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Mind Flayers

"Mind Flayers" (2004 Demo)

1. The Calling
2. Mind Flay II
3. Fallen Deva
4. Raged Ice
5. Caesars Of Claw

1. The Calling

So come to us
To our black priests' embraces
Until the snakes
Hypnotize you

So come to us
'Til the mist suck your bloody wounds
And the cobweb will entwine you
Taking the breath...

Always unleash your anger
And it'll explode
With thousand of sparks
Let your fury light up the sky
We'll understand
Where the life lies

And we will devour your soul
Like the ocean which destroyed your land
The desert will cover your white bones
An empty shell

The sand will shrivel your eyes
And it's serpent
Will enter your lungs
But here is a rest and an escape
The sun still scorches your brain

What is the voice
Have you already heard?
The illusion
Or the reality?
All this pictures
What will you become?
What does a fool feel
When he kisses the skull?

Shadows grow
Like long black clothes
The water rises
And the earth thrills
Behold the temple
And hear the sounds
Of gongs and bells
And look at the oil lamps
Hostile and cold eyes
Is getting closer
Blood on the altar
Has covered gold
Where is the weapon
Against the dagger?
Where is the shield
Protects your heart?

2. Mind Flay II

This cursed ways
Inexpressible vision before
Your empty blinded eyes
Trapped without chains
You hear a serpent
Whispering voices in your feverish head

Suddenly stops
A little movement behind
You feel the sweetest odour of death
The umber hulk
Long claws thrust into your arms
Pain and cold increases the chill

And touch on your face
Tantacles penetrating your mouth
Shrill laughter's exploding
Psionic wave turns into sound

I'll devour your being
I'll possess your weak mind
I will suck your wisdom
I will crush your terrified self
And when I open your skull
You'll become a part of me

The mind upon the flesh
The will upon the mind

The dream
You sleep forever
In the cloudlet of blood
For world for will
Of domination and hate
And cold
As the eye of the beholder
With beam
Of the helding marks of death
Now look
Into my fishy eyes and die...

3. Fallen Deva

4. Raged Ice

Final day
Game number 7
When only one get the cup
Last time we'll stand face to face...

Lights turn on
We enter the arena hungry for triumph
You know that
Is why we kill...
... the referee's call...

So let the war begin
Here comes the raged ice
First faceoff is yours
But victory for sure will be not

If you touch our goalie
We can't tolerate it
Next time
You'll be smashed to the ice
And finished with a broken nose

2 minutes
We have a powerplay
My shot is deflected but
Nobody put in the rebound

The puck is lose and I'm
Slashed in offensive zone
Be buried here
C'mon let's end this
In a second period's time

This is hell with pain and blood
Under my blades
And there's third period...

It's just another slapshot saved
And just another in the post
However still the game is tied
And we are going into overtime

With the highest level of anger
With ultimate determination
We begin the sudden death

You are so tired and too slow
I hammer you to the plexi
And grab the puck
At once I'm crossing the red line

I see the open space
Above your goalie's arm
When I have got a breakaway
Only one move to score
And finish this game

5. Caesars Of Claw


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