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Saturnism Unfolds

"Saturnism Unfolds" (2005 EP)

1. 30 Minutes to Apocalypse
2. At The Edge Of The World
3. Andreia
4. Alecto - Megæra - Tisiphone

1. 30 Minutes to Apocalypse

2. At The Edge Of The World

Thorns in damage cried through the eternity.
It finished before your life, stealing the light and rays of sun.
Deadly tears of life. Ending everyday.
Deadly night embracing my existence.
Death appearing as a metaphor.

The whole world confining equality,
but for the eyes of our human kind it's only a dream source.
Sources breaking my dreams, maybe this time I'll fall away.

...I'll fall away...

Staring at routine's sculpture, made by the cold hand of the creator.
I promised this is the end.
And I swear by science you won't exist anymore.
Intuition... is confusion.

Turn off this... Turn off this daylight

My dreams come true, the opposite of all realities.
Realities of death, realities of suffering.
Realities of dawn.

Metaphors close to me. And I'm facing death.
Close to me, and I'm facing death.

Turn off this daylight (lies enlighting my hate).

3. Andreia

Take your place and enforce your body,
Fill your mind around the wisdom,
Steal a piece of human being,
Music is where all begins.

And I use everything,
Against you, against it, or against nothing!,
I won't kiss your hand,
My knees will stay up,

My soul belongs to me,
And I will choose my lie.

Stay away from heaven (are lies),
(and) stay away from hell (are lies),
Take off this veil!

He welds your chains!,
Think it by yourself!,
Read what others gave to this kingdom,

Listen some skins,
Use that wisdom against their lives,
Defend yourself,
But never deal with the king.

4. Alecto - Megæra - Tisiphone

You have killed everyone I loved,
You have burnt everything I built,
You have destroyed everything I had...
But now you'll pay… for it.

You will be my new creation!
Let's see! (the paingate leads your dreams)
Dusted by my hate?
Erinyes are helping me!

Wrath is the text of my mind,
Eris has another apple for me,
You must read the golden one,
And let your body fall on the snow.

Tears were made for being covered with dust,
Pure as gOD's hand. Self-mercy. Sickness.
The paingate guides your mind!
Your ill mind… to those frontiers of the damned!

A guardian is waiting for your arrival,
Firstly closes, and then he swallows the key.

Finally, the only way is…

Finally, the only way is…!
A starving existence! Full of desires!
Which turn into ashes!
And cried in pain: DESTROYER!


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