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Say Uncle

"Say Uncle" (1988)

1. Weirdo Man
2. The Ugly Dude
3. Judgement Day
4. Micro Logic
5. Contaminated
6. Up From Beneath
7. Executioner
8. The Prophecy
9. Say Uncle
10. Immolation
11. Eve of the End
12. Come Alive

1. Weirdo Man

Psycho ward
Is your home
You're so weird
You're so dumb
Momma's boy
Daddy's disgrace
Snivelling wimp
Psycho face

You're so week
You're a geek
You're a creep
Stupid freak

You got a psycho face
You are a psycho case
You got a real weird plan
You are the weirdo man


2. The Ugly Dude

He was conceived just like the rest of us
But when it came down to birth
He had a face like a butt
And his parents thew up
He went to school and the kids were so cruel
They all would torture and tease
And point and laugh at the freak
Kick the ass of the geek
And as he grew so did the hatred inside
The time for action was now
The next one laughing would die

The next laughing was a beautiful girl
The would be victim of an ugly crime
The bitch did die

The blade was ripping, hacking, thrashing
Tearing flesh and bleeding nicely
Ugliness was in the air
Along with screams of pleasure and of pain
People ran to see the sound
Astonished at the sight they'd found
The ugly man was laying down
With fingers hanging from his mouth he laughed

Take a look at me now
I ain't so funny no more
It ain't no fun to be the ugly dude

3. Judgement Day

Here it comes there's no escape my time for life is through
Nothing that I testify can be construed as truth
Uncle's had his eye on me he's seen things I've done
There is nowhere left to hide there is no place left to run

I'm out of time
I'm out of life
I'm just a fool

Certain fear rips through my mind denial fills my voice
Stripped down found out no eternal choice
Quarantined within myself to analyze my life
Entity that cannot be dismemberance of the mind


Dust to dust ash to ash bury me in shame
Use the night so no one sees keep secret day by day
Act as if I never was erase me from this earth
Fear life fear death keep fear with each new birth

It's time to pay
X-ray the brain

4. Micro Logic

You say there's impracticality in our adult society
A frozen futuristic, optimistic, illogistic dream
Leave it to invention to create a war prevention
Method using boms to right wrongs
Relieving all the tensions
Always waiting contemplating watching all the people racing
Through their lives I've seen all types
Don't think they're worth replacing
Up and Down the avenues they're always leaving little clues
To indicate stupidity evaporate humanity
Hey Braindead let's pull the switch for fun

Ditching school just playing it cool
Got plenty of rocket fuel to burn
Like dynamite right out of sight
2010 is doing me right
Blasting past the speed of light
Our scanning space to find a light
This dream is better than any high
That's passed on through my mind
I find the key to all time and space
I blast into depths of outer space
I find the answer to eternal life
I seed myself then all space is mine

Microchips and acid trips are learning tools
For yearning fools
To complicate incinerate a mind that's not worth saving
BEWARE Harsh reality
BEWARE Darkest destiny

5. Contaminated

I'm trapped now for sure
I've been told there's no cure
Once it seeps in your brain
It will drive you insane


Tearing up my common sense
Testing my intelligence
Digging in and digging deep
The fucking thing won't let me sleep

It's guiding my thoughts
Tearing me all apart
Is this knowledge I seek
Devouring me

6. Up From Beneath

Up from beneath from the darkness of hell
It's been risen to reign once again
It's torture it's pain and it drives men insane
Watch the best be unleashed on the world
Who called this evil to come from its chamber
To punish the world and its ways
Who ordered killing and why are men willing
To kill 'till they're tossed in their graves

World in despair
Death everywhere
Kill or be killed is God's new golden rule

Children seek cover and scream bloody murder
As bombs level homes where they slept
Tears sprinkle fear on their hands and it is clearly
The blood of pets they once kept
It's not my ambition to preach this condition
But someone must open your eyes
Wars just a game it's a poor fucking shame
That good God fearing men now must die

Sweeping the face of the world as we know it
All nature falls victim to man
Leveling mountains and poisoning waters
In the name of our peace soldiers stand

7. Executioner

He was a beaten child
Planning all his life to fill his one desire
So hurt he prayed to die
Feeling hurt and battered but afraid to cry

Fear the executioner
His blood runs cold
Vigilante on the streets
Feeding on the city heat

In life revenge is sweet
That's the law he lived by it was his greatest need
He had to burn the cross
And sum up all his evils giving life to his cause

On the prowl
His vengeance increased with every breath
Seeking them out
His gun is the judge the sentence death

He died a violent death
The kids out on the street just did away with his head
The rest was burnt to a crisp
The gruesome executioner was a fitting end

They killed the executioner
His blood ran red
Now every night they walk in fear
And every night they fear the dead

8. The Prophecy

I am the hate that's trekking through your mind
I am the cause of all your evils
You are my tools my everlasting fools
I'll use your lives to keep me creeping

I mix reality with thoughtwaves of the prophecy
This is the truth this hell is what was meant to be

I think you'll learn THE PROPHECY
I think you'll live THE PROPHECY
I think you'll hate THE PROPHECY
I know you're dead

I mix reality with thoughtwaves of the prophecyThis is the truth life's coldest harsh reality
The prediction is true they're coming for you
Erectons that shoot through your brain
So live while you can you'll melt where you stand
Your last breath in life will be pain

Mountains to climb but there still might be time
To resurrect all of the wrongs
Dismantle their lives dismantle their minds
Dismantling all of their bombs

9. Say Uncle

You fought me but fair just isn't scene
Now I'm going to fire on your face until it bleeds
PINNED DOWN Squirming like a snake
There is no chance of breaking free
And when your face is done I'll do your mind
Strip you of your worth and pride
SLOW DEATH crying deep inside
When this fight is done your screams will penetratethe night and you'll....

Say uncle or die

Ripping apart your face was quite a treat
It fed the fiend inside of me
The only way to make this thing complete
Is to hear you beg for mercy
Just to hear you begging me
YOU LOSE Now you have to speak
Clear and loud so all can hear
SLOW DEATH Crying deep inside
This fight is now completed
You're defeated and you had to...

Say uncle or die

SAY UNCLE If you want to live
SAY UNCLE If you've had enough
SAY UNCLE If you're giving up

10. Immolation

It's your life your suicide you've got beliefs
And baby maybe you can change the world
One time that's all it takes to spark the flame
Or lodge the bullit deep inside your brain
It's death by immolation

One life just don't mean shit what makes you think
That you can change the course of world events
Blood caraze the front page political evaluation
Of the sacrifice

It's death by immolation for all the world to see
Are you insane were you afraid
Or did you speak with God and get the key to heaven's gate

Burnt the flesh the smell of death we saw the
Burned up body bag of blood upon the screen
We liked wall laughed the sacrificial suicide
was in the mind

You fought losing the fight and how you bear the burden
of your wall within your soul
No fun you're the one you play the martyr
and the king of martyrs you've become

Dead sleep the next week
The world forgot about the no sense stupid suicide
The wife of the dead
Is keeping live and getting physical in someone's bed
So much for immolation

11. Eve of the End

The air is still like Christmas eve
There's not a soul on the strees
All eyes have turned upon the stars
A prayer is held with each new hour
They kneel in fear

The children lay and weep
With every tear a moment passed
Too soon this earth shall come to pass
And all shall die including you
There's no excusing you
No escaping termination
You start to sweat and shake
Your hearts a rapid attack
You visualize annihilation

No time to right the wrongs
Wake up it's time do die

This night is black this night is calm
This world's awaiting dawn
The switch is thrown the rockets launched
The world has peace the world is gone

12. Come Alive

Heavy weather at the show tonight
The band will blast like dynamite
Violence sizzling in the crowd
Banging heads and getting loud

COME ALIVE Hit the pit tonight
You are an angry man thrash and slam
COME ALIVE Hit the pit tonight
The game's begun let's have some fun

You are a product of your mental stress
Your life is one big fucked up mess
Switch into your violent deadly mode
Let the fires blaze within your soul


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