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"As Darkness Falls" (1996)

1. Luna's Sisters
2. The Night Of Our Flight
3. As Blackness Comes
4. Signal To Noise
5. The Double Headstone
6. I Feel Good
7. Winter Solstice
8. Death Of A Rose

1. Luna's Sisters

A gate to acity of green marble light
never seen so pure elsewhen in life
it was the realm ivory dreamers hope...
and long for,
but the gate seem sealed now forever.

Luna the Goddess dethrone now for ages
a lightless night but the day's burn bright
thousands of eyes burned red by sun's fire
helpless the people like dumb little children.

Endless the number of those edad in their minds
counted the days of bouquetish ideas
in the end they became depressed and went mad
thus their emperors threw away their silky gloves.

Yelling fills the catacombs deep beneath earth's face
mother of all, do return and and free us from this agony
far went the plea, away above the sun and light,
where in darkness Luna's sisters dwell.

Immortal wells of life, creation, balancing forces
gliding to earth in silence,
then revenge the heiress of the night
they opened the mystical gate again and take over the throne,
guarded from now on by the great comet.

2. The Night Of Our Flight

Great fires, happy faces
a boiling cauldron before the eyes
the blood within the veins run hot
a thousand laughts fill the dusk
unaware of the cloak rising
defeated by the mighty flames
while everything lives for the moment
and among all merriment is me.

I dance within the trance of extasy
till I step out of the burning circles
and - for a second dance - the jig
of midnights slowly rhythm
the rains of fire surge towards me
to surround me and bring me back
but still I feel the chillful breath
between the columns of the heat.

And I see the darkness blue and black
the eye of the night opened so wide
i leave the glade
to meet the silent trees.

And somewhere on my way i find you
still warm, your face towards the sky
while silver blackness caresses our cheeks
shapes our upright bodies
there at the brink within the forest
form where we see eachothers way uphigh
until we knw that this is our night
somewhere on my way i found you
it is the night of our flight.

3. As Blackness Comes

In a dream
we quarrel again
don't love each other
our eyes are black like the hell
in a dream
our looks are dead romance
there's no rest
and the night is forever
I lose hold
how long does it take?
I sink into blackness
cold like a dead hell
your silhouette
is a far shore
a million miles
far away from me.

Clumsy and slow
my body falls upon you
the smell of your sweet
is what I love
my face gets wet
and blindness burns in my eyes
only dumb screams
no word comes over your lips
my blunt hands
are like two claws in your shoulders
I hold you
and it is silence
I see black
I eat into the darkness
I'm buried in you
while you disappear.

I stare blind
and see a darkness
so cold and deep
like a frozen sea
I get up
and open the door into the light
I emerge
to breathe the air wich I do not need
In your eyes
I see deep and cold hate
wich breaks out in you
and in the abyss of the night
whenever blackness comes
it is deeper than your eyes
pain is coming
and it is for eternity!

I hold on
like a survior to a shipwreck
I cling to the hope
that swims like driftwood
throughout days and nights
whipped by the beat of
my black and bleeding heart.

4. Signal To Noise

From my armchair I look into the future, see the darkness rising
a tidal wave that takes my thoughts and flood them into the past
on to the shore of puzzled memories, torn and forgotten
now forming just the silhouettes of a pale story I once heard.

A tale about 999's last days in december
when the people of Rome all gathered in the dark and cold
to watch a great clock's hands ending the dial's top
thousands of eyes hypnoticed by the midnight strikes.

But suddenly it stopped right inbetween - and all was silent
some people died in hopeless fear, was this the end of time
as silence burst out into madness, screams and tears
will the Four Horsemen be our fate, or panic rip out minds?

Silently the clock went on, a new millenium born
and silently the night now shows me it's oh so absolute form
but soon comes down scratching the monolith black
as slowly spreads the story's meaning in me as a zodiac sign did.

Sure I will die within few months and with me all I swallowed
yet unlike thousand years ago time will not stop - I will be followed
and though I wish I do not have to go - I'll give you me and my world
to be alive with you as long as you are.It's worth signal to noise.

5. The Double Headstone

So flee this place oh wanderer
as soon as you have read this words

Never were this brothers wich are bruined here
meant to live so soon the earth
the light of nature and of life
of stones and water, night and sun.

Alone, they failed to open their veins
for all the beauty and decay.
Loosing themselves instead within the veils
of darkness and despair.

The older one feared every step
man have to do in life
afraid to hurt himself or other ones
preferred to fall in agony and apathy instead.

His tween got more and more possessed
by dark and deadly creatures
once swallowed breeding and eating from inside
thus he shut all his gates to life.

Him - them , the guardians of the gatehouse
to protect the outside from their inner lives
and so they lie here beneaththe green geass
but never found their peace.

Their unrest grows and so their inner monsters
intil they are strong enough to reach earth's surface
to break theough the ground and become alive
as nightmares in your daydreams.

6. I Feel Good

I awake and it is morning
I breathe and it is wind
I stand up and it is sunrise
I wander and it is clouds moving
I drink and it is rivers flowing
I walk and it is horses racing
I roar and it is thunder
I jump and it is spring
I open my eyes and it is summer
I lay down and it is fall
I kiss the earth and it is winter
but what is my mind for?

7. Winter Solstice

Within the misty late year's forest
In times when slouds and trees stand empty
Nine thousand wolves are gathered in the snow
To raise a long and greyish howl.

Ebony black the earth went into the night
Re-awoken, covered now in silver white
Softly veiled by sparking moisture
Out of the wolwes ' throats up to the sky.

Lap of sunrise sweated by birth pains
its child - a cold red fireball
Sharp silhouettes of old and tired eyes
Their cradle stuffed with leaves and fog.

Impossible to march the shortest way today
Come forth tied up all in wolwes' breath
Early , therefore , the evening approaches
it is the time of Winter Soltice.

8. Death Of A Rose

A grey December day in the cemetary
he is standing at her gravestone
and he is reading the golden epitaph
lost in rememberance...once more.

Her beauty was a flower in bloom
the nicest thing in his life
her face was the most wonderful creation
that a man could think of.

Her presence make him happy
every touch a caress
her voice made him feel so whole
every word a harmony.

Her life put to a sudden end
how can he go on
with her love taken from him
he is shattered.

Happiness has disappeared
whats left is pain and grief
the rose is dead and withered
but the thorns forever grow.

Your presence made me happy
every touch like a last caress
your voice made me feel so whole
every word a harmony.

Your life put to a sudden end
how can I go on
with your love taken from me
I am shattered.

Happiness has disappeared
whats left is pain and grief
the rose is dead and withered
but the thorns forever grow.
I breathe your rememberance
I feel your external love in me.


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