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"V12BB4U" (1989 Demo)

1. Overture
2. Victim Of The Night
3. The Runner
4. Badinerie & Mösh
5. Viva Ceausescu
6. Cool Before Drinking
7. Reactor No. 4

1. Overture

2. Victim Of The Night

Thunder tonight, flash from the sky
Begining of the dark, time has come
Black forces creep out from holes and barrows
And demons scream words of damn.

You stay in the middle of the dark magic forest
And see many shadows in the gray
Swamp is before you, swamp is behind you
You have not a chance to escape.

In vein you cry, in vein you shout
Your still call no one can hear
Terrible monster creeps from underground
You feel deadly cold of fear.

The feelers of doom wind round your neck
And squeeze with no mercy
Teeth of the vampir draw hear to your skin
You lost your sense, and you can't see.

No!No!No!No! I don't want to die
Deadly pain will destroy my mind
All the demons are hungry for my soul
Save my soul! Nobody hears my call

Vipers creep up on my trembling legs
Injecting the venom into my veins
The venom flows and paralises me
Now my soul breaks out and I'll be free.


You lay, you die, your sinful soul will fly
Away, away, the warms will gnowyour brain
The smell of flesh attrats the packs of jackals
Your fresh entrails are excellent food for the crows...

3. The Runner

You're running wild across trhe land
You never know, where could you stand
But you know well, that you can't win
You steal an drink your wine and gin.

Waitin' for someone to show you the way
It's time to kill a fuckin' day
Tha harlot profers cunt on the grass
You shall wallow in her dirty mass.

Things look black
You have a wreck
The car won't start
Needs special part.

Darkness around you, you look for the light
You know it's your eternal night
You want to live, and fight in one breath
Running from darkness you run from your death.

You open your eyes, the night was hard
You find yourself right back at the start
Who takes you where you wanna be
You aren't a winner, that you can see.

You make choice
You hear their voice
The road is bleak
You can not stick.

4. Badinerie & Mösh

5. Viva Ceausescu

Tormentor of three generations
He is the black sheep of his nation
He's an experienced professor of lie
Based on the laws of Stalin's gang.
Taking all power in his hands
Living as ruller means life as a parasite
He's who created shamelessly
One party of one family
And showed to all,
He was borned by mistake
Burry him - the people will cry
With joy - the Tyrant has died
And never more can he play with people's fate.

Viva Ceausescu........

Total backwardness, the lines for bread
The sea of lie's all his desert
While the Evil Dwarf wallows in luxtury
Whole nations wait for the death of one
They've had enough of all he's done
And wait for the end of bloody mastery.
Insatiable lust for power
Peudal oppression forever
The robber saws the seeds of poverty
Blood drys on handsof criminal
Can't wash off it with alcohol
Many victims rest on cemetery.

Viva Ceausescu
Suck the nation's blood
Kill,slay,kill, destroy
Once you loose your head
Viva Nicolao
It's crime zhat all you do
Disciple of uncle Mao
Now hell waits for you.

6. Cool Before Drinking

I know one remedy for all disease
It saves my sinful soul from risk to freeze
I'm never tired to drink don't need a rest
A "Flask Russian Vodka" it's the best!

Blood starts to boil inside o'me
I'm waitin' for attack of agony
Fuckin'Russian Vodka cleans my blood
I drive my helicopter lyin' in bed.

Blackout - it's my usual condition
When I loose sixty percent of my vision
I raise again flask with magic potion
And shat on your fuckin' world, have no emotions.

I've sold myself to the spirit of the flask
Drinking the vodka I perform my task
Alcoholism is my only sport
And alcohol is the greatest of my Lord.

The sacred liquid burns my brain
My little sense can not be saved
I will be free from all controll
The ground slips away, si I will fall
I live in the grave of dirty life
Just one mixture helps me survive
I take my flask sent from hell
And read three magic words of spell.


7. Reactor No. 4

Crash of explosion breaks your sleep
Flash blinds your eyes,makes your flesh creep
It's not an earthquake, not the daybreak's light
Envoys of hell tore out tonight

Black mushroom cloud grows on the hill
Slowly draws near to Chernobil
Reaction burns untill the end
Satanic dust poisons the land.

Invisible killers destroy all of your cell
Man falls by attack of invaders from hell.
Hundreds of innocents die with torture
By burns of Reactor of Death No. 4.

Fuckin' Reactor...

Death in the water, detah in the air
Unseen destroyers are everywhere.
Bold heroes fight have no one cry
Cause they were born to die in fire.

I saw many people lost hope to survive
Dark clouds of death hide half of the sky
Total radiation burns them from inside
In their final convulsion they suffer and die.

Fuckin' Reactor....


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