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Rise of the Ancient Kings

"Rise of the Ancient Kings" (2003)

1. Age of Kings
2. Feast of the Revenant
3. War of the Tyrants
4. Apocryphal Murmurs
5. The Warlock
6. Cycle of Epochs
7. At Satan's Behest
8. The Blooded Helm
9. Reign of the Elders
10. Raven

1. Age of Kings

Dark powers of unknown knights
Blood tears in the eye of the prophet
Black quest of unholy priests
Take the crown of the age of Kings
Passing through the forbidden gate
Life-slave to the venomed blade

In the eyes of impatient madness
See the cause, for the Kings must die
To bring life to the ageless desert
In royal blood they will quench their thirst
Summon forth the ungodly fate
Downfall of the ruling state

Into oblivion the end begins
Destroy the eagle with broken wings
Black days of terror that hatred brings
To cease forever this age of Kings

An old realm in the wane of existence
Shall no more see the light of day
In black pitch burn the bodies of shame
The Kings corpses on a funeral pyre
The throne smashed by the will of hate
Downfall of the ruling state

Bleak winds will howl upon the ashen ground
Where kings once reigned in blood are drowned
All through the night the death-bell rings
To cease forever this age of kings

2. Feast of the Revenant

Ungodly flesh shall rise
That bears the Vampyre's curse
To walk the Earth as the seeker
Of mortal's life blood feast

The corpse' decay is a prison
The spirit cannot escape
Let no man deny the hunger
Of blighted risen dead

Rise... Hunt... Kill!
Rise... Hunt... Kill!

A form looms in the darkness
Of one you knew in life
Now returned from the coffin's embrace
Soon shall you know its ways

Rise... Hunt... Kill!
Rise... Hunt... Kill!

3. War of the Tyrants

Another day we are enslaved
Subjugated in chains
Empty eyes cast to apocalypse
A fate we cannot change

The Tyrant's dreams of conquest
Are at our lives' expense
As the bodies burn unnumbered
And still we march to our death

Shall we live until tomorrow?
Or we have already died
Tyrant's will keeps us fighting
Though we are no more alive

4. Apocryphal Murmurs

Strange portents of Doom are aloft in the skies
On black wings of prophecy - Apocryphal murmurs
Upon the smoking ground the spawn of Chaos crawls
Messenger of the Old Ones with bloody claws

Now where can you hide? With your God?
Cannot save you now - all is lost
Look upon the skies - hatred's face
Look upon the earth - laid to waste

The witches hold the key - a prophecy of Belial
Ancient words of apocalypse - the cackling drone rings true
Now the mountain will quake - all with dread in their hearts
The black seed of Denial - a death upon the earth

Now where can you hide? With your God?
Cannot save you now - all is lost
Look upon the skies - hatred's face
Look upon the earth - laid to waste

5. The Warlock

Cast into darkness
Cold eyes of the demon-witch
Unholy magicks
Seek not lest your end be defined

Dark cloak of Evil
Staff raised as the tempest mounts
Brings forth an army
From the dust of the noxious grave

Face the Warlock
You will surely die
With black arts he is master of death
None can defy

Ageless and hateful
Space and time he hath enslaved
Power and madness
The summoner of the elder gods

6. Cycle of Epochs

Ancient Ones walked abroad long before mankind's reign
Did you think you were the only ones to claim the crown of creation
To the old ones the human race, the merest infestation

Gulf of aeons - darkling void; Elder Gods will return
Great kingdoms waxed and waned on pre-cambrian soils
How many cycles come and gone? Even the Earth has forgotten

Cycle of Epochs...

Into mists man will fall as new age dawns for the Earth
A great race hath preceeded all of man's conceited glory
Vast vegetative minds of superior civilization

Your minds, devoured by conceit
Cannot face the Universes great truths
Isolation is a falsehood of an impotent God
Soon shattered by the rise of Ancients

Superminds sleeping now - Ages past may regain
Or from the void of space, across time without limit
There will come to this globe a new superior race

7. At Satan's Behest

A grim parade of sinners, the midnight sabbath brings
Unholy pack of Hades ghouls on bent and bloodstained wings
Upon the cursed altar a body writhes in fear
Behold the wrath of Satan's priest, their darkness ever near

All to ungodly purpose we gather in the wood
This darkling mass of ancient time, the pact is understood
Upon the flames of darkness the graven image cast
A spell is cast upon the weak, our time will come at last

Evil incarnate - tonight we arise
Unholy alliance - with blood in our eyes
The deeds of destruction - the Dark One's request
We stand in defiance - at Satan's Behest

As dawn's pale light approaches, our deeds are at an end
Again we pledge allegiance, that our ways will never bend
Returning to our homes now, let no man ever guess
The crimes we have committed at Lord Satan's dark behest

8. The Blooded Helm

The battle's fought in vain
The souls of slain depart
Upon the corpse-strewn ground
The warrior slowly decays

Dead men lie upon the soil
The glory of the realm
And ever cursed to walk the Earth
Beneath the blooded helm

An army's pride lays crushed
The vanquished and the slain
All mortals turned to dust
Upon the blood-red plain

Dead men lie upon the soil...

All men will turn to dust
And flesh will fall away
In battles fought and lost
No glory for the slain
Forever walk the Earth
The fallen warrior horde
An ageless living death
Will be thy sole reward

9. Reign of the Elders

An ancient wisdom is alive - behind the rictus grin
Of elder kings in slumber - prepared to rise again

Extraction of essential salts - raise what cannot be put down
Long dead but newly alive - through necromantic arts
Upon the leaden skies - portents of hateful prophecy
Upon the elder throne once more - mankind must quake in fear

Benighted depths will now erupt - the coffin's secrets are revealed
The reign of elders is anew - prepare the endless torment
Upon us now this evil descends
A thousand hateful years of pain
A tortured blight revisits the Earth
As Elder Kings reclaim their reign

As Blackened Chaos crawls again
The thousand eyes of arcane desire
Unto the endless centuries of doom
All hope is cast upon the frozen pyre

Despotic chaos is the law - now in this age of barbaric
Black and heartless regal souls - raised again yet incomplete

Into a limitless abyss - is cast the race of man
The Elder Kings upon the throne - Mankind will face the End

10. Raven

Portents of death assail the night
A messenger on bloodstained wings
Three tears I've cried, there are no more
For now I summon arcane vengeance

Dark is your fate
In the eyes of the Raven
Eyes full of hate
Are the eyes of the Raven

The wine has soured over time
The putrefaction of the Angels
Now darkness clouds my every deed
And by Black Magick, O thou shalt die!

A raven wings to you this night
And under shadows of the woods
My hatred's spell shall have its victim
That nevermore I'll be betrayed


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