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Chaos Engineering Works

"Chaos Engineering Works" (2004)

1. Face Of Agression
2. Bloodthirst
3. Fractured
4. Time Watcher
5. Suffer From Disbelieve
6. Lost Civilisation
7. Unauthorized
8. Point Of No Return
9. Uncovered
10. The Walls Around Me
11. Chaos Engineering Works
12. Thin The Herd

1. Face Of Agression

Altered into death….
All fears combined for the final torture
The pain will conquer all obedience
Bloodlust will drives the urge
To molest life of others
Inflict the agony deep within the soul.

Raise above the victim to make him scream
Of fear and pain when the blade cuts the flesh

The blood gushes out of his wounds
But make sure he's still alive
Shut the fuck up and be prepared
To collect the whole mutilation

I don't give a fuck if you beg for death
The challenge is to make you suffer
Without letting you die
The last memory will be the smile on my face

2. Bloodthirst

In search of blood, the path is full of crossroads.
A life of loneliness, travel for pleasing myself.
Every prey is a contribution for my everlasting thirst.
The thirst that forces me to kill.

Under the full moon I seek my victims.
The pale white faces look afraid,
As I rape them before I smash in their eyes.

Blinded by the torture, I strip them from their skin.
Eyes peeled out, face uncovered,
Death but still alive.
I will take my time to make you suffer for your sins,
As you scream for mercy, end
I grant your wish.

Forever Bloodthirst
Under the full moon I seek my victims.
To expose them to their final destiny.
As I rape them before I smash in their eyes.

3. Fractured

All I see is red colored fields,
A stench of rotten bodies.
Floats over the horrible scenery,
A sickening slaughter took place here.
I am a witness from today's morbid rules,
Which say, listen or die you fucking fools…

You can't believe whose in control..
We are not the masters of our own soul…
Our lives are dominated…
For such a long time…

We are waiting for execution.
You are the one next in line….

I don't know which place I am
This brutal hell is condamned
Dark sky, moist soil, the flames
Color the end of my life
Torture my mind constantly
Watch out for the eternal treat
Who delivers only death…

4. Time Watcher

I can predict everyone's life
I can see the storms
When the goals are ready to change
I can see you die
NO…….enter the cross
Burning my heart
I am your lord…..when you're dead

I can see all secrets lie
The secrets of your death

I can predict everyone's life
I can see the storms
When the goals are ready to change
I can see you die
The feelings which belong to me
Don't exist anymore
I'm able to penetrate your soul
Even when you're dead

I don't know were you go
But I will know my fate
That I must end your life

You don't know were you go
You don't know your fate
But I will end your life

You do know were you go
But I will know it's to late
And then I will end your life

5. Suffer From Disbelieve

You thought the answers were on your side,
But it seems that everything is full of shit.
The believes you preach was enough for you,
until something wokes you up.

Your reality slowly breaks down.
A new light shines through the ruins of your imagination
While a tear from your eye shatters the dream.

All alone, you look reborn into the world.
A new feeling enters your body.

You look reborn into the world,
while you wander among the rest of mankind.

Catching your breath, feel free,
while a tear of joy streams down your face.

The day has set, the sun shines
A tear from your eyes shatters the dream.

The walk trough life is full of depression
Everybody will get his pain.
No one has the knowledge to escape unscarred.

6. Lost Civilisation

In a land were myth meets life
A hidden force rules reality.
Inhabitants worship the forces of nature
For keeping the peace and balance inside.

Collect the energy,
By floating with the stream of the rivers.
Which is the pounding vain of mankind.

Deep in the core
There lies the secret
The key to unlock
The streams of joy.

A civilization of centuries old
Keep the spirits alive with ancient magic and believe,
A true salvation for misery has been found
Are we ready to enter…

Live by the rules of nature
Feed and harvest the land
Live along with the ancient earth
And respect his purpose….

See the sun rise above the trees
Beams of light feeds the soul.

7. Unauthorized

Hard cover from the outside,
Repentless behavior…
Towards others who want to strike me down.
They think that they may enter,
Full prove resistance.
Towards you, begin to fear,
As I unleash my anger….

A hard shell is in your way, when you try to reach me.
No one enters without my approval.

When you look into my eyes,
You will see the innocence.
Under the shell around me,
There is a place like paradise.

They tried to fuck me up, but they didn't succeed.
Try to get me on my weakness..
The entrance is closed.
A hard shell is in your way, when you try to reach me
Try to get me on my weakness..
The entrance is closed.

You are not unauthorized….

8. Point Of No Return

You will see your life flash for your eyes
Broken down by an environment of true hidden lies.
Nothing is there, you're left to burn
In this place of no return
I don't know to fight back or escape,
From that point of no return….

How did I get here, can I escape
For the rising truth of the unknown.
Tell me why, am I the chosen one
I won't forfill the prophecy they wrote down for me.

I was mislead by the powers of the ignorant
I was deceived by my trust in myself
They wont set me free, they will let me burn.
At that point of no return.

Roaming in this place of fear, scattering down all my dreams
Flaming torches burn my soul, I'm lost it seems.

9. Uncovered

The light reflects the dark side,
See feel the agony.
Misery will posses life,
Slowly slumbering.
Until the beast awakes,
Run, hide, no escape,
You have to accept the destruction.

Fear, smell it from my body.
Rip the bloody entrails apart.
Death, erase me from your list.

Searching for victims,
Deep in the black night.
Suppress them to the torment,
He planned for his satisfaction,
Until he screams when he wakes up.

Silently slumbering this plague wanders
To rise sudden and spread his evil plans
No one escapes from it's rage
Be aware, an ancient evil will release its rath
Hell is uncovered…

10. The Walls Around Me

Here I stand in the shadow of despair.
Try to find a way back to the sane.
I've drifted to long on this way
Nothing can save my problems, not even a prayer.

Why am I alone?
Alone on this place
Nobody sees my cry out,
doomed to solve things alone
Unless you reveal the truth

Things are not my mistake, you fucked it up.
Everybody blames me for the problems you caused.
I'm fed up know, someone help, this has to stop.
I'm sinking help out, does anybody has the trust??

You can imaging how I feel.
People judge me for the things you caused.
I don't know why I protect you.
You're the one that is destroying me…

Please open your eyes and speak up.
So my name will be cleared
And then I will help you, when you cry for help,
Your problems will solve when I slit your throat.

11. Chaos Engineering Works

Anger, violence, the last resort
Fucked up tempered mind
Creations of man hate……

We rule the time of chaos and revolution
A fractured society of hate and lies
Created by powerful engineers
Superior source out for enslavement

Powerful engineers, out for enslavement,
Superiour sorce for, a fractured society…

Line up, for the insanity
Fucked up tempered mind
A creation of man fear……

It's not your own choice
Chaos engineering works
Tagged on your head
Chaos engineering works

We all look out for the answers
The words that brings us the peace
We all long for…
A revolution starts today
A new time for hate, lies, pain, chaos…
Engineering Works

Line up, for execution…
The new order starts from here
Chaos engineering works

12. Thin The Herd

I won't hesitate to find my luck
Even when it means to end in a life full of solitude
No one knows his or her destination
While the struggle for life makes his victims.

Floating on wings to the land of my dreams
The wind blows the joy through my hair
A feeling of total happiness brings me further
On to the place I long to be

Reveal my path
Directions to get me further on
Enlighten the guidance light within


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