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"Slain" (2001)

1. Slain
2. Arab State
3. Aravice
4. Calabraxis Returns
5. Lie Machine
6. Molestati Tempestata
7. Achtung Tony
8. Spiked Life
9. Street Girl
10. Take it Out
11. Tail-Skid

1. Slain

Carrion Crow - Undertaker

Carrion Crows - Dark decays

Love dark piper - at the end of days


Carrion crow - What bad wind

blew death to me - Had I sinned?

Grew to comfy?

Necrophile, Lover of dead things

Necrophile, Lover of dead things

Carrion crow - black suit

coffin chaser - grave landlord

What bad sign

Showed death to me

Stale old wine or poison tie

Stale old wine or poison tie

Carrion Crows - Carrion Crows

Carrion Crows - Carrion Crows

End of days - Slain - Slain -Slain

End of days - Slain - Slain -Slain

Carrion Crows - Slain - Slain -Slain

2. Arab State

Primal hands

but oil rich

wind in your eye

itch itch itch,

blow you in

the demon ditch

Arab State...

Get down on your knees

And pray to the dust bowl

To the she-devil the she-bitch

Get down on your knees to the she-devil

Get down on your knees and pray

Blow you in the demon ditch

Sand devil - she bitch

You'll be begging please

to get down on your knees

You'll be praying for your life

and pleading for your soul

But your just a speck of sand

in the devils dust bowl

3. Aravice

She came down on me with eyes of fire

and wings of stale leather

her claws came in my flesh

as she tasted my blood

I cried out no as she tasted my blood

God help me

I will not be pray -I will not cry

This is not the day - for me to die

Drew my sword - cut the claw

Drew my sword -fucking whore

God help me.

4. Calabraxis Returns

Oh Demon, Demon of the knifes

Come carve, Come carve a path

Show us, Show us your wrath

Show us the pain Again and again

Again and again

Calabraxis-Calabraxis Evil Spirit of Blades

Calabraxis - come back

Calabraxis will return.

Evil Spirit of the Blades

Come work among the graves

Evil Spirit of the Blades

Come work among the graves

Evil - show us how you dice

Evil - show your skill to slice and dice

Evil - to leave your mark

Evil - -to trail the blood.

5. Lie Machine

Beating your brow until you know how

To scrape and bow to those in the know

Who show and show Until its time to go

Just another broken product

of a bloody lie machineNowhere to take cover

Bover Bover Bover

Lie Machine - Lie Machine

Trying to stay clean. Trying to stay keen

Trying to hold the dream

But instead making you mean.

6. Molestati Tempestata

I am a man I count nothing human indifferent to me.

I am a man I struggle to escape the world that I see.

Trapped in an ego dream vanity

Controlling liars who reign supreme

Telling us its a world of truth

Its just obscene

The Xominod is here

A storm is underway

Lighting up the ignorance

Make it all go away

People have seen it all

if you think your immune

you'd better think again

Special little cog in an insane

death machine.

Stupid is as stupid does

the worlds a fucking mess

the clever try to fool themselves

the others just confess

Trapped in an ego dream vanity

Special little cog in an insane death machine

7. Achtung Tony

I see the Bushman fill your cup

Did you roll your right leg up

Spit on the cross Sleep with the boss

Achtung Tony - Achtung Tony

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

The greater good, forgotten its duty

Dumb the dumb - murder the young

Advocate peace down sight of a gun

Sorting, distorting collecting the data

Spying and lying - mayhem creator

Tortured souls are tortured more.

Ideological fatal disease

Its not me that you are fooling

Festering questions - the ones you won't answer

Waiting for the end of time with the burden you create

Delegate responsibility & stifle debate

Meaning and truth strive to encrypt

sell me the cypher you haven't deciphered

Listen to no one - do as you please

Smarmy and barmy

The shits raining down

its getting torrential

while anything relevant

is just incidental

We are the inmates you are fucking mental

8. Spiked Life

Head-sore hungry

Meal-mouthed bounty

Poison-pen poetry

No solace - No solitude

No redemption -Piles of lies

They are legion -They are Lords

On my sores

Relive Re-die Restore

One thousand years

in a broken glass cave

Crying out in pain

No redemption -Piles of lies

Relive Re-die Restore

In sorrow crying out in pain

High as Angels - Deep pit dread

Forest of suicides sway in rancid winds

Claws and nails talons and teeth

Hollow like hungry blind like fools

Hurt like lepers hide your eyes

9. Street Girl

So come on all you punters

You hunters and laymen

Come seek the pleasures

Of vulnerable things

And wallow for weeks

In the guilt that it brings

In the cold light of day

When you've had your way

But you just won't let go

Streetgirl - Ways of mocking

Men's predictable sense

Streetgirl - predational ways

Easy lays and younger days

Short skirt will catch the eye

Even the shy can't help buy

Braless top or push'em' up

Will surely stop and make

Jaws drop of all who look

10. Take it Out

Without the whore - take it out

If it is boiling your self esteem

Take it out. If it is doing your nut in

Making me ache

Making my brain ache

Fucking for the dollars sake

Giving me a mind bake

Take it out - Take it out

When I wasn't looking

When I stood unprepared

How to dive into disgrace

How to shame all of your race

How to never know your place

How to never give and take.

11. Tail-Skid


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