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In Blood We Stand

"In Blood We Stand" (2007 EP)

1. In Blood We Stand
2. Taste On My Lips
3. Weapon Of Dislike
4. Knife
5. Soundtrack Of My Life
6. Grapes Of Wrath

1. In Blood We Stand

in blood we stand
for this life ready to fall apart
scars in our hands but no regrets
for this painful path

what is this life for
we pursue self-destruction
dishonor souls for satisfaction
see the old man die
long before he reached his aim of life
paralyzed by the

searchin for escape
by slashin veins in humbleness
addicted to pain
see the young girl cry for this age
itís too much wasted time
tearful eyes the result of years of mental crime

for all the time weíre here weíre tryiní to deny our fate
no matter what we do in blood we stand thereís no escape

(final refrain)
we waste this life
by our hands
on our journey to death
bloodshed is left the soul is used
take this final breath

2. Taste On My Lips

dead eyes they will never see
cold flesh it will never feel
a silent heart it will never beat
bloody kiss i even smell the taste on my lips

the voices in my head
whisper tales of dead
the demon deep inside
wakes up to guide my mind

you little whore canít hide
youíre now forever mine
bloody beauty sweet
in your eternal sleep

3. Weapon Of Dislike

whispering words crawl inside my ear
scream of war is all i hear
whispering words crawl inside my ear
scream of war is all i hear

they try to take it all away from me
the endless suffering endless suffering
but i canít stand the fight next to my ground
itís always hammering always hammering

i am scared of the tool that they use
what a brutality a brutality
i wonít be part of the war machine
with no humanity no humanity

theyíre not allowed to kill my strike
about the weapon i dislike
they try to reach me
with a blood stained hand

4. Knife

you are the knife in my heart
no warming flame juts cold as ice
you are the sword in my back
still a flashing light but it hurts my eyes

remember all the time
when i was by your side
iím still waiting for you
or am i waiting for nothing
look at my face say it to me
am i supposed to bleed

remember all those words
that i cried out to you
i still hear them in my ear
suddenly yelling from somewhere
what have i done youíre so gone

why is it so cold when i touch you
a cold haze that seems to rise
into all of my bones
iím freezing in front of you
is there nothing left to do
canít accept that when youíre around
iím feeling all alone

5. Soundtrack Of My Life

and i hear this song
that reminds me of the past
the things that i have gone for
and the time went by so fast
this song of my life gone through...
went by so fast...

this could be the soundtrack of my life
every single melody

there are moments in my life
that i can not describe
those unforgetable seconds
driven by this special vibe

surrounded by melodies
every tone a memory
nothing remains to be said
everything is silent apparently

6. Grapes Of Wrath


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