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Night of the Damnation

"Night of the Damnation" (1999 Demo)

1. Uncreation's Dawn
2. Night of Damnation
3. Hammer of Death

1. Uncreation's Dawn

When of the angelic hymns from heavens
turn into screams of torment and fear

When the son of god is nailed again

He shall come forth

He shall rise from the kingdom of
eternal blasphemy down below

Pure demonic unholyness

Mockery of all God´s creations
Blasphemy made flesh

The way into the kingdom beyond god´s grace
Spawn of primal darkness

By his hands shall the feeble thrones
of the holy become crushed

Lusting for death and the
doom of god´s race

Dreams of heaven are made dust
as Uncreation dawns...

2. Night of Damnation

By The black storm of impiety
The demons ride from Hell

Coming Forth to deal death,
To desecrate and slaughter

Beasts of the night howl in the night
And they thirst for christian blood

Darkness spreads it´s wings
and the fate of the earth is sealed...

In the Night Of The Damnation
Christian Blood will flow on the altars of stone

In The Night Of The Damnation
Satan will have his vengeance

The smell of blood carried by the nightwind
summons the ones who hate the living

The world trembles before the might of the
demon hordes

3. Hammer of Death

Flames of damnation
Rise above heaven

Angels suffocated
by black mists from the pits

Fear and grief surround the paradise
like clouds of death

And the ones for whom the wine of salvation is poison
will feast upon the blood of angels as infernal might reigns

Storm of hatred and destruction prevails

Temples of light become temples of death
Houses of god become castles of pain

Blessing of death the belivers shall receive

A spear through the heart of your loving god
Hammer of death in the face of the christ

Become hammer of death


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