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Biosphere III

"Biosphere III" (1997)

1. Angel Sadness (Intro)
2. In Blood
3. Finsternis
4. Rising Blackhearts / Crystal Coffin
5. The Journey of a Black Nightingale
6. Liberty
7. Elysian Fields

1. Angel Sadness (Intro)

2. In Blood

Now his life occurred to him
but he wasn´t able to see why,
why this human being, called Onon,
bothered himself with all these things, that he had dealt with

A sculpture of frozen red, the apostate of death
the ruler of Vinterland he is, his time is at hand
the arctic blood in his heart has turned to stone
in blood forever he´ll reign

"Obviously he had no idea what really mattered
he didn´t know it the way I know
an error is not possible anymore
Now I know it"

He raised the gun in his hands
and raised his eyes to the sky
And then he didn´t hear see and feel
anything of this earthly world

3. Finsternis

Ein langer Weg auf schwarzem Grund
Entgegen steht ein düster Verbund
Sich Gemeinschaft der Verruchten nennt
Abgrund tief, zu wem er sich bekennt

Finsternis ...
Licht der Macht
Finsternis ...
Ein Schattenheer
Finsternis ...
Über dem Leben wacht
Finsternis ...
Ein schwarzes Meer

Der Himmel erfüllt durch Abendrot
Hörig der sinnlosen Mächte Gebot
Aus Feuer speiend verbotene Glut
Augen gebannt der verdorbenen Brut

Zehn Tote in einer Feuernacht
Sieben zum Leben wiedererwacht
Zu rächen den Tod, der sie ereilt
Die tiefe Kränkung, die nie verheilt

4. Rising Blackhearts / Crystal Coffin

"The eyes are the windows of our soul"

Wintershadows of the past
illusions of a dying world
ceremonial hymns of the seven winds
like viking-tales descripe

Toxic rnoonfog, Throne of Ice
ridin' through the valley of emptiness
destruction sounds and raven claws
rising Blackhearts awake !

Twilight stars, seasons of frost
me and rny witch - cemetary wedding
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
rest in peace in the cradle of Death
Medieval crusade of the norse hordes
undead souls of blackwinged angels
bestial torture and inhuman pain mystic storrns will rise

The Crystal Coffin covered in blood
the blood of Mother Earth
ancient lands of untamed flames
don´t enthrone the king of immortality
Prayer of the seven deadly sins
awake the creatures from their sleep of death
the wind told me, the frozen ages come
the huge fire rises!

5. The Journey of a Black Nightingale

The Abyss the Moon and the bloodred sky
Lakes of black Water, tears of a nordie witch
Dark Tales , Wizard and undead light
Voices of fear beyond the holy woods
You see from high above the ,,Temple of truth"
And the guardians of doom
Blinded by the diamonds of the demonthrone

Pinse vi ar guds godhet (gequält durch die Güte Gottes)

Spread your wings and fly
Above the rotten world and i deny

During the seventh fullmoon in the ,,LAND OF FROST"
Holocaust storms , occult dreams
Frozen winds the infrnity of dead trees
And your female messiah called Talioth

En aapning i skogan hvor solen skinner
Ifort svarte kler ut fra morke
(eine Lichtung im Walde wo die Sonne scheint im schwarzen Gewand aus Dunkelheit )

Hear the frantic words of Talioth:

Vi doede ikke vi har aldre levd (wir sind nicht gestorben wir haben Nie gelebt)

6. Liberty

Touching the water in the canal
seeing the mist arising
a sea-gull is crying far away
I look into the direction af the ocean

Suddenly I found myself
on a ship and floating
ahead to the gulf where the sea should beginn

After some miles on my new home
I came to an opening
where I could see the wide open blue
a dream was coming true

The first waves were ariving to the boat
The welcome af liberty
a cool brise was blowing through my hair
this was the beginning of the trip

Always sailing to the south
a strong energy was pulling me somewhere
to a place I did not know
the wind was blowing stronger

Following only the sun
on the horizont still far away
land was apearing as a little spot
I knew this was the end of the journey

It wasn´t fear but happiness and hope
that made me change the direction
towards the nearer coming place
I was looking farward to

The sand that touched the boat
was white and soft as flower
the island was the paradise
I´ve ever been dreaming of

7. Elysian Fields


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