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"Cut" (1997)

1. The Launch
2. Welcome to the Moon
3. Taste of Heaven
4. Tale for This Song
5. Changing Heads
6. Flying High
7. Innocence of Life
8. Time After Time
9. Bad Time
10. Eyes of a Child
11. My Cry

1. The Launch

2. Welcome to the Moon

The time will come when we
destroy mother earth
the way to hell is reality
but we don't realize
we fight wars in the
name of Jesus Christ
while destroying
our living ground
so we must fight
theres no time to waste

Halleluja, peace and harmony
we save the world every day

Created another world
we must save it
don't forget mistakes
mankind is given a chance
so we say
welcome to the moon

The time has come when we
are stranded on the moon
look at the sky!Mother earth
is a blue star no more
we trust in money,
cars and all that stuff
and make the same mistakes
as long time before
The time will come when we look
again for another world

The time will come when we
destroy mother earth oh, no
the way to hell is reality

3. Taste of Heaven

Jimmy thinks he knows the way
to live in a perfect world,
the only way is to be resigned
and he smiled

Jimmy preaches his holy words
founds the church of broken souls

He finds a way affect
his new friends
so they do what he wants
They have no rights on
the way to salvation
and he takes from all

He plays a game with evil rules
the prize is high, to high for all

A taste of heaven can bewitch
the senses in the brain
come taste the heaven
resist or decay
all the lies in the name of god
have got only one aim
come taste the heaven
pay for the right way
business is alive

Jimmys cant get enough
he exploits his disiciples
no remorse

The day will come
when Jimmy is tired
being a god of lies
He disappears without goodbye
victims remain alone

Tell me, show me
I can hear you - lies

4. Tale for This Song

You hear these words
and you wait for a tale
where you dive in
and forget all things

Enjoy the song, have a good time

Entering the realm of fantasy
write your own words to this melody
a tale for this song

Your feel the groove
and the perfect melody
only things wrong
is the sense of these words

5. Changing Heads

Cry and murder on their way
like in the past look at history!
They speak of the promised land
meaning it for themselves
Lies all the time for your mind

If you're voting for a new one
will be like the old before
after high tide in the morning
low waters will come

War on their way to might
paying for silence
or take a life away
in a land where corruption rules,
the aim is not to stand out
cries all the time in your life

Changing heads, Changing heads,
Changing heads
You're wantin' peace and harmony
Changing heads
you re hoping for better days

"Believe - all the time"
your teacher says
"Live your life just like us"
they lie don't obey them.
Church lords and power of money
help the system stay
why?Tell me why won't it change ?

Changing heads playing evil games
Ruin lives for their aims
You'ra a pawn on their chess-board
religious power help them play

6. Flying High

It is sunday morning, i turn the radio on
I hear the new and think there's a lie
They call my name that i ring them back
I' ve won the raffle, i've got the first price

On the way back home my car breaks down
Im looking for help, a car stops at my side
I see long blond hair and angels face
She speaks to me "You re my only one"

I wake up it was a dream
It was no real scene
I wake up and still i'm

Flying high - I'm flying high
When i close my eyes
I've been loosing my mind
and the world stands still
Flying high - I'm flying high
where an angel waits
living in my dreams or a daydream

On summer's night
walking down on the beach
I hear a scream from the darkness
someone's drowing, i save his life
frontpage headline, my picture in the press

Now its time to use your brain
before you lose the bridge to life
you can go to dance
you must have more friends
you must begin to live
your life in real world

The time will come when you doubt again
You have the chance to be what you want

7. Innocence of Life

I've got no trouble
I'm living a normal life
Don't think about time
when life goes it's evil way

All the innocence of life
taken away by myself
All the trifles are a gift of life
We don't know what we've got

Enjoy your life
we don't know what we've got
Enjoy your life
create harmony

I've got no sickness
got all chance to shape my life
I was formed by school
but i fail through my lazyness

I've got no sorrows
got a wife and a lovely child
I could be glad
think i've got no time for joy

8. Time After Time

Long time ago
the indians lived in peace
when the white men came
they had to yield
the indians were brave
but they had no winning chance
no - oh - no rights

Time after time

The evil side
of the civilized world is dark
oh no
Power and glory
is what we want
It is sad

Long time ago

Long time ago
A.Hitler played god
jews had to die,
Because of his morbid brain
his henchmen were cruel

Jews forced out of their homes
oh - undesired

Time after time

Long time ago
black people had been slaved
they had no chance
felt hate - race conflict
they built up the land
but it felt like a strange world
oh - homeless

Time after time

9. Bad Time

When i see my heroes on the TV
I can feel the pain
Standing in a shadow
between dreamworld and reality
So, i close my eyes
live in another world
The time stands still
I want to never wake up

Dreams, can not be a substitute
for all my hopes
Cry for love
diamonds for real life

Bad times, bad dreams, nightmares
Wake to great times
Enjoy good feelings in your life

I begin to clear up my life
step by step, day by day
Its a damn hard way
but i will be free
amd i'm learning to live
want to keep waking up

Dreams can be true
trust yourself
Don't listen too close
to what people say
you must go your way
At the end you win
and your soul laughs again

When i see my heroes on the TV
it doesn't matter to me
I stand for my self
I' ve got love in my heart
I feel alive i enjoy my self
time is on my side
I hope you learn from me

10. Eyes of a Child

I see tears of pain in her eyes
it feels like the end of the world
we want a child
but the Doc says no way
the situation is hopeless and dark

We want a child at any price
we have to wait for 5 long years
agency problems to be clarified
painful questions
we have to be strong

It is a stony way
that we've to go

I see the eye of a nameless child
Now it's the time to know,
if its right, helping nature by law

Time of waiting has highs and lows
we don't know
if it's right what we do
five years later our child
is coming home
we have got
blisful tears in our eyes

11. My Cry

Left alone in emptiness
my eyes are full of tears
again let the memories pass
since you've been gone

Remember the time, we were
young and hungry for love
it was war - these days were
full of pain
the wild side of life
been waiting for it so long
I was glad to share my life with you
but now you' re dead

Too weak to live, too strong to die
my sence of life is lost
Your faces still like a shade
around for me it's time to go

Cry honey you're my love forever
Oh, only you can hear my cry
Hear my cry

Our child was born
In the summer of '61
but it died in '64 and i lost my faith
life still must go on
you had the strength
this time for both

I know for sure, somewhere
you'll wait for me,
but i have to live my life
for the rest of my days
was glad to share my life with you
we'll meet again


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