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Monolith from beyond

"Monolith from beyond" (2002 EP)

1. Monolith From Beyond
2. Storm of Oblivion
3. Hunt Down
4. I Am The Black Scorpion

1. Monolith From Beyond

Alien conquers away from the light
we have no knowledge that they don't know
control the stars above the sky / they builded the past
and they know all about our future

Our hands!, our faces! that's how they came with us and live
we have to live with them the rest of our lifes why?
the eternal domination

They've placed a monolith to protect us all
we were stupid we burn every cell
we are damned to death / they have placed a warning
the only thing that they did / was giving us this gift

Ahh! our race was a genetic experiment we did not know
no god involved in life as we know it
fucked all the lies in god

A moment in space / a moment in time
the answer of life was behind the stars
A cosmic order bring from other galaxy
a new life with the spikes of judgement day

Why, can't i be? in another dimension away and live
the rest of them another experiment of life
the eternal domination

2. Storm of Oblivion

Storm devoid of the rupture
Infernal winds are coming
the sky feeds with your terror
the rain has turned into venom

I've never fear of the darkness
i am with the damned
i travel with the wolves
i am fed with blood

when the wind arise - open the door let in the torment
i must live with blood - open the door into the storm
there's no god involved - kill all the fear inside you
prepare for mayhem - now you are unblessed

Oblivion is where i became
My throne in winter fulfil with sorrow
there's no redemption for you my warrior
the storm is leading my hate for you
the storm is waiting until i'm gone
the scorn lays inside you / you feel intoxicated

I have become one with the storm / within the snow you can´t die
i feel new senses in my mind / you are learning from the wolves
I'm afraid but no alone / that is the oath
i used to think i was doom / i feel intoxicated

3. Hunt Down

I face my demons with eyes of blood
Unholy creature you're now in the dark
This is my realm prepare to die
Cause i will haunt you the rest of your life
And now you're runing don't try to escape

To fight is useless i'm full of hate
This is the end of you now I´ll be pleased
Revenge is near i can smell your fear.
When you past away, after all this years i'll have my revenge
Among the flames the demons will dance
This is the grave where i'll buried you alive
I want' to squeeze every drop of your life
Your cold pale body now lays in the dark
For all i've suffer now you have to die
Your god has failed you is not the first time

The hunter is now prepared, the futil prey is now dead!.
He has no fear in the unknown, for he has lived all his life by his own
I'm the hunter and i'll hunt you down, i'm devoted to kill!.
No one to help you in this hole alone
I'm the raven that screams in the night, i'm a server of hell!.
The flame of darkness is lighting his path
I'm the hunter and i'll hunto you down, you are about to fall in the edge.
No one to help you are always alone [an dead]

"I am the one that craves for human life with rage
Run if you want, be warned, no ne has escape from me
My ally's are death and hell, power's combined for me
Bothing wil kill the beast that lays inside of me!"

4. I Am The Black Scorpion

When the moon goes out in the night
I release myself from this grave
This is my home now
A place you'll never see alive or dead!.

So now i stand in this land
My right to kill your kind has begun
I don't care if you were my friend
I'll brake the chains of life to be fed.

I am the one that seeks
Darkness and disppear in your eyes
I'm the blackest soul , i have no need of god
I'm the black scorpion!.

I'm the source of hate
The seed that poison life for years and years.
My name is unpronounced cause
My sting will bring you fear and disease.


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