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Man and Machine

"Man and Machine" (2002)

1. Man And Machine
2. Private Eye
3. Animal Instinct
4. Dawn Of The Gods, The
5. Dancing With An Angel - (featuring Doro Pesch)
6. Silent Cry
7. Network Nightmare
8. Hard To Be Honest
9. Like A Lion
10. Black Heart
11. Unknown Traveller

1. Man And Machine


Man and machine - the evil of a dream
Itís a necessary cut of the production zone
Man and machine - itís a dissident team
And itís gonna be all over when a fuse is blown

We humans fight against the cyber trash
Machines are loaded high
Computerized - the tide we have to turn
Robotic clash on section nine

Weíre not gonna slave away
Machines are not the law
And weíre gonna praise the day
When humans take it all


Rise up and fight inside the standby-zone
The sentinels electrified
Man to man against the fatal drones
We escalate to DEFCON FIVE



2. Private Eye

Iím always watching you - my secret eye
No chance to hide away - Iím not that blind
No matter what you do - itís watching you
Iíll be your second mind - controlling you

So donít forget - youíre not alone
I will command you - one and all

Ďcause Iím your private eye
Your private eye
Ďcause Iím your private eye
Your private eye

Electro magnify - the metal eye
Corruptionís rectified - a legal crime
Invading privacy - with hidden force
Imprinted on the screen - and no remorse



I will be everywhere - eye in the sky
All actions will be saved - no matter why
I will manipulate - defy and lie
Recordings will go on - until you die



3. Animal Instinct

I donít wanna be another retro-man
I donít wanna be no part of your plans
I donít wanna be no diamond king
I just wanna pull the detonation pin

I wonít give up a life of sin
Youíll never tame the beast within
You canít abuse what Iíve got in here
My animal instinct is what you fear

And I howl - and I prowl
I am a raptor in time
And I howl - and I prowl
I am unbroken - creature of the wild

Iíve got an animal instinct
Iíve got an animal instinct

I donít wanna lead nor even dominate
Not a top-dog leader that only devastates
You know Iím free and I stand so proud
My animal anger - I shout it aloud



Animal - animal - animal - animal - instinct
Animal - animal - animal - animal Ė instinct


4. Dawn Of The Gods, The

Tons of steel - itís how we feel
Itís resurrection
Million ways to win the race
We always tease you

Boiling sound - solid ground
Is what we stand for
All the sins will take you in
We always please you

Hail the metal
Law for one and all
Hail the metal

Itís the dawn of the gods
Weíre always fighting for the holy man
Dawn of the gods - raising high and high
Itís the dawn of the gods
Weíre always fighting for the holy man
Dawn of the gods - breaking up the sky

Blazing fire - we walk the wire
The right direction
Crazy days is how it pays
Weíll never lose you

So keep in mind - eruptive signs
Of insurrection
Weíre here to serve what you deserve
Weíll never fool you



The fear and the terror of mutant mercenary filth
Deceivers of truth - betrayers of faith
Screaming crimson skies bursting forth their energies
Searing scorching flames - the dawning of the gods



5. Dancing With An Angel - (featuring Doro Pesch)

Take my hand before I go
Weíll never be alone
Look at all the lucky days
And places we have gone

Let me say a single word
A million other ways
But all I wanna see is now
A smile upon your face

Like Iím dancing - dancing with an angel
Like Iím dancing - never danced before
Like Iím dancing - dancing with an angel
Like Iím dancing - a dream Iím dancing on

Gave my heart into your hands
We are evermore
How can I repay you now
For all the years and more

All I know so deep inside
We will never fade
So let me take you by the hand
And lead you to the dance


Still Iím dancing through a dream with an angel
I donít wanna lose a part of your heart
Still you give me all the worlds I believe in
And I know that we will never part


6. Silent Cry

Dancing in the daylight - all just been so fine
And heartbeats keep on going - all the time
Donít you hear the calling - donít you see the falling
All the cries
Canít you get the warning - how the pain is dawning
See the signs

When eyes donít see - and hands donít touch
Itís all been a pack of lies
When hearts donít feel - itís all too much

Itís just the sound of a silent cry
Just the sound of a silent cry

Crying in the moonlight - darkness closing in
I fear for the heartbeats - wondering
If we come together - is it so much better
I donít know
Why are we not trying - ending all the crying
Giving hope



7. Network Nightmare

Youíre gonna drown out
While youíre within the net
A megatronic murder
Upon the world wide web

My mind is Ąread all memoryď
Your access is denied
A massive infestation
Infected RAM inside

I smile - while Iím infecting your veins
My style - Iím Dr. No Iím delivering the blow

Iím your network nightmare
Iím your network nightmare

Iíll powersurge the virus
Directly to your brains
A gigabotic meltdown
Manic - cold - insane

I activate the relay
The master of the code
Expect hard driven lessons
All systems overload



8. Hard To Be Honest

I played the game - I broke the rules
The truth is always cruel
Itís not for me to win or lose
This one will be on you

Sometimes itís hard to be tough
And play this way so rough
I give it straight - you know why
I want it all - Iíll take it all

I donít know why - donít wanna hide
Donít want forever lie
Now itís time for all of us
So letís break free
No matter what you say

You know itís hard to be honest
Itís hard not to lie
You know itís hard to be honest
Itís hard not to lie

All hail the truth and damn the lies
Thereís so much we can do
Now itís on you to deal the cards
The joker breaks the rules

So take a look at what you see
The mirror never lies
The time has come to say farewell
So leave it all behind you all



No matter how - you found it out
Itís time to give the truth
Iíve seen it all - in black or white
The hardest thing to do



9. Like A Lion

I had a dream today - itís telling me
Itís time to leave the older days
This life goes on for you and me
Gonna pay the price
No matter how - no matter what I do
So now Iíll decide

Just take me to a better world
The only way I know
Sometimes I think
Thatís not enough

No matter how - Iím gonna die like a lion
I wanna cry - I wanna cry like a lion

I see the picture now - on different days
There is no need for other ways
No more a fool - Iíve got the tools
For the here and now
Another face - another fearless heart
To rise from the crowd



10. Black Heart

Black is the colour - icy and cold
It is the power - forever wrong
All the burning inside - all the other rotten ways
Blinded minds - all the time - it happens all again

You know we all need some friends
To save this broken world
The freedom we will defend
Donít need a devil - donít need a devil inside

Black heart - dark mind
The seeds of evil will grow in time
Black heart - dark mind
Hail the devil and bless the crime

Over and over - the storiesí been told
Whole generations - have been sold
All the wrong directions - paid with innocence and fear
Danger times - twisted crimes - revenge is always near



Hail - hail,.....


11. Unknown Traveller

Iíve passed the lonely gates of Babylon
Iíve touched the ancient pyramids
Iíve seen the golden face of Taj Mahal
Iíve felt the sea of Atlantis

Iíve counted bricks along the China Wall
Iíve rode the Slopes Of Kathmandu
Iíve tasted all the rocks of Everest
To the mountains of the moon

Iíve seen it all
Through time and matter
No more retreat and no more defeat
So hear the call
The final battle
Iím under attack - I want to come back

I am the unknown traveler - always on the move
I am the unknown traveler
I am the unknown traveler - always on the move
I am the unknown traveler

Iíve joined the table back in Camelot
Looked for the wood for Merlinís wand
Iíve traveled places Iíve been everywhere
Iíve traveled times so on and on




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