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Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt...

"Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt..." (2005)

1. Pray to North
2. Heroic Hour
3. Rabenschrei
4. Metalized Injection
5. Odins Host
6. Lebensrad
7. Heidensieg
8. Beltane
9. Einherjers Fate
10. Revolt of the Paganblades
11. Thy Wicked

1. Pray to North

Skuld youngest norn, what's my way
Hangatyr show me your runes
The future is dark and the hope is gone
Rhaido what do you bring?
My journey through the frozen land of soul
Feels cold and dark
Black wings embrace my mind
Oh father support my ride
It's a cold fire, feels like gone to Hel
Alone and dying, a dying soul
I want to break the chains of fate

Alone with the nature and the rune spirit

Pray to north - Odin heals
The runes will guide - Pray to north

An evil might overcome my soul
My blood turns black and cold
Oh Odin bring me peace of mind
Your spirit and your endless wisdom
Shall be my guardian and my leader
Lord of the runes deliver my soul
I want be the rune dancer of knowledge
Oh mighty gods five me endless inspiration
To create a powerful charisma
Wake up my inner strength
To heal my pagan heart
Let me resist against the enemies
With an immortal heathen pride

Show me the wonders of Asgard

Now I have seen
What I am, where I am, why I am

Now I can be
What I am, where I am, why I am

2. Heroic Hour

3. Rabenschrei

Dunkle Zeiten haben wir durchlebt,
Getreten beschimpft und verfolgt
Unseren Toten wurde die Ehre genommen
In die goldnen Hallen zu kommen
Lehren wurden verfälscht und verboten
Die Kinder haben sie angelogen
Das Volk der Christen schloss uns aus
Doch bald schrein wir unsern Stolz heraus!

Hört ihr den Rabenschrei
Er verkündet die neue Zeit
So hebt dir Hörner und lasst uns drauf trinken
Die finstre Zeit wird im Staub versinken
Die Heiden werden nie mehr fallen
Wir werden in Odins Glanz erstahlen

Nicht mehr lange dann ist es soweit
Zu den Waffen macht euch bereit
Der falsche Gott er wird bald fallen
Der Raben Schreie werden erschallen
Der Sieg ist unser wir werden nichts bereun
Lasst uns der neuen Welt erfreun
Unsere Herzen werden glühn
Und Yggdrasil wird neu erblühn

4. Metalized Injection

We're the outlaws
Defenders of metal
Come in our lines
We're fighting side by side
Don't be afraid
The gods save us
It's a holy battle
We're all allys of glory and might

Thousand brothers screaming
Hail, hail, hail
Banging their heads
And do the devil's sign
Heavy sound
Metal will prevail
United forever
All for one

Our axes we raise high
With the power of the north
The enemy must die
Wardrums press on to destruction
Retribution leads my hand
Will give a metalized injection

We will give you
A metalized injection

We're coming there's no return
You're diseased
We bring you the heal
Hey, wimps and posers
You must burn
That's the way
Our laughter is peal

We all are warriors
We fight for metal
Our preparation are
Leather, Rivets and chains
Come in our lines
And meet us at the battle
At last metal will remain

5. Odins Host

Horror storm in the darkest night, a dreadful wild hunt
Alive in death, at eternal battle and the steel with blood refreshed
Clothed in hide of wolf and bear and ferocious war garment
Swift haste ahead the tale far through the land

A pale full moon, dead runs
A warrior hangs at a tree
Spell take him back to life
As a beast of a horror dream
Odin's host called him welcome
Deadly pale and pitchless
No enemy should resist
Get wield the last thrust

Dull begins the ground to quake
Hoof beat come from afar near
Warrior steps heavy and powerful
Give to that a fierce time
Wolf claws, bear paws
Press on to hunt
The booty is grown
But turns to red
Before the day is come
The fucking day is come

The steel sings bright and clear
The wisdom of the battle death from the war always And from the ground
Now turns to red, Odin's host in wild hunt, Odin's host in assault
Across the land irritable, the steel wait also in my hand

6. Lebensrad

7. Heidensieg

Wir reite durch das Christenland um Heidentum zu lehren
Wer uns nicht folgt, der wird verbrannt um unserem Kult zu wehren
Die Asen haben uns gesandt, das alte Gut zu ehren


Wir ziehen übers Schlachtenfeld das Kreuze zu zerbrechen
Die Ahnen habt ihr zwar besiegt, doch werden wir sie rächen
Heidentum ist dem Sieg geweiht, eure Herrschaft ist Verbrechen

Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt, dann werded ihr verstummen
Betet noch ein letztes mal, denn Gott regiert die dummen
Nun ist unser Glaube frei, wird nie mehr erzwungen!

8. Beltane

9. Einherjers Fate

In the battle
Against the christians I die
Walfreya escort me
Over bifrost to Walhall
We're singing with Odin
Battle hymns
Valkyries served us
Sährimnirs flesh
Finest mead we drink
The kindom of Folkvang
Contains our love

Hemrod is coming
To lead us in the battlefield
We are more than
Four hundred thousand einherjers
Watching for the sound
Of Gjallarhorn

Home of the brave
To odin we pray

Ragnarök is here
The grand final stand
Naglfar arrive at Vigrid
And a second ship
With giants on board
The earth is breaking
Hel comes out
Varnes and Einherjers
Side by side
Against hels bodies
And frost giants
Steel meets steel
Blood I taste
Pain I feel

Dead I am
Dead I am
Dead I am

10. Revolt of the Paganblades

11. Thy Wicked

Centuries we've seen gone
The wicked work is done
A godless sign of hate
has guided us to this ok

The new age is coming soon
Wisdom guided by the moon
Our sword and shield prevail
The false one, now will fail

Thy Wicked
The pure raw spirit
Thy Wicked
The god's revenge

If this will be the last we do
Who is abel to stand, who?
The christians with their book of lie
All of them should ever die

We've our spell of fear
The wicked warriors are near
We are ready for last stand
From thy mighty truth we're sent

We have returned
To kill with might
We have returned
To slay and fight


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