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The Stings of Conscience

"The Stings of Conscience" (2001)

1. My Heart Bleeds No Longer
2. One Step Away
3. Fuel The Fire
4. Only The People
5. Stings of Conscience
6. My Desire
7. Vanishment
8. Shattered By The Sun
9. Monition
10. Stronghold

1. My Heart Bleeds No Longer

Shut out and burned by your lies. Now it is time to make you learn.
You'll learn. My heart bleeds no longer for your pathetic views. My
heart beats on stronger with my own resolution. Bound down for so
goddamn long. I have seen so many follow you. I fell victim to your
clouded ways. It is my intention to end your reign. I know so many who
would want to see your Burn. I aim war at you. I did not give into your
hold. I live again alone. Pass through the sea of ashes kept. My heart
bleeds no longer for your love.

2. One Step Away

One life, one chance, one time. One life to see it all. One shot at
tomorrow. You will never see this time again. A belief that time is
cruelty. Happiness is just one step away. This life will never falter.
Determinated that time will never fall. This way will never fail me. I
will testify. I swear that I can see the light. It's born. It will be
forever. A personal basking thrown. Life can give us. Walk the line,
break the walls. See the things you've never known. Break these walls
with life. One step away

3. Fuel The Fire

Lies. Under the eyes of suspicion. A time and place to cause
destruction. Losing respect from the nations. Our own allies
disapproval. Fuel the fire. Our own fathers shelter lies. Fuel the
fire. Abusive power crushing lives. Fuel the fire. Our innonence
betrayed. Bow to the pressus of ability. Led times of anger to the
grave. Show times of prosper. But who is saved? Under the hand of
damnation. Many have lost faith. Lost all respect from the nations.
Our own allies disapproval. Fire has gone on too long. Shadows are cast
from our rule. Fireh as gone on too long. Shadows are cast - Now end
the lies. Forced on me the casualties. Never will I believe. Kneel
along the protective wrong. Never will I velieve. Never will I believe
in your destructive wrong. These eyes have wandered on. From the
disgusting harm that cause so many to bleed and leave us with
questioning ears. False informing our belief is searer. I'll always
walk on.

4. Only The People

Ban from our homeland. A statute for our rights at hand. A privilege
for our protection. Sliced from our peoples arms. See how long the
fight wages on inside our nations heart. We are better off to fight
ourselves. How long will we see te battering and tragedy? No more. Let
it stop. Let's see how long the fight wages on inside. We are better
off fighting this battle ourselves. How much will we lose before we
fall. Put down your goddamn weapons. We are slaughtering our own sons.
Each side solid. Neither will crumble. Who will lose? Only the people

5. Stings of Conscience

Left you on your own. Your own blood. Your lesson for living. Pointed
yourself in thr wrong direction. Abandoned for your actions. Crucified
for wrong decisions made. Full circle of friends lost. Due to ignorance
and fear. Now left only stranded family to lead you throught your
darkest day. This can't wait anymore for your love. This can't wait
anymore for your Answer why your blood has been betrayed. Answer why
he was left for dead. Now sticken by deaths grip. Only few supporters
stay. A lesson for the black sheep makes his days forever gray. No
boundaries for the love lost. When your gone they all will brag how
much they guided you right up until the very end. Your torturing him
when you walk away. Blood has been betrayed. Don't you close your
eyes. You just let him die. You let him die. Tomorrow comes much
faster than anyone can believe. Your soul is crying anguish. Yhere is
still time to change.

6. My Desire

Build on a loss to injury. Step back from a fallen dream. I stay and
won't go easy. I stay for My Desire. My arm falls and strenght is
fading from my veins. I cling to a dream that once ruled my world.
Been gone for so long without a second thought. I have misled but I
won't let this wreck my world. That I have left without a trace. It
takes all I have to forget. I wanted nothing more than to have my day.
This dream still lives inside of. Hold on to every emotion. Go further
with every step. I asked for with every wish, but now I find it almost
gone. Misguided, another day has come and gone without the truth. But
this will never fade my world. That I have left without a trace. It
takes all I have to forget. I wanted nothing more than to have my day.
This dream still lives inside of me. This will never fade. This dream
will never fade! As each day goes on the chance for my day slips away.
I will not forget my home, my world, my home.

7. Vanishment

Take my hand and come with me. Take a plate full of everything here.
That's more than what you need. All my life. I've given back. Build an
army to set us back on track. You'll see when nothing is here. Then who
will you blame? A sickening growl from our forgotten planet. It's bare
and scarred from all we've taken from it. Then who will you blame?
Now everything must change! All must change! We're all damned. Raped
unfed world... Gone. Change. Save enough for them. There will be
nothing left, but waste. Save enought for them. There will be nothing

8. Shattered By The Sun

Crossed a plain that left behind dark days. Filled a void that I thought could not be replaced. Now gone it seems so out or reach. I have lived. I have felt. It's what we need. Gone. What have I done? Found what I've been looking for. One time I believe my eyes. This
time. This time my instincts controlled me. No need to search on for any more. I feel as one with myself. I look no more. NOw a lifetime
decision. What will the future hold? This time they lied. I felt you
slip away. A feeling under my skin. I tried again and again. I did not
save you this time. Holding on to something that I once believed in.
Will time show me if this was really meant to be. Show me what this
really means to you-fall even though I showed-you-everything that I
stand for. I hate everything without you. Life falls and crumblers in
my hand. Faith is dead. It's something I can't stand. Dreams, hope,
gone. Just a one time thing. Far away are the days that we once shared. I never thought I could change. I would be walking a dead day. You
velieved in me and knew I could change. Came in my life and became my best friend. Now I have been forved away. Unwillingly out on my own. I never wanted to lose this much. You broke a trust that was our own. I
feel shattered by the sun. Now I'm shattered by the sun

9. Monition

As our standards fall. Belief and faith dies. It's made it's mark. Now
we wander into our final our. Wars. Faith. Failing methods fill the
days. Undermine life. Baneful steps that conjure hate. Claiming our
lives. Balance fades with every day. A growing cloud. Simple lessons
show the way. Fall into void. We stopped listening. Followed our nature
. Bound by hatred our lives grow torn. Finding new ways to betray.
Claiming the weak. Boundaries crossed with no remorse. Killing
ourselves. Forcing dogma overthrown. A new standard waits. Credence in
all but one. Our own kind. Are you listening? Now can you feel me? Now
are you listening? Now can you feel me? Take one look at our battered
existence. This persists in unity as every culture burns and segregates
. Wars! Shattered our lives grow torn. Who will save you? Our demise.
Stand up it's time to face your day. Regret is such a bitter taste.
Such a bitter taste. Regret. Such a bitter taste

10. Stronghold

A vital stronhold with a motivation that drives on forward. A path that
is chosen for its golden rewards, yet we're left stranded. I can't
believe that I put my hand forward. Ignite the flame within to see the
signs. I want to see the world. With or without you there I'll continue
on. A broken oath leads to an end. So bitter with cruelty. So dark it
sickens. Insanely tracing all the mistakes. Now serve the time. A path
that was chosen for it's diamond future. Now it's gone. Burnt by my own
selfish lies. You sealed the end with your mind. Come in the darkness
with me. It's where you can set me free. This is what I am. Let me be.
Set me free. This is who I am.


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