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Demo #1

"Demo #1" (1996 Demo)

1. Emotional Impalement
2. How You Died
3. Two Faced Murders

1. Emotional Impalement

Swirling thoughts of murder, violence is my friend
Death is in the air. Is anyone even there?
Left full of emptiness, lost in the darkness
Searching for truth, finding only lies
Lost with these eyes, it is a killing in disguise
Laughing as I cry, laughing as I die
Blinded by these lies, living in demise
Awoken by reality
To my own, emotional impalement
aging from the inside out, thrashing all about
Merciful hatred - No mercy here
I'm filling you with pain
Trapping you in a world of despair
As you learn the hard way
What goes around comes around

2. How You Died

Lacking in respect, violating my space
Stripping me of my pride, destroying my world
Fighting back is unexpectable
Installing fear in your victim
Watching and laughing, as I suffered
You betrayed my trust
Left me hanging on a prayer
Hanging on doubts and insecurities,
doubts, and lies
Lies in deceiving ways
Beaten, battered, bruised, and stomped
Brutal crucifixion of you and all your contradictions
Humiliation, misery, and pain, this is what you feel
As you die in vain, you're losing it
You're going insane, the blade penetrates
Your skin and veins
The blood rushes to the surface
Adrenaline surge, body twitches
Lips turn blue
You're dying - You're dying
Lying in its blood is your lifeless corpse
You're dead - You're dead
You're fucking dead

3. Two Faced Murders


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