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In The Red

"In The Red" (2004)

1. Penta(grams)
2. It Is The Never And Forever That You Fear
3. In The Red
4. Possession in Poverty
5. Turning Piss Into Gold
6. Deathothic

1. Penta(grams)

Pentacle vents inside the mansion
Enormous consequences
Loom in the sky
Nomad + Magician = 1 (instead of 2)
Trident Guides Me
Through The Storm
All chaos shall be attributed
to the triple five (HADIT)
Grains of a Gorgons memory,
Who is to care?
Rain brings snow, let us
smoke into the night
annointed by the daughters
of Thelemba
Mastic is burning and I am
but a sun of resistance
Soldier of science, Sorrowed by Silence

2. It Is The Never And Forever That You Fear

beware of the asocial artistry
it is the husk of depravity
behold the circle around me
introduce the parasite to catastrophe
it is the far and near that you never hear
it is the never and forever that you fear
a casual death becomes salvation
a sabbath enveloped by desolation
synchronicity scorching like a red river
between the legs of the scarlet woman
the might of the downcast is growing
inside the silver vessel....
what will be taken is what they have forsaken
what has been given is not what has been living

3. In The Red

I hear flowing lava here in this freezing dawn...
there is a deficiency of mercy
(and) an efficiency of heresy
after all these years
im underneath the fire
this is the molten mourning
just another pyre
in the red glowing...chasing the blinding opal
in the red glowing...smoked out in the pristine chamber
who would dare spit in the face of destruction?
these butchers are just hallucinations
so understand this:
I have no problem stepping on a heart if it pollutes my haven
So let me sleep!
or ill strike down with the hammer on the last nail in the coffin
.....the needle is pinned......

4. Possession in Poverty

inside the winds of the stress drug I trust
inside the winds of the stress electric I trust
inspired by myself and the intoxicated enlightened-self
I dared to cross a few lines to discover the coals
which roast the secrecy...
call me a pagan if that means if it means I am
the crooked stick in your path
I am that bastard..I took that oath
A razor tongue could fuck you till you bleed!
full of lust and a bad attitude...
its all so raw and silver
dont try to cover up the bleeding
you cant disguise a sea
dont accept a "seal" of nothing
listen to the faint musick
A nightmare soul...
sold me a wound...
so I torched the tyrant...
and taught the thief!

5. Turning Piss Into Gold

Feeling like a rusted machine on a virgin planet
Sold my whore to the religious
Bought my horns from america
Vacation from life, distance from self
Vacuum in the blue room
Disasters are my specialty
I never saw a bird fly so fast away....
....too bad my gun was sleeping
Trees are falling down like sleaze on the streets
Hell is where the drugs are (heaven is where the rich are)
In time revelation's will rape understanding
Slivering like the serpent and sinful as the metallic goat
Am I the golden secret? Is silver behind me?
Look at your god run like a coward!
Believe me when I say Id kill you before me
Come to the roasting of the language
Cheers to the end of speech
Burn my filthy dollar, Freedom persuaded with heat
You haven't lived until you've seen a dog in church
and when I sell you a cult you best pay me in drinks
or the box of truth..
You haven't't lived until you've burned a flag on booze!

6. Deathothic

So horrified by the hallowed halls which suck my inners towards
the hellish hatred.
The chasms of struggle, deep down in the valley
of the conquerors frequency.
So I sold my soul to Lucifer, he said to me..
"Act dead and sing my song"
Insert the devil of hope in my weapon,
I aim without discretion.
-reserve the right to vanish
-reserve the right to incinerate
-preserve the fight for lust
-preserve the height for might
No turning back - the deal is done.
The paint is turning black from the sun.
Radiating pain from the dark green,
Life is a virus and earth is the queen.


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