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Season of Seance, Science of Silence

"Season of Seance, Science of Silence" (2003)

1. Raised by the Wolves
2. Mass of the Phoenix
3. When Anti-Humanity Flourishes
4. Wandering Winter Winds
5. Black Heart/Black Lung
6. The Aftermath was Morbid

1. Raised by the Wolves

I have fled to the outermost realms to hone my senses
The wolf alive inside the current
Let the abyss be my solitary superior
Raised by the wolves, in droves we follow the scent of blood
The order of the wilderness under the ancient sun
I am the sacred predator
The wolf in me brought forth
We are the scarce, in true obscurity we are feared
Feel the gash of my defiant will
Not god by chaos hears the prayer...

2. Mass of the Phoenix

(Lyrics by Aleister Crowley)

I strike the bell, I light the flame, I utter the mysterious name:


3. When Anti-Humanity Flourishes

When the frozen blood thaws, this paralysis will be the past
A new paramount: the righteous king of void
The counter of creation resets to zero
The population of trees will still thrive on the reclaimed soil-throne
When anti-humanity flourishes, the negative canyon morphs into fierce color
Syrian extermination order
God is to live in the dog
Live in evil

4. Wandering Winter Winds

Hail inevitable will
Hail inevitable solstice
Winter circle, guard of the moon
Tides of ice, shield of the frigid star
Under the cloak of tundra, the temperature plummets
Monochrome visions of the arctic
Season of of silence
Lifeless soil, lion perserveres
Inexorable distance, cold blood sanctuary
Under the cloak...the sound of nothingness
Deafening roars of wandering winter winds
I bid the sun farewell as it flees from the cursed sphere
Numb bones, painless in hibernation

5. Black Heart/Black Lung

The match I threw into the howling wind burned down your whole forest
Stepping on the ashes, reaching for the switch
Internal universe on the verge of extinction
Black lung (admiring the thought of Earth as a burning star)
I am not alive

6. The Aftermath was Morbid

Severed veins, I knew it all along
Sorrow, failure
Return of the icicles
Third equinox and many long days to come
Ugly bullets, scammed by commitment
Forest of Ashes, unleashes the hex
I sharpen my tongue for many long days to come
Burnt flesh, claustrophobic room
Crushed insect, revealing of the turncoat
Five Five's deep in the march to the coffin
Abandonment, death to yesterday
Betrayed, death to retrospect
Blood is nothing but the fluid of heart and hate
This knife you stuck in my back is mine to keep
One day, you'll see it in my hand in your sleep

But it will take a lot more than that to kill me...


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