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"Ulcerate" (2003 Demo)

1. Subversive Supremacy
2. Burnt Offering
3. Ulceration
4. Smash the Deceitful

1. Subversive Supremacy

Belligerency against the weak
Conqueror, ascends the throne

Age of ruination
Blight of the final stronghold
Shed blood stains me
Attrition has ended
Inferiors enslaved
Degenerated empire
Behold as the beneath arise

Serving the hearts of those defeated
So we may feast upon in victory
Serving the blood of those compassionate
Raising a chalice, praising the triumphant

2. Burnt Offering

Your disciples of falsehood
In constraint benighted baptism
Charred wings disintegrate
Drowning in the tears of those forsaken
Angels are cast into rivers of blood
Flowing through the kingdom of the nefarious

Eternal punishment
For sin is what I am
Odium absorbed
Bring forth my enemies

Stigmatised father
Divine I must be
Stigmatised father
Divine I become

Ill omened demonic martyr
Unwanting heaven as I run to the forbidden

Immolation of the seraphim

3. Ulceration

Hellspawned flames caress the flesh of the untainted
The distressed pray to the lord of lacerated sight
Watching their bleeding eye sockets cry
Brethren of assassination begin rites of damnation

Screams of the enfeebled
Echo throughout rebellious lands
As they struggle against spiritual execution
Soon to fall under the rule of the strongest will

Exhausted is the sun

Exiled to languished fields
Harvested is the dying
Heretical legions kneel
Before their master
Rise the sons of banishment - assault

4. Smash the Deceitful

Predator of the self righteous onslaught upon
Those who wished for peace gain hardship
Enduring as strength intensifies
Hatred empowers, I worship

Despair alight
The funeral internal

Desolation dominates
As I fall away
Envenomed - rule by my blood

Death shall prove superior than life
Heavens destroyed in holocaust

No god
No love
No hope

Smash the deceitful


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