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Aarni/Umbra Nihil

"Aarni/Umbra Nihil" (2002 Split)

1. Ubbo-Sathla
2. Myrrys
3. Transcend Humanity
4. Liber Umbrarum vel Coniunctio
5. Reaching Azathoth
6. Anima
7. Follow And Believe/Fall Without Relief
8. A Mere Shell
9. My Way To The Lakeshore
10. Determination
11. Water In Lungs

1. Ubbo-Sathla

2. Myrrys

Ääni tuulen, varjot puiden
Yksinäni uneksin, haltioissa ylenin
Öinen rauha, pilvien like
Lensin yli metsien, keralla pilvien

Sammasta kiipesin kannelle taivaan

Salot siniset, kammiot kultaiset
Juoksimme taivaan niityillä läpi tähtitarhain
Ikimenneiden ilmoilta, kadonneiden kartanoilta
Varman viisauden tapasin, elon kullan löysin

Sammasta laskeuduin kannelta taivaan

3. Transcend Humanity

Abandon dualism and Indoeuropean ways
The world isn't black and white, only shades of grey.
Recognize the herd mentality in your thought processes
Deaden those drives stemming from biology.
Reality is a lie maintained by the Enemy who has written history to its liking.
You've been surrounded by propaganda
Signs of the decline of Western culture.

The revolting cult of the Nailed God is still alive and sick,
fitting for the necrotic human rats flaunting their deformities.
The Enemy has by its actions wilfully become subhuman
You'll purge society by abolishing it.
Storm the Enemy's offices and paint the walls with its blood.
Its teeth and veins make for nice necklaces and its intestines delicious sausages.

Familiarize yourself with different weapon systems
Both physical and psychic, exoteric and esoteric.
The unexpected strike is the most devastating one.
Remember to maintain secrecy in everything you do.
We exist in a reality which we can explain rationally yet cannot understand;
Into this world we are thrown.
Don't follow any rules, including these.

4. Liber Umbrarum vel Coniunctio

Proclamator: Timeo, trepido; in basilicis atris erro. Nescio, nememini quo modo huc adveni.

Librum Iuvenis quiete domi legebam. Sed qui estis, spiritus advenientes?

Umbrae: Lemures aut spiritus non sumus! Nonne nos cognoscis?

Liber sanctus sum : Draconigenus sum : Et feminea aeterna sum

Proclamator: Certe vos cognosco; in somnis mihi torquetis! Mehercule, abite, mali spiritus!

Redite ad infernos, magnopere me temptatis! Cur mi apparuistis; quid vobis mecum rei est?

Umbrae: Tibi apparuimus, ut completus fias. Consanguinei sumus, tu et nos.

Proclamator: Intellectu careo! Venitisne ex animo meo?

Umbrae: Ita vero; de te sumus partes. Assume nos et invenies!

Proclamator: Nunc intellego!


5. Reaching Azathoth

Iä Azathoth.

"That last amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity - the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes."
- H.P. Lovecraft

6. Anima

7. Follow And Believe/Fall Without Relief

Oh why did you take
for granted what was said?
You cannot see
behind the wall of lies

Why do you praise
the glory of the liar
and mindless


With the taste of Eve's flesh and sweat in his mouth
You think that he is the only way out

you will follow
you will fall
you believe
yet it offers no relief

you will praise
you will fail
you believe that
you will be saved

How wrong can you be?
How wrong can you be?
How wrong can you be?

8. A Mere Shell

Please do not take me
since I behold the sun
I would still like to
stay here for a while

in her arms
I feel
freeze's breath
(death's breeze)

She is here
She swallows the sun

And everything is still
All will come to an end

9. My Way To The Lakeshore

10. Determination

11. Water In Lungs

We did not belong there
That's why you found us lying here
It is their fault
They broke our hearts
They brought us down
That's why we chose to drown

...And do not be afraid
We will not hurt you
Instead we do sit here listening

Just go on
Don't turn around
Peace is fragile (here)
Even the stones are listening


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