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"DELetio" (2002)

1. Liquid Air
2. Brain Damage
3. Cynical Comprehension
4. Absurd Philosophy
5. Abruption
6. Hopeless
7. Life The Other Way Round
8. The Evolution Is Completed
9. Disconnection
10. Unknown

1. Liquid Air

2. Brain Damage

The Consciousness
Passes In Other Measurement
Of Understanding.
With A Gnash The Intelligent
Rules Are Transformed.
The Lost Fear And Abundance
Of Astable Feelings Are Steeped
In The Environment Of Indifference.
The Eyes, Already For A Long Time,
Are Blinded By Blood,
But The Visualization Of Ideas
Still Continues
To Realize Images.
Absolute Negative
Turns Depth Of Space.
The Life Caged In A Skull
Does Not Keep A Range Of Reason,
But The Fury Does Not
Find The Exit Outside.
Ahead - Infinite Way Of Knowledge.
Art Of Deprivation Of Sense.
The Emptiness Filled With
Non-Material Information
And Absence Of Yourself.
Having No Limits,
Volumetric In Space And Time
Is The Matrix,
Which Elements' Sum
Is Equal To Zero.
Simple Structure Of The Formula
Of Transition From Life To Death.
Unconstructive Education
Of A Being Leads Its Search
To An Impasse And Destroys
All Chances To Find The Truth.
The Body Has Stopped
To Transmit Signals,
Instead Down Fall Continuously
Amplifying Flows Of Pain.
The Instinct Of Self-Preservation
Forces Certain Parts
Of Brain To Continue
Struggle For Existence,
But The Collapsing Reason
Calls For Extinction.
Life Becomes Inanimate.
Dream, The Latest Dream.
Chaotic Genesis And Splitting
Of Ideas Got Different Frequency Levels...
The Disappearance
Is Perceived As A Destruction
And Deleting Of All That's Around.
Blackness And Silence...

3. Cynical Comprehension

Any Condition Is Inconstant.
Being Top Of Natural Development,
The Man Can Find A Disharmony.
The Evolution Is Not
Lead Up Yet To The End.
The System Of Thinking
Is On A Low Level.
The Genetic Backwardness Has An
Effect For Recourse Of All Kind.
The Ratio Of Self-Preservation
And Immunity Is Increased.
The Abstract Purposes Of Mankind
Prove Its Inconsistency.
The Mistakes Can Not Be Corrected,
It Is Possible Only To Alter Anew.
The Essence Can Not Be Maximum Among
Reasonable, While It Does
Not Supervise Subconsciousness.
Linear Perception Of Space
Length Of Existence Of One Human Life
Destruction All To Itself In The Boon
Instincts And The Subconscious
Fear Of Death Is A Man
By Forgetting About Life Cycle
Nothing Leaving After Ourselves
Except For Ourselves Similar
We Go Forward On A String
Which Can Break At Any Moment
For Achievement By One To Us
Of The Known Purpose.
It Is Necessary To Reflect
What For This All? The Cruelty Has Become That Thing,
About Which Anybody Does Not Speak
For Kindness Call Only Weak
The Man Searches For Rescue In The Other Way
The Relativity Has Achieved A Critical Level
From What Party Of Humiliation You Want To Appear
Knock Down Everyone Around Of You
And Then You Could Not Be Destroyed
Myth About Transformation Of Energy
Exist Only While The Brain Is Alive
Physical Death It And Spiritual Death Too
Behind It Only Emptiness
The Universe For Others
Other World, Other Life, Other Reality
Pseudo-Space Reconstructed
By The Sick Imagination
The Civilization, Which Has Some Times
Repeated The Life Cycle.
Questions Stayed Without The Answers
The Latent Truth?

The Insufficiency Of The Person
Results In The Internal Conflict.
In A Society It Accumulates
And Amplifies Many Times Over.
Everyone Feels Narrowness
And Lack Of Freedom.
You Have Not That It Is Necessary.
It Is A Suffocation,
The Feeling Which Arises At You.
Find Other Method Of Existence,
Differently All Of Us Shall Choke,
We Suffocate Each Other.

The Present Day Is Our Reality
Only Tangible Is A Validity
Environmental Us
Inability To Learn True Of Life Is Our Destiny
Uselessness Of Time, Space, Matter
Uselessness Of Universe, Reason
Uselessness Of Life And Death
To Have Under-Space
Is A Sole Way To Survive
To Play In This Infinite History
Other Choice Does Not Exist
In The Not Realized Desert Of Eternity
Life And The Death Is Only Empty Games.
But The True Exists...

4. Absurd Philosophy

Myriad Of Realities Simplified To One
Drain The Deeps Of Perception.
Possibilities Brought To Naught
Make You Dig A Run,
For You Are No Exception.

Absurd Philosophy
Of Finite Subsistence
Engender Violence.
Stubborn Insistence
To Become A Victim
And Then Go Hence.
They Call It Common Sense.

Violence Caused By Incertitude
In Tomorrows.
I Keep Silence And Feel Solitude
In The Glare Of Humanity Afternoon.
What Would They've Done,
If The Man Of Sorrows
Went For The Honeymoon?

I Stay Shivering
In The Daylight
In The Clangour Of A Metropolis
And See The Twilight
Of Holies.

5. Abruption

Discreteness Of Thought
Splits The Stream Of Data.
Simulation Of Perception
Consists Of Multilevel Specification.

It's Impossible To Define
All The Interdependencies
Between The
Scattered Components.
But The Samples
Of The Information
Analysis Abrupt
Weird Elements.
The Conception
Of Incompetence.

Virtual Substance Of Life.

6. Hopeless

How Do You Take
All Things That Happen Around.
The Way You See Them Or
How Imagination Tells You.
And What Is The Main
Your Fear Or Your Brain.
Fear. Moments Of Life
Run Through Your Head.
Scream. Dead Or Alive
Time Is Driving You Mad.

I Was Like You. Maybe I Had Dreams.
But If I'd Known What Could've Happened,
I Guess I'd Changed My Life.

Objects Feel The World
Not The Way It Exists,
But The Way They Can Feel.

The Process Of Perception
Is Just A Brick In The Walls Of The World.

Death Is Just A Soil For Life.
Lifesprings Come From The Fear Of Death.

In Spite Of Your Life Positions
You Disguise Your Personality,
That Hides Somewhere Deep In You.
That Is The True "Me",
That You Try To Reject.

7. Life The Other Way Round

Again You Have Analyzed Your Environment.
A Lot Of New Remains Unchanged.
Future Can't Be Seen Through The Mist Of Fantasy.
Stop And Look Back.
Weariness Spread It's Roots In Your Body.
And You Need New Impressions For The Awakening,
Step By Step, Again And Again,
As If The Sense Of Life Is In The Quest. All Are Similar,
Your Are Not The Unique One.
Keep Silence And Slowly Die.
Nobody Will Find You.
Your Only Friend Is A Shadow Of Sense.

Turning Your Recollections Inside Out
Convulsively You Burst Out Laughing.
And It Turns To Hysterics.
You Don't Care Anymore.

Your Feelings Collapse With Tears Of Stone.
You've Got One Only Question Now -
What To Cut First?
Soul And Body Has Been Divided Into Two Halves Of Brain.

Again You Have Analyzed Your Environment.
A Lot Of New Remained Unchanged.
Future Can't Be Seen Through The Haze Of Fantasy.
Stop And Look Forward.

8. The Evolution Is Completed

The Vital Activity
Relentlessly Reduces.
The Results Of Development
Are Not Already Important.
The Disintegration Begins.
Time Went Back
With Unmental Speed.
The Explosion Of A Certain Energy
That Brought The Worlds Into Formation
Is Finished.
Utopia Is Now Reality.
There Are No More Chances To Exist.
Many Million Years Of Germination
Only For A Moment Of Disappearance.
Utter Annihilation.
All That's Alive Tears To Parts,
And Turns To Infernal Plasma Substance.
Blood, Flesh, Ground Are Undivided Now.
The Reason Has Left Internal
Borders Of Entity.
It Is Impossible To Turn Time Back.
The Galaxies Have Mixed Up In A Wild Dance.
It Is A Polymorphic Engineering.
Now It Is Impossible To Leave This Psychosis.
The Molecular Chains Are Broken Off.
Pieces Of Ideas And Phrases
In Chaos Of Absolute Death.

All Around Is Being Filled With The Ecstasy
Of Reality's Termination.
Here It Is - The End Of Wars And Religions.
On The Verge Of Delirium,
All That Had No Sense
Is Overestimated.
Life Is A Quantum In
The Abyss Of Infinity.
All Kinds Of Energy
Are Accumulated In One.
Now It Regenerates
Into A New Universe.
The Man Is Not
A "King Of Nature" Any More.
These Concepts Have Lost Any Sense.
Absolute Domination
Is Seized By Element.
And All Will Disappear In Anywhere...
And All Will Disappear In Nowhere...

9. Disconnection

Grey Is The Day
The Day I Tried To Live.
My Chromatic World Is Now Pale.
I Can't Breath.
I Have Failed Your Eyes Beneath.

Cruel Is The World
That Gave Rise To My Dreams,
My Loss,
My Wins,
Courage And Frustration.
Once I've Seen The Light,
Once The Brake Won't Bite.


There's A Certain Sense In Dying.
Nothing Disappears.
The Energy Transforms.
There's A Certain Sense In Smiling.
When My Death Comes.

10. Unknown


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