of YOUR last sight]

Another dissonant chord for my sanity�s requiem
Ami egy m�sik szomor�an hangz� akkord a lelkemnek
Un autre accord dissonant pour le requiem de ma sanit�.

8. The Shiver - Meet Me at the Carrousel

You darken our world to brighten the sky
The mud of time and pale drinks won't paint
the clown's face
No father sould bury his son!!
the mask in his face is you.

Meet me at the carrousel on the 29th street...
we'll drink a whole epitaph
Poison of the earth makes us laugh...
Still... I think the clown fakes happiness.

What have we done, running around the sun
for so long?
It reminds me of a dream...
What's behind us ?

Sounds make him count the times he's die for
an epoch of derision
May I see you in younger eyes...

Welcome further ... Leave your beliefs
at the door
We are the forgotten project...

You darken our soul and silence the smiles
The mud of time and pale drinks won't paint
the clown's face
No father should bury his son!!
The mask in his face is you.

9. The Shiver - A Clown's Mindtrap

The Storks brought you an angel
so Sing goddess, Sing for him.

"If they could only touch his soul to understand"

And the Shiver whispers:
"You forgot how to live ; Verviv tnemmoc eilbuo zeva suov"

No time, No life, No Death, will erase the carvings
He may spoil my days and disguise the future,
the history is ours.

And the Shiver whispers :
"I'm above, in, and underneath you ; Rueiretni L a te suos, sussed ua"

The mnemonic only brings the clown to meet the nails
in his head
He finds a book, reads the prelude... but feels the end...
Do you cry for him ?
...never enough

And the Shiver whispers :
"Do the math for a decade to live chaos for a second"

...and a second is wasted, as the previous and the next, making your path
narrower than it could be or should

And the Shiver whispers:
"I am the one writing these words..."

Will they be the next carvings?

10. Psychic Jugglers

� A dialogue between paradoxes
Feuding perceptions in the everlasting
scales-tipping war �

Subconscious foreword

Goblins, Imps and Farfadets of this cerebral reality�
Mischievous children of the elusive spiritual magic
Atomic parcels of a slippery slippery immensity
Dance! Gambol! Exult!!
Go astray of linear paths!!
Free yourselves from the coherent slavery suggested by the Unclean!!!!

Sporadic Fireballs!! Experiment Chaos intensity!!

Perpendicular euphoria
Burst! Feverish coloured bubbles!!!
Blotch this predictable boring mindscape.


You Lunatic! Be Damned!! Irresponsible traitor to the Order!
Why�why this spontaneous incitation to mutiny�?!
Herald of confused notions�

I AM discernment! Monochrome protector of the
cellular enclosure and its Shepherd�..
These imps must be controlled, supervised, realistic�


Obliterate the Lock!!! Open wide the Arena�s gates and let the Goblins play!!!!

�Feasting! Rejoicing! The tyrant is sleeping� May the will-o�-the-wisps sip His foolery as it is time for Tea! Feasting! Rejoicing! The willows are dripping� As robotic genes sing lullabies, pretty, pretty ZOMBIE!! Catch a falling moon! They will paint my skin!? Voodoo!!�

Besieged by you, Reason and Conformity.
Thieves of the imaginary realm,
Immolators of Childish souls � Binary taste�.
Strolling slowly within this infinite playground�


Eccentrics � cannot appreciate the pertinence of a slumber devoid of rodents �.
Your purple blood wade within the sensorial estimation of a slimy walled fortress!!

My wisdom submerges the disillusioned reptilian
--- Never look up or drown ---
Unwavering � Steady � Straight � Unwavering � Steady � Straight.


Grimace and run, to the opposite side of the herbivore gates who devour the greenish mixture!! I see your bones and they are aligned such as paladin ants crossing a wall of stimulating magma. Tame the Cerberus, aim with serenity and get out of its cavern the swiveling tower of Intra-cosmos!!

Stupefaction! The fictive inexistent is materializing�internal visual information astounded by the absence of total nothingness. Behold Emptiness and meditate�
� it not magnificent, to transcend/surpass the focus of an elitist vision�.not so hard to fix oxygen when you�re living with us�

Living Ideas / Goblins

�Hey!!! Vile hunchback you�re trampling my mushrooms!!
The me of your anyway oh! silence must prevail
Economically speaking we can�t afford to let them live decently
What a grotesque nose!
Let the sun shine! Teeth are painting your inside�

Bah! May rust nibble your winged boots!
Everybody! Caress your hands and let�s be happy friends with big joy!
Does my can contrast with the architecture?
Talk, talk to me broomstick!
He�He�Are you frightened of Free Brains?
May I borrow your head for the evening?�

(Rest of lyrics are unavailable)


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