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Next To The Throne Of Chaos

"Next To The Throne Of Chaos" (2004)

1. In the Storm's Winds
2. Glorification
3. Immortal Existence
4. Next to the Throne of Chaos
5. Into the Damned Soul's Limbo
6. Ancient Spirits in the Mist Dwell
7. Embraced by the Darkness
8. Where the Moon Lies in Silence
9. Temple of the Ever Dark
10. Lord of Soul's Rebellion

1. In the Storm's Winds

Darkness´clouds invade the sky,
hiding the olden lord´s wrath.
From the past as a mark,
in our fear
and destiny they are.

In the dark,
I wait
for the arrival
of the ancient fire reing.
¡ oh fire purify this land,
and that from the abyss
the ancient serpent rebirths !

The messagers of the darkness,
whom in our fear lie,
the unholy lords of the unlight,
for whom I wait in every night.
Ride in the dark reing,
as a midnight nigtmare,
cross this land from the south
in the apocaliptical winds.

Fly beings of the night and come
in the stormís wind.

Now, the gates of the nocturnal kingdom
open are
and my eyes, get blind
in this storm night.
¡ Come unholy forces,
come to show me
the real dark side !

2. Glorification

Rise over world
ancient shade
ecence of air, water, fire, and earth,
ruler of life, emperor of death.

ďDarken are your arts and knowledge you offer,
you teach us how to be warriors
in the wild life ways,
the ways of non mercy
the ways which cover the night mistical veilĒ.

...I have seen from my lonely cave,
thy neverending wisdom reing,
I have rise screaming my hands,
summoning thee
under a frozing moon night.

I proclaim you my lord satan ...
Totally your
is this endless cosmos which surround me,
in which for ages of silence
the universal concient has been sleep.

¡ Wake in me thy wild voice,
and from the deep of the valley of non return,
come strong as the wind comes !

Through the drifting storm,
just your brave ravens fly.
In this midnight storm
I wait my last fight.
While thy kingdom comes,
your fire grows inside.
In a spelling silence I summon thee.

3. Immortal Existence

From the silence which covers my
immortal existence,
beyond the concience of soul,
there rises the power which let me cross
the magic path.

There, the wind tells to be my allied
and the universe brings to my spirit
its ancestral blood,
impregnated in eternal knowledge.

ď ¡ Oh power which keeps the universal energy,
cover my spirit with your eternal flame ! Ē

¡ Oh olden warrior, you who keep
the ancient wisdom,
bring me the concience
of this immortal existence !

¡ Oh Mother Earth !
¡ Make scream your mountains
with your olden drumming,
that it sound goes high
for the sky
follows with its thunder !

¡ Follow this himn which rises
from deep inside of myself !

¡ Let this war poem
remind the wisdom
of my immortal existence ... !

4. Next to the Throne of Chaos

Kaos, destruction, lust ...
Is the apocalyptic reality.
The flames of hell burn the life:
Is the justice of the ancient gods.

Lords of destruction, hear my voice:
This mighty words
are a spell of destruction
in honor to the olden gods of darkness.

The fire rain destroys the earth.
Is the power of the true gods.
The final chapter of human kind.

God of fire, Father sun,
destroy the humans
in your cosmic throne of darkness.

This spell that remain
the olden prophecy of the ancient knowing.

This spell that remaind the enemy
Dead in his cross
bathed in the blood of his lambs.

This spell that remaind the cult of the elements,
the beauty songs to the dead
and the alliance
with the supreme forces of the infinity.

In the dark name of justice
remaind this spell,
an to us into the end.

For his glory is this spell full of power.

5. Into the Damned Soul's Limbo

Lost in the land of tearer
visions and woe,
where evil spirits show me
the true escense
of the dark souls.

Enchant me oh land
of supreme knowledge,
where I have found
the god who I worship.

Throught the impenetrable mist
of the eternal nigth,
the impiety hate all in its way devours,
showing us
the realm of the thruth.

Into the damned souls limbo:
the evil prevails ...

6. Ancient Spirits in the Mist Dwell

Wake up from your sleep of death
being without age nor time,
because the whispering winds blow
and the bloody shade between nigth
and it silence waits.

Rise from fog oh ! endless fire veil,
that the thunderís ligth
your arcan throne blaze,
apocaliptic, suprem, and eternal.

Ancient spirits in the mist dwell

Come once again,
timeless dark state
scar and take out from my soul
itís mortal pain
take me there
where ancient spirits
in the mist dwell.
... Now is time for me
to cross the ethereal emptiness.

7. Embraced by the Darkness

At night, silently it comes,
through the magical incience smoke,
black candles burn for you evil shade,
that embrace me.
My mortal body
feel the cold of your arrival,
Your magic care
takes me away in confuse nightmares.

Stand, magestic and migthy,
before my fear, you are.
I call you sure my feel of hate.
You have come to show me
the reing of darkness,
I have choose this way, you have sigh me.

In the deep dimention of the solitud
I have enter;
this astral meet shall mark my soul

Now an unholy being is the lord of my dream,
he is the olden dragon the forsaken god of the abyss.
In a land of knowledge and solitude
he took my soul and there he made me his son,
embraced by the darkness.

Oh dark spirit, now I belonge to the eternal darkness reing...

At night, silently it comes,
through the magical incience smoke,
black candles burn for you evil shade,
that embrace me.

8. Where the Moon Lies in Silence

When the day is near to end,
my soul travels throught the veil
of itís twilight,
there deep inside, there lie forgotten shades
in the time.

Now my hate has found a place
which brings to it a dimension to it self

Oh magic moon ligth,
under your spell,
I hail to my ancestors.
I am able to learn
in the silence of my last spectral nigth

Covered in pride, I have come
one more time to serve to the realm where
my concience has borned.

Beings that glide with the mist
which come from the cold and unknown wood:
surround me, and follow me while i wait
the coming of my death.

9. Temple of the Ever Dark

10. Lord of Soul's Rebellion

One dark power full my soul of hate,
the power of the truth
the power of the inmortality.
Itís the old way to the wisdom
the path to the ever dark side.

For the power that grows in the nigth
and covers my soul,
for the glory of Satan.
Lord of Soulís Rebellion.

For the dark legion that thriumphant sall rise
over the chaos that goes
to the reing of forsaken shades,
which wait in the wisdom of silence
while the ages of blood
continue itís curse
for the glory of Satan...
Lord of Soulís Rebellion.

¡ Oh Ancient lord of dawn and nigth,
whom neither the place nor time
will take out from my life,
guide me through your dimensions of wisdom !


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