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"Octupi" (2002)

1. Future (Sorrows)
2. Remus
3. Deathrace
4. Constantine
5. Hollow
6. Seedy
7. Pickling Jar
8. Shallow Grave
9. Dream of Oinix
10. Octupi
11. Mael
12. Hunted

1. Future (Sorrows)

Containment of soul - alive in the hate dimension

Suffering to obtain higher levels of freedom

Containment of senses - a vibrational delusion

The portraits so scary makes us all look like fools

Shock behaviour - mysterious inter-dimensions

An experiment in black abstract - reality just a lab

Its verging on the mystical - but cycles nearly finished

Maps with no end - the sheeple lost as ever

And everybody was witness - Weeping and hurting

Containment of soul - Hate dimension

Recipe for a conflict - Secretly in despair

Sink so deep - Now their in the firing line

Its what they least expected

Things for them are turning sceptic

Cause I found another race who want to help me

Now Green blood contaminates the sea.

Alien adoption - generation fed cyanide

Now their weeping and hurting

Terror trick unleashed

Transition into full infection

2. Remus

(Remember the black grail motto of infinite greed)

When you save all your sorrows

And hopeless tomorrows

When you beg, steal and borrow

From the remains of the day

When stories of suffering just make your heart bleed

You concede with relief like the thief in the night

In the sight of his den, where he can then

Hide from the heat, to retreat from the view.

More true than the red, white and blue, of factory farms

That do harm to purge, all the rotten, misgotten

ideas of divine, when you were all mine

Link all the chains and bloody remains

of your mistakes and the pain that creates

In the lost...

I deny, nothings permitted

and everything is true

In the lost and the loveless

and the wild and the wreckless

In the doomed and despondent

Your correspondent will tell blues

It passes for news in lost towns

On the end of a bad karma trip

Just facing death death

with a hunch and a sigh

And a glint in their eye

that says I know why

(And the need to believe in some infinite creed)

3. Deathrace

Life's got too much

Have dangerous bloody recollections

Divided- sectioned - therapy - dissolution

Cut aside - hybrid cyanide

Joyless warped dimension

Felt the Devil's own touch

Forcefully rearranged

Facing total doom now

In a box full of the deranged

Abort - collapse - deaf - fear

Overthrown- testament to sadness

Obsolete souls say goodbye

Death race - a game about killing

Decapitated relics of shows gone by

4. Constantine

Ripped mind, torn heart of the whatever generation

Rack born since the foetal separation

Rack born since... widow of the damned

Ripped and torn - Another mind block

Endless agitation - Constantine.

Tripping down the path, falling....

Barking in the back yard, barking for a slave

Thinking of the coldness of another paupers grave


Psychopaths a common place

for killing time - getting on the case

staying with the pack staying with the pace

Falling from grace - ripping off the smiles

from another losers face

Yellow coward - purple brave.

5. Hollow

Diffuse the bomb - save me

Links in your drams to the past and before

But the edges are castrated so your not quite sure

Signal like a system - memory like a misprint

Calling all the bluffs - when you couldn't take the hint

Disdain - tearing you apart

Disdain - tearing you apart

Sister of the hollow heart

Diffuse the bomb - save me

Locks on the door, hope on the floor

Bowing down to the hard line you adore

Simple like a shadow, motive like a mistake

Distrust this path - Follow me...

Many grapes of wrath hanging on the vine

Life on the line, running out of time

Poison like an arrow, passive like a pill

Running like a bed sore just to stand still

Memory like a misprint.

6. Seedy

Barely Eighteen - Barely began

your life of grime and repetition

Barely learnt the phrases

you'll repeat for titillation

To the lads in the pub

Barely twenty one-barley bloomed

Before your bust and broken

Barely learnt the words you've spoken

To the man in the bed while your ..

Barely thirty - barely grown

your offspring ready to demand

to cut up what's left of you as planned

when they were born, just like a thorn.

Barely 50 - barely lived

Now death knows your name

My mate, my kids, my job, my life

My blame - antidepressant uncle blue

Barely sixty - barely alive

Near the end of a life of pain

Nothing left to lose again

but nothing left for you to gain

Again and Again and Again.

7. Pickling Jar

Some how I knew you would end up in my pickling jar

Since I saw you last summer

from the window of my car

I have watched - I have waited

Built a jar - anticipated

Take your soul away

Death walked - Took you home

Set you free - In my pickling jar

Picked you up from where you had fallen

Just like a shooting star

Set you free....

Death walked on your shadow

and I was there to witness the dark angel do his business

And take your soul away

Took you home - Set you free

In my pickling jar

8. Shallow Grave

We're the hard hearted bastards

who dig shallow graves

Too lazy to dig a 6 foot narrow

We buried you shallow

It was too crazy

Too fucked, too sick

We buried you quick

We were too fired

Too gone - to fucking wired

We are cowards not brave

We dig shallow graves

We buried you warm

Naked like your born

Eyes open - eyes wide

9. Dream of Oinix

When you lay down on that dark grey slab

Did you know it would be so long

Before you saw the sun

When you fell down from stab after stab

Desert Demons of the River Nile

Enslaved a people soiled a race

Demons - I will fight you

Now show your face - I will fight you

Your sacredness I will defile

I will end your evil life

I will destroy you

I will end your evil life

I will destroy your every shrine

They tricked you as they tricked the others

Dying as you knew what murder they had done

You became slaves, they became kings

And the wind in the dunes full of misery, sings

Yet somewhere you end up the focus

of the resurrection prayers and signs

They speak them free these words

of arcane design - I live - I live.

10. Octupi

In the minds eye

Falsehoods and goodbyes

Pile it on

Pile it on high

How many faces do you occupy

How many fingers in how many pies

How are you beholden - How are you beholden

Octupi - lies - Octupi

How many lies have you written

How many growths have stunted

When nothing ever matters

How many dreams do you shatter

With your deceit on a platter

Fat pig getting fatter

Future in a testube

mother for a motherboard

father for a fucking hoard

Pile it on - Pile it on high

11. Mael

Sitting on a pile of yesterdays news

Telling stories, sharing views

I hear I'm being capped

For dissing down some crew

I get out of there like I'm on fire

Just to live another day is my requirement

Running out of time

Running out of time...

Get my cash - get to my safehouse

Fears all over me like a rash

And I'm running into heat

Life round here is 10 a dime

I head for the hills in an out of town way

The grass is greener some men say

I crash in the forest- middle of the night

With fear in the dark, and moon for light

I awoke thought I'd have some fun

It involved vengeance and me and their gun

See you in hell brother

See you in hell brother

See you in hell

Die - brother

Sitting on a pile of yesterdays news

Telling stories, sharing views

After a while they went cold in the eye

Cold - cold

See you in hell brother

See you in hell...

12. Hunted

Enter when you cannot care

The Church of the twisted knife

Misfed - mislead

Mistaken for a child

Blamed and chained

Still earthly wild

Enter when you cannot dare

The Church of the buckled life

I put a hole in each ones head

as they were sitting on the chairs

Nevermind - I bet it fucking hurt

as blood and brain ruined their t-shirt

So I took the plunge - feels good now

Dead in the parish of the damned

I sprayed the inside red with their brains

even if it made me a hunted man.


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